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Another awesome book by Moore. Its really funny too if your into witty self banter or characters who aren't afraid to be frugal with their mouths. I LOVED it!

The design is on point. I love it because its uniquely her own. We have never read any writing that is like this and I enjoy reading something she writes out because of this. Its fresh and like I stated, her own. So this tale isn't an exception, thanks.

Cruise and Kenny. There's just enough tease and puzzle playing out in phantom waves throughout each section that makes you go hmmm. There's even some talk/thoughts that will make you laugh out loud. They may be adorable and Cruise is like SO sweet, I pegged him up there with historical past of BB's. Kenny is awesome, she grows a great deal right from the start all the way to the end. I actually loved her innocence, she actually is like breathing in fresh air. Their relationship is cosmic from the start and detonates fire works towards the end. Loved every second from it and it didn't leave me hanging.

Would certainly recommend anything this Creator has written, this one in particular is hilarious. Its also 18+ so..., Kenny and Cruise's tale is heartwarming and relaxing! (... and Cruise... GEEZ! *swoon*) It's sweet, humorous, romantic, and smokin' hot! Tingles and warm fuzzies all the way! Assuming in love can be difficult sometimes, especially if you have had something happen in your lifetime that makes you uncertainty it. But this tale is a testament to true love and everything that goes with it! Sometimes you need someone to come along and open your eyes... and your heart.
* In addition, I've read a few negative reviews about this guide, which really stunned me, where people were stating certain things about it not being believable and how the whole "proffesor/student" thing grosses them out there. Well, first of all, Cruise is not a professor when all this starts off, he's a TA, and things have already began to develop and heat up between two of them by the time he or she gets and starts his fellowship. Secondly, it's a book people, come on, no one's claiming this to be a true story. However, I'm certain mcdougal intended for it to be pretty practical, and it totally is. There's some back-story on the characters that is explained at different times throughout the book, and when read, it explains those areas many people have claimed to be impractical. I think the situation may be that they didn't take notice very well or skipped delete word a little bit. Because I surely didn't see it that way whatsoever. And you know, we don't always get to choose love. At times it finds you when you are least expecting it, and just grabs you by the balls (real or hypothetical) and takes off. Plus unless you want to be miserable and lonely, you better grab a keep and hang on restricted.
... That is what this story portrays, and realistic or not, it's a wonderful tale and an amazing guide! I absolutely loved it!, Anybody who has ever dealt with divorce is sure to have doubts about love, and Kendall is no different. She's decided to avoid love at any cost, but is done with becoming a virgin. In strolls the deliciously gorgeous Cruise Elton, with a bevy of sexy girls dangling throughout him. Kendall offrande him to teach the woman the ropes of bedding every body possible. Even though in the process, they along with love. Living with each other, learning lessons about coping with the opposite sex, getting to know the true other person... it's the best way to truly fall in love. They both fight it every step of the way and Cruise, the only one to get experienced love, is one to admit his feelings and opens the door for Kendall to finally open up to the true love right before her. They see the beautiful and sensuous sides of the love, as well since the vulnerability of giving your whole heart to another. In the end, love does conquer all plus they both realize that although they have pain in their past, is actually put them both in the right place at the right time... physically and emotionally.

A beautiful and believable story of love., I truly loved this book. I have truly found a great creator in Addison Moore I use binge reading every guide that she has written. I loved the characteristics of the main characters. Typically the sizzling chemistry that Kendall and Cruise has could start up a fire. The connection they had may have started out from a sort of lie, but in the conclusion the love that they share is so passionate. Cruise is the kind of guy who would be ready to take a bullet for the love that he shares with his " Kenny". Constantly wait to read more in this fantastic series. I actually would recommend this and any book that Addison Moore ever writes whether it is one of her NA or even her YA series., After reading the reviews this guide received, I wasn't certain if I'd like it. Much to my shock, I did. I adored it, in fact. I actually didn't find the situation too believable but I actually didn't care, as I actually knew it was a work of fiction. Typically the author's writing style can sometimes be too wordy but overall it was good. I found personally really engaged in the tale, actually laughing aloud at some parts. I like how it wasn't trashy with the love moments. I would definitely read it again, as well as others at this time creator., The storyline was good and the writing was ok but it sort of lacked depth. I like the idea that chasteness is not all with each other gone these days and that Cruise was patient and kind with no ridicule. Sad to say, many young people feel that they are left out there if they aren't physically active by the age of 15 or younger. Having had kids that struggled to get their education and carry on to higher levels of Phd., it did appear a far fetch to have the grad college student give up so easy as if he didn't care. Maybe that is my " but" in this book. I did take pleasure in the entanglements of the story and the many lives depicted available.
It isn't heavy so if you are in the mood for an adult lighter read, I would recommend this book.

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