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Very good!, One problem I possess found in embedded location is that almost everyone uses procedural language to code i. e. Chemical but nobody trains a person (atleast no body really does in Computer Engineering/Computer research undergrad) how to design large scale software in Chemical. You read books concerning C and advanced Chemical but how do a person actually go about developing an embedded system from scratch. You go to the particular bookstores and everywhere a person find " Object Oriented Analysis and Design". I actually haven't found a solitary book on Structured Design and style anywhere except in the organization library.
And one fine day I actually happen to see this book in a Borders bookstore.
The only book you will discover about software engineering/design regarding real-time systems that covers as numerous topics and with the depth (in a few areas) that I haven't found anywhere else. That covers methods/design based on Structured, data flow plus Object Oriented.
Every software engineer/computer industrial engineer working on embedded techniques must atleast take a look at this book. I have go through and looked at the lot of other publications but I keep on returning this book regarding one thing or another which i find only within this book.
Here are MAJOR places in which this book shines:
1. Very good coverage of software program design. Must for starters in the field.
2. RTOS basic principles with detailed analysis plus review of scheduling policies.
3. Superb encoding languages overview and list of what are pluses and disadvantages of each major language being used today regarding embedded development. I haven't found discussion of this sort in any some other book.
4. Extensive coverage of layouts to help in design.
5. Protection of Mission-critical and safety-critical systems PLUS performance engineering.
Again, the must to check out atleast as soon as in your embedded job. If you are the beginner, I believe you might want to buy it., Excellent book taking the software engineering perspective instead of most books in the particular market, which takes more a computer science look at... Strongly suggested..., Sometimes I'm asked about a diverse software engineering book to recommend regarding general memory dump evaluation that covers software structure, design methods and diagramming languages like UML, encoding languages, concurrency, real-time problems and many other topics you need to understand to have systems understanding that helps in problem id and debugging. Here's the particular book that I had been fortunate to get 4-5 many years ago in a book shop and is the sheer pleasure to go through. Today I discovered that presently there even exists an OMG documentation based on it.

Dmitry Vostokov
Originator of DumpAnalysis Portal
Editor-in-Chief of Debugged! MZ/PE magazine, I possess read numerous RTOS publications including books from Labrose and Qing Li. I actually think this guide provides the particular best explanation on RTOS concept. Unlike Labrose plus Qing Li's book that will throw you every information of a full functioning RTOS components, this publications take an alternative to slowly and plainly explain why should we possess this features in RTOS, and take you by means of slowly from real lifestyle problem to code implementation.

Yet, RTOS is merely two chapters within this book. This specific book has many more to offer which contain software requirement analysis, design, modeling, documentation, safety essential system etc. This will be especially valuable to folks like me whom experienced not receive any official training in software engineering.

EE engineers, if you have previously mastered embedded C/C++ regarding small project, this is the book that can help a person to begin building larger embedded software project.

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