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This novella's writing was excellent! The story was amusing, & DeTarsio has a great style. This tale really was more of 3. 5 stars. My problem, though, was that I could not stand the heroine. Funny as she was, I couldn't believe not only her willingness to be so completely infatuated with someone, but additionally her willingness to switch the item of her infatuation so quickly. Or rather, I could believe it, I just couldn't respect it. And I tend not to be a large fan of heroines I can't respect. (The other characters experienced similar issues. I actually ended up liking La-Ura the best. ) Typically the ending pretty much covered her fate for me personally. Not ever gonna respect her, though there'd already been hope before then.

Therefore though I wasn't fond of the heroine, the book itself was hilarious & well-written. I'll definitely try something else by DeTarsio, but I'll be let down if all her character types are like these. I easily could have with all this book 4, or even 5, stars had I been able to respect the heroine a little.

If all that doesn't take the time you, though, then definitely get this book. Actually to me, it's certainly worth a buck., Ph-uX!

No, that isn't what I thought of the book. It's the secret ingredient in `Rapunzel', a new perfume about to hit the market in this amusing and nicely written story.

I have to admit the adventure concluded too soon for me personally, but that small frustration won't prevent me from looking forward to other tales by this author.

No spoilers here, but the book doesn't finish in quite the way I was imagining it might. But that's okay. Dee DeTarsio has wonderful humor. There were a few times I cracked a smile and laughed aloud.

If you enjoy a lttle bit of humor in your reading you may not go wrong with author Dee DeTarsio. However, don't expect a long read where the characters are developed over a time period (countess pages). You'll need to use a lttle bit of your own imagination to check the people, but I think mcdougal did a wonderful job at presenting a script for my mind's attention to follow.

Five stars all the way!, Have you been searching for a no brained? Something to just make you grin. This is the story. No character types to track. The setting is familiar, even if might never really already been through it. Zero nightmares or creepy feelings to keep you alert. You can even change the light out without checking the door hair, closets and under the bed., I think the book was alright. It experienced some funny points, but it was also too brief. I don't actually feel like the was much time for a plot to develop. Typically the ending was fairly hazy. Also, the characters were unable fully formed. I do believe if the author would have made the book a little longer, there would have been more chance to not only describe the characters but also show their personality. Sometimes the action and emotion in the book wasn't written in enough detail to really make it show. The writer is a good writer! Including 25-50 more pages would've shown that a lot better. I will look to read a couple more books by the author. Hopefully they may better show the authors abilities., I hate reading novellas that I REALLY, really like because they're too brief. I didn't want this book to end. Therefore funny and charming and relate-able. Recommending this to any or all my friends who are single or have been single... fun!! I've read both this authors books now and looking toward more!, This story by Dee DeTarsio is well-written and shows wit and warmth. The writing style is clever and engaging. It was this story that urged me to purchase Dee DeTarsio's other work. I would recommend this quick read., At first I believed this book a lttle bit lame but it soon had me personally hooked as it built to a hysterically funny crescendo. I felt as though I had been under the influence of the story's secret ingredient Ph-uX myself. A great read and had me personally in tears of laughter., I acquired this because of the price (let's be honest) and the good reviews. I usually like chick lit, so I had not been expecting an amazing quality, just some amusement while on public transportation. This brief novella didnt make it for me, the story was uninteresting, the characters were hollow, (MaryBeth was just plain silly, impossible to relate to , nor let me start with Dean), the only real half interesting personality is La-ura, suposedly the vilain, who eventually shows some sense of humor. Me, known inside my bus line as the girl-who-laughs-while-reading, didnt do it at all this time around, I never even think I smiled once. A possibility a problem of shortness, a full novella with these plot and characters would have been super boring. Disgrace, shame, I'll keep on searching for a new favourite author.
P. T. After this review, I got a mail from Ms de Tarsio that motivated me into providing her work another chance and so, I read 'the scent of jade'. I wish I had began with a proper book before, I really enjoyed it. Don't waste your time with this short story and go straight to the girl 'proper' novels.

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