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Basically knew what " tour du force" meant, it is probably something one could reasonably say about this book.

Great read. A pleasurable meandering via an interesting and important matter for species conservation.

If you prefer books that are short and the point, then this probably isnt for you. At over six-hundred long pages, it does take Quammen an exceptional number of words to access a fairly concise and concrete point. In fact, early in the book (chapter 2 maybe) he spoils the ending and this one word spoiler basically states it all.

That said, the book as a whole does a very excellent job in walking through a variety of really interesting and informative material to strengthen the complete concept for the inevitable premise to which it is all focused.

The book reads as a part history, part travelogue, and part science text, with a little humor and a whole lot of introspection thrown in to round it out.

Read this expecting the journey rather than a customized economy of words in service of the thesis, and enjoy it as you go.

Quammen is engaging and this is an extremely good read., A good historical survey of island biogeography. Also surveys modern day examples that illustrate current problems. Perhaps the most crucial aspect of the book is that it really impresses on the reader the significance of the information gleaned from this historical overview and hopefully inspires the reader to support solutions to the decimation of these islands of refuge. It it, nevertheless , a bit technical in the approach and is not recommended for someone totally unfamiliar with the subject area., I had been surprised by how long this book is - I was planning on it to just skim over extinction of a few species and make the conclusion. Instead, it is just a thorough and detailed account of the history and the science behind the natural world today. Ideal for both the people who know a lot about natural science and those who are simply curious. This book reads more like a good blog than a report, with opinions and private experience of the author included among in the drier retelling of scientific theories. We would highly recommend it - don't be scared of its thickness, because you won't be able to place it down., Several months ago a friend offered me a copy of David Quammen's more recent book, Spillover, a book impressive enough that I searched for other books by the author. Spillover, about the roots of many human diseases in non-human hosts, was a fine read. This one is superb.

Quammen's mixture of derring-do, technological acumen, and ability to convey difficult ideas in accessible and amusing terminology is on full screen here. Starting and ending with the story and work of Alfred Russel Wallace, Quammen explains island biogeography and its implications for a planet increasingly created up into isolated island destinations of remnant habitat. This individual invokes the expertise of our best living scientists and native guides, he travels the planet to seek unusual creatures and determined naturalists. He gets mugged in Rio, climbs vines up sheer cliffs in Madagascar, attends scientific conferences and takes a slow motorboat to Aru.

If you loved The Sixth Extinction, you will love The Music of the Dodo. And, then, quite possibly, you will cry for the apparent fate of this lovely world we sapient hominids seem bent on destroying., This can be a dense book that requires a lot of attention, but it's well worth the effort. Quammen writes in a remarkably breezy style for what is, in the conclusion, a scholarly book. This individual talks about Darwin and Wallace and others and examines both how varieties originate and die off, with particular attention to the biology of island destinations. I'm still working my way through it, but it is engrossing, and, by the way, although We often read books on-line, it's a book like this that reinforces the value of print, ?nternet site go back and forth to re-read some prior passage that sheds light on a new idea and mark pages that I want to come back to. Again, it's a heavy (both literally and figuratively) book, but We recommend it highly., Following reading 'The Flight of the Iguana' by David Quammen, I had no qualms about undertaking another amazing journey, 'The Music of the Dodo' even though I had no clue at that time what island biogeography was, and only an elementary notion of annihilation. This book could have had many titles that could have been equally unexplainable to an environmental person like me: 'The History of Biogeography and What That Actually Is' or 'Great Males With Controversial Theories of Biodiversity, and Other These kinds of Stuff' or 'The Inevitable Spiral Toward Species Termination - And That Contains All Species' or even 'How We Came to Value Modern Conservation Science or Something Like Of which. ' But I started reading Quammen's story anyhow because I knew from his earlier book that he was incredibly helpful in a casual, "favorite professor" sort of way. Which means that just when your comprehension starts to fall short, he speaks directly to you from his story, and snaps you back onto a level actively playing field of enlightenment. We read it because We knew Quammen would teach me something important that I would remember, and this his subjects always matter. I call this a tale, because it reads like one. It starts simply, and ends the same way. In between, all the historical facts, technological theories, and personality studies come to actually imply something in today's world, and will to anyone that reads this book. And I guarantee that you will cry because you've never heard the song of the dodo, and weep, too, because Quammen helped you hear the ones from the indri and the cenderawasih., I haven't finished the book yet, but Now i'm greatly enjoying it. We picked it up after reading his " Monsters of God, " and also have found myself even more enraptured than I expected. I've had to talk to a map a few times to figure out where he's talking about, but that's more my failing than his, honestly. So far its been a great adventure into the beginnings of natural history and biogeography, as well as the power of human influence on island ecosystems.

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