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We purchased this at the request of a party of high school graduation freshmen males after they read Lubar's initial book in the series, " Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie. " Since an English teacher, absolutely nothing is more inspiring than to have students ASK for another novel to read. The boys enjoyed the first book so much they could not wait to read the other one., Purchased this for my young son. A comical view of high school. The son related to the book and enjoyed both versions of the book. My son thinks it was a great read for him right now being a freshman in high school graduation, I loved the first book and this book was just like good if not better than the first one if you haven't picked it up already you need to and read every very nice second for your self., A great follow up to Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie!, Amusing, intelligent, and fresh. A perfect look into the mind of all young adults with a few classes for us adults, as well., great book fot teens, Ordered for my grandson as required reading for 9th grade in NC., Scott just completed a great summer with his friends, Lee and Wesley, and is more than ready to begin his sophomore year. After having a topsy-turvy freshmen year filled with experience and life lessons, Scott feels like he’s ready to handle anything. At first he’s right --- sophomore year starts out smoothly. Scott’s already made a few new friends, helped a freshmen survive his first day and received assigned a great area on the school paper. While his parents are busy with work and the newborn, they support Scott in each way they can. Unfortunately, Scott’s good luck doesn’t long lasting. Their biology teacher and British teacher both seem to have it out for him, and his grades are starting to slip because of it. Plus, Lee’s dad doesn’t seem to like Scott much either, which isn’t great considering how much Scott would like to ask Lee away.

Because the year goes on, things seem to go from bad to more serious. Scott’s grades slip so low that he is not allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities, including the paper. His plan to earn money by promoting copies of his freshman survival guide is foiled when someone uploads a copy online, free for all to see. Not really to mention, Scott still hasn’t asked Lee away on a genuine date and the school year is coming to a close up. Once the school paper and other clubs are cut from the school budget and his biology teacher is threatened to be fired for refusing to teach creationism, Scott is aware he has to step up to the plate and get out of his sophomore slump for good.

Funny and ardent, SOPHOMORES AS WELL AS OTHER OXYMORONS is a great follow-up to author David Lubar’s SLEEPING FRESHMEN NEVER LIE. While followers of SLEEPING FRESHMEN IN NO WAY LIE will cherish this book, people who haven’t read the companion will have a ball on the island as it very enjoyable and will be able to follow along easily. Told through first person point of view narrative and journal entries, SOPHOMORES AND OTHER OXYMORONS is creatively written and a thoroughly fun read. The particular lovable characters and high school drama will pull readers in right away. While the book is pretty light-hearted for the most part, it definitely covers some more serious topics, including corruption in colleges. Nevertheless , the more serious parts were kept relatively short, and the overall feel of the book is light and fun. Personally, I wish that Lubar would have protected the main topic of suicide more significantly in this novel, as he touched on it in SLEEPING FRESHMEN NEVER LAY, and I feel like it is a serious issue in high colleges nationwide. Otherwise, however, Lubar did a fantastic job of crafting a completely enjoyable read.

Fans of SLEEPING FRESHMEN NEVER LAY will love seeing their favorite characters again, including Scott, Lee and Wesley. Scott is still a lovable book nerd, but in SOPHOMORES AND OTHER OXYMORONS he loses the anxiousness from his freshmen yr and gains a a bit arrogant air. The occasions of the novel, however, quickly lead him to realize that he doesn’t know everything quite yet --- even if he did manage to survive his freshmen year efficiently. Even with his flaws, Scott’s a good character and a good guy that readers will really enjoy. Lee is also just as gothic as the girl was in the first novel. We see more of her in this book, which is great because she’s such a fun character. She’s highly opinionated and intelligent and a great friend to Scott. She’s a lot friendlier and a little less snarky in this novel than she was in the last, but that’s to be expected since she and Scott are closer friends in this novel --- I do miss some of her snark, though. Overall, Lubar created some quality characters who readers will cherish. Hopefully we will see more from Lubar --- perhaps a third and fourth book detailing Scott’s attempts to survive his last two years of high school?

Evaluated by Alison S.

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