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Exactly what a lovely surprise! I've been sampling mystery authors, looking for brand spanking new, good writers to add to my old faithfuls, and Edmondson is now on my list. The writing is elegant (and, hallelujah, grammar and punctuation are perfect), and the plot is indeed, as promised, Very The english language. It's the primary characters, of course, who in the end make book so satisfying. They are real and enchanting. I can wait for the next in the series., A man of some repute starts out in a gentle, relaxing style. This seems in my opinion to be a very good portrayal of post World Conflict 2 England. There's still as well as gas shortages, but our hero, Hugo, is traveling to the country estate of the lacking Earl of Selchester. He's been injured using magic formula work for the English government, and is therefore banished to a table job in the country. Traveling with him is his teenage orphaned sister, Georgia, who he hardly knows.
On arrival he meets the occupants of the property, namely Freya, who is the missing Earl's neice. The girl is seemingly staying at the estate while researching and writing a historical past of the Selchester family tree.
Progressively we come to know all the characters in greater depth. We also gather an understanding of how life is occupied rural England among the monied. Before very long a skeleton is uncovered and the conclusion is that a murder has been committed.
Hugo turns out to be intelligent, curious, and observant. He's a puzzle-solver. Before very long. he and Freya, along with the surprisingly helpful sister Atlanta, start investigating the homicide.
I love the book a lot, although I could have called for a more detailed finishing. Perhaps there is a sequel in the works. If there is, I definitely would buy it., Regains memories of curling up with a good Agatha Christie novel on a rainy afternoon, or watching the drama unfold in an old black and white movie from the 50s.

Hugo Hawksworth, and his young sister, Georgia, are the most recent temporary residents to the tiny hamlet of Selchester. Sustaining a stopping leg injury while executing his mysterious “duties” in service, Hugo is not looking forward to a new job behind a table... if that's all it is. No one he or she meets generally seems to believe he's a glorified paper pusher. It's hilarious how the town residents not only have sized him up as a spy or covert operative, but are already discussing his possible “business” in Selchester.

Hugo quickly becomes old news, when the skeleton of God Selchester is located beneath the masonry of the fortress chapel. The Earl of Selchester disappeared seven years earlier in the midst of a snowstorm, and was assumed the target of the weather even though his body was never found. Now, finding the remains BURIED means a crime has been dedicated... murder.

In a half-hearted make an effort to actually solve the crime, the police perform a quick, shoddy investigation, already determined to fault the murder on the Earl's now deceased boy with whom he argued with that night. Hugo conducts his own investigation by making use of the late Earl's niece, Freya – who was among the small group at the castle the night time of the murder - and his ever precocious sister.

During the course of the investigation, we have to meet what feels as though the complete village – a varied cast of characters who would do any tabloid proud! The deals with the town's residents may seem to be innocuous and 'gossipy', but laced collectively with a few details from Hugo's contacts, Freya's recollections, and Georgia's observances, a murderer is exposed. Can he be caught before he kills again?

Elizabeth Edmondson has shipped a first-rate murder mystery that will keep you guessing right up to the end. And while the ending is totally satisfying, I am anxiously awaiting guide 2!

I give “A Man of Some Repute” my highest recommendation!

(I received an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. ), This book is well-written and stimulating. The characters are interesting and the English environment is appealing. The post war spy spy and Communist references add a note of historical accuracy. The only real down side I saw was that the ending was more extremely evil that I experienced expected from the
majority of the unfolding story. It is worth reading, if you like English mysteries., A very english mystery? Yes it is very english, ticks all those boxes, as though written to a specific metric. Characters were fairly beautifully shaped, comfortably. The story marche along at a expected fashion. I had some difficulty in engaging fully into the story. All saidmin done a nice story not great but nice., a wonderful surprise if you like English crime stories. A good plot, interesting characters and a good twist to the storyplot - I really loved this guide. Bough the sequel already., This guide is beautifully written but I found the rate somewhat slow and hard to get into. I persevered through the middle of the book I started to really enjoy the story. I have just read the second book in this series which was great from page one, Typically the setting is rural Great britain in 1953. The main character, war wounded the other to do with intelligence, comes to board at Selchester Castle, the decrepit stately home of any decrepit stately family. A murder comes to light and a traditional English mystery kicks in.

I felt the time and place were convincingly caught, the characters are fascinating and you want to find out about them, the mystery great and woefully outdated and it's all very smoothly written. I cherished it, swallowing with hardly a chew, which won't really do the author justice.

Two unusual things about it:
Despite an obvious passionate interest, it never happens
Selchester has a cathedral and is by definition a city, yet appears to comprise merely a tea room and a book shop.

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