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The storyplot itself is fascinating and would easily get 5 stars. Amundsen's own account of his South Post journey is very well written and very enjoyable.
What's bad is design and quality of the book and I am referring to the sepia/brown book with ISBN 9781494381172.
This specific is not a appropriately published book, more like someone printing a badly formatted Word document and gluing together. The book has no page numbers, it probably has not seen a proof reader since it is full of typos, picture captions are sometimes on different pages than the pictures, and the images themselves are tiny and of very bad quality, just like when they were poorly xerox'd from another book.
The book does not have even a publisher listed.
I would recommend that you read Amundsen, but not in this poorly produced version., An excellent account, written with insight, warmth, and even poetic whimsy; not what one might expect from a man who has been called " the last viking". I had expected an almost dry account and found myself drawn into a story which any novelist could be proud. I definitely recommend this book, not only to aficionados of polar exploration (a MUST read for them), but for anyone considering the individual spirit, being human, and the wonders of nature., Now i'm going on a trip to Antarctica and so thought it fitting to read about the first man to make it to the South Post... and back. This was a fascinating book in conditions of the scale of the task at hand to be the first to reach the To the south Pole and in conditions of showing a cut of life in a history of scientific exploration. The author is not a superb writer or storyteller, but he does provide wonderful descriptive details about life in Antarctica, preparation for the trip and a glimpse of what doing this trip was like. And by the finish of the book, the readers likes this person, seems a sense of special event at the triumph of their achievement and is happy that his team made it. One warning, the print in this guide is very small, so purchase magnifiers or a brilliant reading light. Also, if you value animals, take care. The particular way they treated the animals in this guide likely reflects the age by which they lived, but it was a little difficult to take at times. There's also a excellent trivia question to be found in this guide: What did Roald Amundsen forget to bring with your pet to Antarctica? I'll allow the readers discover the answer, but the point that this individual introduced the solution and the way he made it happen was delightful. I'm still chuckling about it., While I enjoyed the story the book's binding is a lttle bit of a fight to keep opened (I love my bedtime reading with a book resting on my lap but this had to be pressed on hard with both hands) and the printing font is so, so very small! I am a fast reader but it took me forever to maneuver from page to page. That is great though that we get this story as so many of them are either difficult to get or get (like Dr . Edward Wilson's diary of the Terra Nova expedition - the binding must be golden to be sold at a couple of lots dollars) or were never put into words. As all things Amundsen I couldn't help but realizing the undeniable hint of ever present self-praise in the way the tale was written. The style of self-expression differs greatly from that of the British expedition of the same time. Still, for the sake of the deed and the huge effort it required the book may be worth a read and it was worth to be written for posterity.
I must mention that the graphs and charts given in the finish of the book are absolutely indistinguishible and are impossible to read, the stamping is very low quality. However, the written material of the appendix are incredibly rich and diligent and can include oceanography, metereological and astronomical observations and geology., Such a shame. The actual material with this book by manager Roald Amundsen was 5 stars. Incredible action, great descriptions of their send the fram, provisions, their food.... everything was great. I really had the book and was enjoying it very much when I get to an OCR software mistake, misprints, misspelling and words together. Several mistakes throughout the book. Also one large paragraph so bad I could not make it out.

Basic books claims in the book they are using OCR software to help print the book and avoid evidence reading to keep costs low. Do yourself a favor and buy Amundsen's account part 1 or 2 NOT within an OCR software edition book. Pay out the extra 2 bucks or more for an error free book. Its so frustrating reading something so enjoyable and having to stop for mistakes and sort things out there. A major distraction for me.

Now the good elements. Amundsen had a sense of humor and cherished his sled dogs. Nevertheless his people party were most important and if a dog had not been able to keep up and pull the sled this individual would have the animal killed and if needed the other dogs would feast upon it. Animal lovers will say this is horrible but Amundsen was a realest who survived -70F temps and also all his men back. Poor explorer Jeff lost his life and 4 others after reaching the pole after Amundsen.

Amundsen's 95% effort was to reach the To the south Pole first and 5% scientific exploration. He performed all he planned in a most efficient method using dogs to draw sleds and clothing more in touch what the local people of the significantly north would wear. The particular man had his work together and did not try to do all things like Scott's expedition performed. Scott used ponies, snow tractors and dogs. Most failed him and his 5 man polar group manhandled/pulled their sleds to the pole and partly back by themselves. Bad planning, undersirable climate that cost 5 lives.

Amundsen and his men returned to Norway as heroes being the first to conquer the South Pole. Jeff and his polar party were heroes too but perished.

Amundsen's tale is 5 stars and fantastic but this OCR software book for me dragged it down numerous mistakes to 2 stars. I do recommend you getting Amundsen's tale about visiting the South Post and the ship the "fram" but get a regular printed book NOT REALLY an OCR software printed edition.

P. S. Right after so much disappointment reading the crummy 2 superstar General OCR edition, I purchased the Cooper Square Press edition. What a difference. This guide is the one to get 5 star. No OCR mistakes. Great pictures. Part one and 2 are executed so well. Also great Appendix. All about the Framm?t, about Meteorology, Oceanography, and Astronomical observations at the pole. This book was a masterpiece. So detailed and exciting. Ensure you get the thick Cooper Square Press edition. Do not waist your time and money on the badly done OCR General book.

P. P. S. The family and father actually were on the "fram" in a museum in Norway and I took a picture of my Dad holding the steerage wheel. Great vacation and happy memories. The typical publications OCR edition stunk with too many printing errors, misspelling, and words together. An entire large paragraph destroyed. What a way to ruin a great true polar exploration tale. The 800 page plus Cooper edition was fantastic. Highly recommended 5 superstar plus., Good book about Amundsen and the finding of the south pole

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