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A fascinating little gem. An excellent read for those thinking about seeing how the idealism of days gone by rears up again, every few decades., Julia Alexseyeva's graphic book / memoir. biography is touching and moving. Next the death of the girl great-grandmother shortly after the girl 100th birthday (and the family member with whom Julia was closest) Julia discovered her memoir which make in the bulk of the graphic novel. Lola (Julia's great-grandmother) was truly a remarkable woman whose long life witnessed many of the seminal events of the 20th century. Interspersed throughout Lola's story, Julia tells a few of her own providing a contrast ready encounters of youth. Genuinely, its not the tale of any single lifetime and of dramatic events, but rather of young women (then and now) finding their way in a rapidly changing world.

The interludes of Julia's life the actual story telling a bit unequal - there is no real connection or clear transition for the leaps between the two. Nevertheless Alexseyeva hits the toenail on the head, I do believe, when she writes, " It is said that Lola's generation - called the G. I. generation - is closest to Era Y (" millennials" ) in sentiment and personality. Nowhere was this more evident than in my four-generation family. " Considering the narrative like this, the leaps in time and between perspectives make a little more sense.

The artwork is a bit unpolished, but it reflects, I think, the utilitarian urgency of the tale, almost as if Alekseyeva has to get her (and Lola's) story out - perhaps part mourning and partially an act of confession. Either way, functions well with the story voice of the creators. And while _Soviet Daughter_ is actually Lola's story (ending in 1956 with Khrushchev's " de-Stalinization" speech), I can't help but wish there was more: about the Brezhnev years, clarté and Alexseyeva's childhood in the USSR before the lady and her family emigrated.

Its a breezy read, with plenty of misfortune (as anyone familiar with twentieth century Soviet history could tell you). However it is also a story of perseverance and above all, love and the heavy connection between family., I loved this graphic-form memoir of two Russian-Jewish women who together survived and prevailed through the terrible 20th century (and into the 21st) in the Soviet Union/ Russia and then in America. The particular memoirist, Julia, identifies with her great-grandmother Lola in a way that skips generations: they're venturesome, curious, and courageous, but the intervening generations of the family are cut from different cloth. Lola has undergone the most incredible deprivations in her long life. Julia, though safe from immediate persecution, faces a lengthy and challenging adaptation to the new country the lady finds herself in from the age of 4. Her immediate family offers little support, but great-grandmother Lola understands and treasures her great-granddaughter, helping the girl flourish on her behalf road to self-discovery. The drawings are evocative and touching, the story is emotionally and historical powerful. Buy it!, We rarely get the chance for such a brilliant and personal look into life in what was then the Soviet Marriage. The portrayal of the impact of culture and politics of the times on daily life shows how much we experienced in common with these people, though we were in intensive conflict with their government. Also this is a beautiful story of his passion of a young female on her great grandmother. The particular overarching narrative of achieving out across three decades was so hopeful and uplifting. This novel still left me with images that will stay with me for some time. I very highly recommend., This graphic gem will be of interest to many people thinking about graphic novels, background, issues related to history and identity, etc. Working from an unpublished memoir left behind by the girl great-grandmother, Alekseyeva brings the girl great-grandmother's story to life as she explores the life of 1 woman arranged against the backdrop of the twentieth century and all of its problems and upheavals. In the " Interlude" sections, the lady works in details about her own life as a child immigrant dealing with anti-Semitism in the United States and the trauma of having been afflicted by radiation from Chernobyl. She shows the way in which she identifies with her great-grandmother and is exploring the bond between them -- often she was playing her great-grandmother for company because her mommy and grandparents were working or going to institution. This is a remarkable graphic work the builds upon a graphic foundation established by artists like Art Spiegelman, Joe Sacco, Rutu Modan and Alison Bechdel., When I received this book I could not help myself- I read the whole thing in one sitting. Touching and interesting, this book manages to weave the stories of Alekseyeva and her great grandmother seamlessly. The fine art is fantastic and adds so much to the stories being told. I might highly recommend this guide., It is worth reading but I kept needing more depth, greater detail. At times it is definitely an accounting of what occurred and i also was left needing more. The art work is ok but not inspired. I got this because I heard a job interview with the author on NPR. It sounded like it could be as good as Fun House by Alison Bechdel, but it didn't deliver.
Still, it's interesting enough to be well worth spend the couple of hours it takes to read it., The story is fantastic - I like how the author counterposes the girl great-grandmother's story and the girl own. The amount of history sprinkled in (sometimes as asterisks that give background, like who the NKVD were).

My issue lie with the book's presentation. The text is extremely small and even blurry at times. I may need glasses, but jeez I had developed to strain my eyes to see it. This book should have happened bigger (literally, on larger paper) with the text message blown up in **higher resolution**.
Also, the glue on the holding isn't great and the first pages were a little loose.

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