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David’s latest book is a manifesto. It is a return to craft, a call to wonder and a rallying cry to change ourselves and the world through our photography.

The particular Soul of the Digital camera is duChemin at his best. He begs all of us to stop listening to the dopamine dealers who have built their autorité on our backs by pushing techniques, plugins, golden rules and the latest shiny new thing. David urges us to look deeper and also to ask the questions that truly matter.

I won’t lie. This is painful.

This guide asks, cajoles and even pleads with us to learn our inner truth - to develop something worth saying and then to toil and burn in the creative fires for most purpose than to touch ourselves and perhaps another with what we see or feel or fathom.

It is inspiring.

David urges us to face the actual us tick - our vision, our intention, and also to worry less about sharpness and settings and far read more about manifesting who we are to the work we produce. This textbooks is the single, clearest call to the way of craft and which means that I possess ever read. But craft as defined as self-awareness and even soul-making.

It is beautiful.

The images in this book are whimsical, challenging, significantly human and introspective. David ponies up. He walks the talk. He shoots what he sees. He shares images that helped me laugh, cry and think about my humanity.

It is relentless.

This book punches, dodges, rallies, supports, urges and shouts. David will nibble at the ends of our fears and insecurities even as he or she is readying a haymaker strike.

I had the pleasure of traveling thousands of miles to walk with David on cobbled stones and also to raise many a glass of prosecco with him. David never stagnated. He pushed me to dig deeper and also to let go of my fanciful notions of “professional” and “photographer. ” He wanted to know very well what I believed, what fascinated me and why.

Yet his greatest gift idea was to rely on myself again - in order to and prepared to yearn for private which means in my work.

This book is your opportunity to hang up with David and also to find a mentor who desires that you can find YOUR pleasure and also to develop and reveal your soul in your work. Whatever you may fear or believe, you are worth it. And this book will help you find your way., The Soul of the Camera: The Photographer's Place in Picture-Making   Thought provoking and confirming book; it is all about why we take photographs, not how., Excellent book.... lots of insight into the thought procedures and god practical advice., Terrific book., There are a lot of digital photography books that give attention to the “what” of making images – rules of structure, guides on lighting, manuals on speeds and feeds and lens choices and ISO etc. etc. etc… This book falls into an alternative category – an exploration of the “why” of making pictures, and provides a huge amount of practical, thoughtful guidance alongside the way.

What makes this book different from others in the genre is that it is thankfully free of abstract, magical, or hippie-esque “let’s party in the rain and embrace our inner child” nonsense. The book is written in chapters that read like individual works on things that are real and meaningful for anyone who is considering developing as a creative person. For anyone who has struggled with the lack of a plan so you can get there, or feel that they’ve stalled alongside the way, or have been told too many times that what they are doing isn’t good enough or isn’t the right thing…this book is for you.

David writes with wit and warmth, as well as in a conversational tone that produces you feel like you’re being seated over a nice glass of wine together and chatting about art without it feeling pretentious. It may be an “eyes to the stars but both feet on the ground” approach that is quite unique and really defines his voice among authors who write about the creative process. I wholeheartedly recommend “The Soul of the Camera” to any digital photographer (or really any creative person more broadly, because so much of the content is not about the camera) who is looking to become a much better artist., David DuChemin is one of the good guys. Critically. You must read this, if you are in all considering creating meaningful photography.

When I read one of David’s books, there’s a sense of intimacy; like we are usually in a tiny café in one of his favourite exotic locations, posting deep thoughts (and laughs) over coffee. Every so often, I know he wants to grab myself by the arms to shake some sense into me. He is so solemn, and his desire to have the rest of us to share his incredible zeal for living is manifiesto through the pages.

David always describes himself first as a humanitarian. In this book, he talks about the soul of the camera, but ultimately, I believe the book is more of a metaphor about the soul of humanity. I really felt his biblical background coming through to me in this one. There are times when I am not sure if he is talking to us, or musing to himself about living a more “meaningful” life. He prods all of us to dig deep into our very own hearts and souls, and locate the meaning in our photography. If there is no meaning, then what value do we bring to the shot, to the world? Produce less, but create more. Be critical of our shots, not so much as “failed” shots but rather as sketches that are building to the last, finished print. I liked that idea a lot.

David DuChemin evidently believes that we, as artists, cure the ills of this world, one photograph at a time. I’m good with that. I'm with him.

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