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We loved this book and was so glad to observe that it was a series and there would be more books arriving. The saga begins with this book. Brenna out heroine was sold by her stepfather to berserkers. The berserkers wanted her specifically because a witch had told him that she carried the mark of the wolf. And as it happens the mark of the wolf was when she was attacked by a wolf who tore her throat out and everyone thought she would die but she lived, however the lady could no longer consult with no vocal cords. This can be a menage book because the two alpha's share a women. And when they are fused they are able to talk telepathically, but that didn't happen immediately so at first Brenna cannot speak to her alphas. Very frustrating for all those concerned. At first I wasn't positive I was going to like this book but Need to admit that it sucked me right in and I read it all in one seated simply because there was just never a period that I could put it down. Ms. Savino writes in a style that keeps your interest and there is never a time the location where the book is slow or boring. I would recommend this book highly apart from if you do not like menage books you might not like this one. although those scenes are tastefully handled some might not like them. Also there are some areas of the book where Brenna'a alpha's are describing the guidelines of wolf life so when Brenna unwittingly pauses them the alpha's are forced to punish her for should they didn't it would cause major problems in the pack. Some people might not like that she was punished and how she was punished but it match what pack life was like and if it wasn't shown it would take away from the storyplot, so while I hated to see Brenna punished but We understood it within the context of the storyplot. We was a little little hesitant in the beginning as to whether I wanted the book or not after reading some of the reviews and the overall subject make a difference but I figured for 99 cents I might read it for myself and form my own viewpoint. Im glad I do because as soon as I finished I gone and acquired all the other publications that were availble in the saga. If you are a little unsure, do what I do and buy this first book and make up your own mind, We did and I an so glad I do!!, The story is an interesting tale of a group of Berserkers, nomad warriors, which in fact are cursed wolf shifters. They have already been told by way of a witch to look for a girl with the mark of the wolf. Once they spot her in the village, they make it their mission to own her. Offered to the Berserkers will be the saving sophistication for Brenna. One may not be able to by speaking speak but the communication will come in the form of thoughts shared with her two men. The tale is an erotic tale of new beginnings, and this is the first guide in this sizzling hot series.

Brenna is mute after being attacked by a creature, that bit and scarred her neck. Her cruel, lecherous stepfather has sold her to a band of passing a warrior. These are large men, and she is frightened of them, nevertheless they approach her and speak kindly to her.

The tale is the start of a series where Brenna can become a lover to two Berserker men, Daegan and Samuel, group leaders. What some may call cursed, together they will bind together and strengthen each other. The story is a mé nage à trios shifter story, which includes mild fresh, multiple claiming, and explicit sex scenes. Sometimes, what seems like a garbled fate, can truly be a saving grace. Any time evil receives their comeuppance, Brenna will be able to move on with her future. Each tale reads as a stand alone and even better as the next book contributes to this erotic tale., Brenna has had such a rough go of it. She was attached by a werewolf when the lady was young, Causing so much damage to her neck and throat that she could not lengthier talk. Her father perished and her mother remarried a man that raped her and was very mean to her. Yet she never gave up.

When Brenna's stepfather offers her to a strap of passing warriors, her only thought is to survive. She doesn't expect to be claimed by the two fearsome a warrior who lead the Berserker clan. Kept in captivity, she is coddled and cared for, treated more like a savior than a slave. Can captivity business lead to love? And when she discovers the fact behind the parable of the fearsome warriors, can the lady accept her place as the Berserkers' true lover?

Along this journey the lady has learned a great deal of great thing one being that she and her family have special capabilities. The girl with known as a Spaewife. They have the ability to help the beast in the Berserkers live in serenity withing them., Brenna was attacked by a wolf as a child and not only was she still left scarred but she will no longer has use of her voice, she was made fun of and hit with rocks by kids growing up, she has already been sexually and physically abused by her stepfather, as if all of that isn't enough now her stepfather is selling her to berserkers. Samuel and Daegan are following the words of the witch, the lady told them to " find the girl marked by wolves and she will be their mate" so when they see Brenna they already know she is the the one which will soothe the beast within.
Although it was a quick read it has all the makings of a great series. The characters are very likable and Brenna has three sisters that We would want to know more about. Especially with the way this guide ended it looks like Sabine may just be the next sister to find her HEA with a berserker.

One of my favorite lines in the book:
" I had never experienced such care and gentleness at the hands of a person, much less two warriors who could kill me as quickly as as me. ", Great dukun MFM mé nage tale. A very steamy tale. Set is a hazy medieval highland. Samuel was a Norse warrior, Daegon a Scot Highlander. Both cursed by a witch to immoral wolf shifters generations ago. Their small group have become mercenaries. They are slowly loosing control of their inner beasts. A new witch has offered them hope. They must find the women marked by the wolf she will be able so calm their inner beasts.

Brenna is a a young peasant women. Shunned my he village for her scars and loss of voice. Mistreated by her step daddy. She is sold to by him to Samuel and Daegon.

Loved the world building. Vikings, Highlanders, wolf shifters, cursed a warrior, and a women who calms the inner beast. Loved Brenna, Samuel and Daegon.

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