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Excellent story that gives a layman point of view on engineering a practical thirty-two bit computer in the turbulent computer industry of the late 70s. Offers an interesting look at the engineers back stories. Book can feel frustrating and slow moving at times, but this is also how it feels when creating something. I could feel the stress, monotony and endless hours poured into something. Shows the hazards of becoming an engineer and the pressure people feel to work insane hrs to accomplish a goal that could never see the light of day.
At the finish of this book I found myself split on two individual opinions:

1. The power for a team to come collectively and against all anticipations to produce something faster then anyone expected. This is an amazing feat.

2. Given the right circumstances, a powerful leader, fresh school graduates, managers willing to push, and a substantial high goal, a team and it's members can be pushed to be effective 80 to 100 hours a week for years to achieve said lofty goal for an organization that only pays them for 45 hours a week. It's shows the ability to create/exploit cult like habits to create something new.

I actually have no doubt that a similar story could be made for many products. We hear stories of the first Macintosh and iPhone, and how much work and give up was put into these products. We praise the iPhone and Mac as being revolutionary products, but what if in the finish it was merely a normal product. This is the story of that machine., If you are an old computer geek, as am I, having started out my programming career in the early 70s with CDC 6000 series mainframes and PDP-11 minicomputers, you will love the history behind the technology and programming techniques you used over the years. -, This guide won the Pulitzer is no surprise. It includes a deft hand at journalism with a issue that at the time was probably little known, though now, 30+ years later, it is very popular. It is stylish now to be nerd.

In the early 1980s such was not the case. Data General, remaining the stage in 1999 when it was attained by another company. When it was making new computers, and the men assigned to make new computers, that was a time little grasped by the world.

Kidder can inform us of that time, but then this individual also goes to extremes such as always describing like a terrible dime store mystery, each member of they when he presents them. What he considers might be infusing these sketches with depth actually reads like details from an index card which have to be injected in a particular order.

Then, he does not appear to possess a computer folks understanding of a computer. He pauses up the distinction between hardware and software and thinks he gives us and overview of what the two performing but as a geek, as a writer of software and a electronics labrador guy in high school, I am at a loss to understand what this individual was trying to say. That disconnect just will not hold up. We want to understand read more about the boards constructed and how system language was so important on a new 32 little project.

Kidder captures which a team went in and built a computer that was not built before, but there were other 32 little computers out there already and profiling the first, the challenges to get over from 16 bit to 32 bit, or really focusing on why this 32 bit was so much better, was needed. This is not anywhere near to the iconic Insanely Excellent. And for which it is afflicted with., While the details and scope are different today the inclusion of is still the same.

If you prefer a look into this world this guide still provides a great view., I worked at Data General in the years after this was written before the company went the way of all the super minicomputer companies. This book deservedly won the Pulitzer prize for non-fiction. Even for those not into personal computers, it is immensely understandable -- reading like a high-tech adventure story. Typically the author will not get lost in high-tech language -- explaining along the way what certain conditions suggest so even the lay reader can follow and find the story pleasant and fascinating. It offers a great look into the culture of a company that epitomized that era -- and, I actually dare say, the culture of several current firms as well.

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