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Ms. Licence has written a real page turner which brings the young Edward IV to life in a superior and well-crafted book. If more history was written in this manner, combining historical facts with a great narrative, readers would enjoy their history lessons more. The characters are properly described in their complicated relationships, are very well drawn and the descriptions of the battles are among the best I have ever before read. Thus is such a good read, that I know I will enjoy thus book a second amount of time in the future., This is Amy Licence's first novel and it is brilliant! She has taken her impeccable research of Edward IV and his rise to the throne, and combined it with her unparalleled storytelling, to bring his world alive.

Ms. Licence’s depth expertise of this era, and her detail to the finer points of the history are exceptional, she leaves no natural stone unturned when researching these turbulent times. You meet Edward as a young man beginning to find their own way in the world; leaving home buying of childhood behind; days of learning with his tutor and horse play with his dearly loved brother Edmund, giving way to the instincts of an older, healthy teenager.

The love and bond between Edward wonderful brother Edmund is made. Edward’s family shows the associations that encouraged him; nurtured him, and how he or she came to be, the man he is, when he is proclaimed California king.

Amy Licence has given us a new breed of historical fiction here. While the dialogue is her own, and the extra characters are imaginary; the main figures and events, are real and beautifully depicted. The historical past is exquisitely taken into consideration, and the result is a story stunningly told., We had been reading a lot of mystery/thriller/murder books and needed a change of scene. This piece of historical past gave me all We needed and more. We will be keeping an eye out for this author definitely in the future.

King Henry VI is the monarch at the time. He is unwell and appears to be more suited to a psychic life. Sad that nobleman cannot decide what they want to do. He seemed so unfit to be California king of a country which was always in turmoil and needed his attention and care. His wife the French queen was not a popular choice and her backers were those who had been looked at with suspicion. The Duke of York was a man who felt strongly over the King's role in the united states and looked in the beginning to be protector of the California king against elements who had been dangerous. Over time, with the continuation of the King's absence from Court and the wider influence of the Queen, he searched for the position of California king for himself.

The story of the Duke of York wonderful two daughters and their within popularity towards the position of King forms the schedule of the story. Informed in detail with a great deal of historical past accounted for, this book is a must for those who like English history.

I loved the telling of it, both from the personal angle of the Residence of York as well as from the position of the greater overall picture of the surge of the House of York., If you're a fan of Philippa Gregory's writing, then Son of York is obviously for you. Licence's prose is swift and cinematic - she paints clear pictures of scenes and characters that could very well lend themselves to the display screen. Her writing is very present and contains a good sense of flow, and I appreciated how Driving licence often imparts historical information via dialogue - having us learn the latest court intrigues and units that will form the Yorkists' fate alongside the characters. In this very present and absorbing narration, we see how political gusts of wind shift at the slightest provocations, sending the Duke of York's family headlong into war against combatants supporting the ailing Henry VI and his powerful French queen, Margaret of Anjou. Eventually, the two families' battle over dynastic claims shifts from argument in council chambers to combat in the field, and the Duke's eldest son Edward finds themself growing into manhood against this hostile backdrop. All of us witness him go from the boy shunning his lessons, to a teenager getting into into infidelity with a young married woman (no doubt a precursor to his philandering ways later in life), for an exil in France, to the head of his house back on English dirt, leading armies to support his family's claim to the throne.

All the while, Licence's exploration of the partnership between Edward and his brother Edmund - younger by a year and growing up in Edward's shadow - really piqued my interest. Looming large in our cultural mind are Edward's relationships along with his other brothers - the ill-fated George, Duke of Clarence, and the infamous Richard III. Yet, Driving licence pays careful attention to another fraternal story, shading the contrasts between Edmund and Edward. She illustrates nicely how two young men of differing temperaments approach a politically precarious situation, and how varyingly they respond to questions of inheritance, leadership, and eventually armed conflict. Certainly, the novel very well could have been called Sons of York.

Nevertheless, this is eventually Edward's story, and as a study of a young man stepping into adulthood, and the royal role he or she was destined to play, Son of York is an enjoyable read that is tough to put down., I'd never read anything by Amy Driving licence before (some of her e-books are a little pricey), but I'm glad I gave this one an attempt. The girl writing style flows so easily and kept myself interested from beginning to end. I loved her realistic interpretation of Edward IV and the factors that shaped him into the man and king he increased up to be. I also enjoyed reading about his doomed brother Edmund, who history has almost forgotten about.
Looking towards starting her Elizabeth of York novel next!, The character of Richard of You are able to and his sons is a great story well worth of a great package of attention and this is a marvelous addition to the body of literature on the subject. It is well written and insightful. Extremely helpful in understanding the flow of events of the very complicated period of time.

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