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The other most astonishing thing relating to this account – after deducing that someone (or potentially several highly-placed someones) in the bowels of the best Green Army Machine in the early days of WWII had the good sense and forethought to utilize that very specialised human capital presented to the Army in the form of young male German-Jewish refugees in the most useful possible manner – is that it took this long to produce a book focusing on their experiences. Right now there was a well-received film documentary The Ritchie Boys   in recent years, but since the work created by the so-called “Ritchie Boys” was in the service of military intelligence … well, loose lips sink ships, and people doing quiet work behind the moments usually are prone to keep on being quiet for years afterwards.
Camp Ritchie was the wartime training facility for US Army Intelligence. Any serviceman who was found out to be fluent in The german language, French, Russian, Italian, Gloss – or other useful languages – were directed there for special training; intelligence operations, counterintelligence, interrogative, psychological warfare … and interrogation. Almost fifteen pct of those who passed through Camp Ritchie were German-Jewish refugees, fresh from the Old Country, rather than second or third-generation rejeton of ethnic Germans who had held onto their original language. This story concentrates on the encounters of six of them; all of whom experienced escaped from Germany as boys and teenagers, some by the skin of the teeth. Most had left parents, siblings, and close kin behind, one have been briefly imprisoned in Dachau after Kristallnacht. They were united in their patriotism as newly-naturalized Americans, as well as in their hatred for Hitler and the Nazi system : a regime which experienced persecuted their families, reduced these to poverty and exile and finally denied them any rights to be considered German citizens.
This account is very sensibly and logically organized; the first chapters connect the backgrounds of the six – all very different, from small-town to cosmopolitan – and the details of their various travels from Germany to the United States. There, many of them settled with relatives, and continued with their schooling … until the war began. And since the military a new need for their particular talents, and private knowledge of German culture and practices of mind … they were assigned to the courses programs at Camp Ritchie. All of them highly intelligent and motivated : they usually graduated with high ratings. The Military had the good sense to reward them with rank, expedited their citizenship, and provided a cover story in their personnel records which made up their fluency in German, even going so far as to improve the religious classification on their dog tags. Right now there were fears for German-born soldiers being shot as traitors – wholly justified, as it turned out, for two Ritchie-trained Army interrogators were captured in the The german language breakout at the Pooch, discovered by freed The german language soldiers as being ‘Jews from Berlin’ and photo, rather than being dealt with as POWs. These half a dozen survived, however; survived parachute drops, glider landings, brief capture as a POW, the brutal winter at the Bulge, and the risk of being killed incorrectly by way of a own side. If not at the very pointy edge of the spear, they were somewhere on the cutting border, because the American army sophisticated into Germany. It was a bittersweet come-coming, though. Only one of the six ever returned to Europe for good and all.
Overall, an extremely readable, page-turning account. 1 useful appendix lists what they are called of nearly two-thousand German-born trainees who passed through Camp Ritchie’s military brains program during the war., History of German Jews who got the ultimate revenge against their former tormentors, written beautifully by the author. I have a cousin who was captured at the Bulge and the book talks about the division he was in, This particular is a great book in regards to a previously-unknown-to-me story about World War 2. Persuasive. Really brought home to me how horrific Globe War 2 was to everyone, especially the Jews of Europe and Russia. Essential read., Really enjoyed the book and heartily recommend it. The stories are awesome. Wish I experienced known about them years ago., great write about the true story of the opression of the Jewish community, Excellent reading!, I enjoyed the book and the individual stories. I was surprised at the level of combat they experienced., Good story, figures sometimes get confusing

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