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I desired to post this under the review section, but since it hasn't recently been released yet, I can, so this is where Now i'm going to say: this was another great addition to the Pam of Babylon series! This was an ARC from the author and I was so excited to be able to get caught up with the figures that have developed and procreated along the way. This book does not disappoint with the twists and turns and surprises that have made this such a a great series and the one that I hope continues on permanently. All of our favorite people are in here and it's a chance to see where their lives have gone since we left off with the last book.

The story starts with a hammer, with a description of a wedding which would take place and just catapults after that. This book also has one of the wonderful Suzanne Jenkins' 'gotcha' endings! Just love it and I would give this book ten stars, but they only allow five, oh well. What a great escape!

**This review was originally posted before the book was released so that is the reason for the first word above.

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Do you think this post adds to the discussion? Yes No, Just finished reading this wonderful book! I actually have enjoyed the group of Pam of Babylon and her heartbreaks and pleasures. This book has it all. Finally it shows up Pam has met a decent fellow and that is the positive in the woman life. Some sorrow and some happiness add to this book and a new figure, Violet.

Do yourself a huge favor and make sure you read all the series books and you will love it as much as I did so.

I'm always sad to end a book and have to hold back for the next one. Authors aren't machines, though and they need time to complete their works, but Suzanne won't be able to write book #9 fast enough for myself. I am definitely addicted and hoping the story will go on as long as possible., I had read the other books in the series. but was surprised to find one more. I have enjoyed them all, but when could it be going to end? It seems given that Ms Jenkins is now defining other characters with probably the intent of continuing the series into the next ten years! I have read other publications with this author and have thought they were excellent. The girl does learn how to write more than " Pam of Babylon" books., Another winner by Ms. Jenkins. I actually love how the plot has all these unforeseen twists and turns. People you start out hating, you find yourself rooting for; people you initially love, you can't wait to have them thrown under the bus. You can't help but get involved in all the family dynamics (no matter how unable to start your own family might be, you definitely feel better about yours after reading about these people! ) and the changes make you both laughing and crying. No spoilers here, but actually will say I love the way she leaves an opening for Book #9. Keep them approaching, Suzanne!, This is book #8 in the Pam of Babylon series. This particular author certainly knows how to grab my attention and keep it. The girl introduces new characters while fleshing out our favorite family members, those closely related and those not so close. This book series is like an onion, each layer peeled away reveals more layers to explore. Suzanne Jenkins is a pro at this. We are an avid reader, but I cannot think of any other book, kept only a series that resulted in myself wanting more. I certainly hope book #9 is not far off., The ultimate books - though there exists a short-story that kind of fills in as well, also good.

This has been a fascinating read. The characters are so well drawn, the plot lines so diverse and complex and interesting, it looks like they could not be plausible, and yet as you read on they not only are plausible but you find yourself rooting for some and wanting to slap others. This is a very compelling series., This series is like a train wreck! I could not stop reading even if I wanted to. Great, though implausible the story just keeps twisting & turning. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for Pam and her family, it does!, Another great book by Suzanne Jenkins. The characters continue to surprise me as they develop. Though Pam has certainly had her share of loss and conflict, I actually love how she survives and thrives. She deserves a loving, uncomplicated partner. Has she found one? I sure hope so..... not sure it will be completely uncomplicated, but isn't that why we love these books? I actually can't wait for the next!

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