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CJP has written of the Bolder, Co Sheriff who rescues 3 females and provides them their lives back again. They live just outdoors Denver where his sibling, husband and daughter were murdered. Her finds his daughter had been sold to a couple and was held in captivity. As soon as everything was set right the Sheriff, now Deputy Marshall, searches for his one true love. This specific is an outstanding read for the genre..... RR, This specific writer has a gift for detail without being boring. A long history about a gallant man with a penchant for justice. He also has a way with weaponry and takes care of those who can't protect themselves. A good take on a western man who loves women, children and appreciates a decent life. Could perhaps not do it again the same stories so many times but one doesn't neglect them!, Petit is a good writer. This publication moved fairly well and somewhat repetitive. Sex was much less prevalent however , too descriptive for my taste in a well written western novel. There were a lot of mistakes but not enough that interrupted the story., The book was well written and I could have read more it was so interesting. Although hype you can't help but feel for the patients. I want another publication with this family., Loved this guide it was very entertaining. A story of a real nice guy his niece and about three beautiful women., A lot of00 typos!! Catherine became Christine. Typically the train left Denver for Saint Louis, and came in Denver. Also, much too much repetition. Once we read what someone does, there is absolutely no reason to read about him telling others what he had done., I like the character types although they were very dark and white. Perfect or evil in every way. The author would have the protagonist tell someone about every adventure so you hear the same story, in great fine detail, two or three times. A filler really and rather boring. Made the book quite long without adding any value at all., Sam has to rescue his niece after her parents had been murdered. There was no place to conceal from him. After taking out the whole gang of thugs paid to bring out the job, Sam goes toward St. Louis to arrest the "head of the snake".

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