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Oh, for the good old days, when you could throw together a website with a few HTML labels. Now, if you wish to play with the best boys, not only do you have to know HTML5, WEB PAGE, JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX. You have to understand how all of them connect. It almost makes you desire for a Python project. But now here is a book, the first I've encountered, that gives the deep, integrated knowledge that you'd normally have to earn the old-fashioned way, on your own.

Cameron j. patiently walks you via an actual project. By the time you finish it, you'll understand what you need to know to build your own feature-rich program. The writing is clear. The teaching is excellent. Even if you have some familiarity with HTML and programming, this book may be all you need to take the next step into full-fledged web development., You have to learn how to use this book.

It's an instructional course, not a reference.

When I first purchased this, I read the first four chapters and then got bogged down in the intro to Javascript in chapter five. We felt Dane was tooting his horn a little showing you all these obscure features/bugs in the language. I barely obtained through the chapter and then put the book down as it really didn't seem to be that useful to me. Chapter six was on jQuery, in which was my primary interest anyway, so I decided to choose the book back upwards and plow ahead. Some thing clicked. I realized We was reading the book wrong. I was seeking to treat the book like a reference somewhat than a course on application programming. I swallowed hard, cleared my desk, a new project called " tasks" on my web server and started inputting the code into my editor. I possess just today finished working through all the code enhancements in jQuery in chapter 5. This has given me personally a pretty solid knowledge of why so many people rave about jQuery. The really great thing is, now I have all this code that I can steal later on when We need to build a table template or serialize a form. The " tasks" application Dane has you function with is perfect, not too complex but just detailed enough to demonstrate concepts that are real-world. I'm loving it! It's better than taking a class where the instructor crams a lot of code at you in about three days that you cannot possibly digest.

I'm really weak in front-end programming and this book (course) is very bringing me up to speed., I was buying discussion of the new tags in HTML5 in some depth. This is not the book for the. The audio and movie tags seem to be to rate only a single word in passing. A reasonable good overview of the basics, but fairly limited to the author's particular interests., This particular book is definitely okay. From the good value for the money. I wouldn't depend on this one as a sole means for those technologies, but it can a good supplement to a larger curriculum. I'd give it a C+.

I particularly liked the part where Mr. Cameron went into detail on how to store data on the customer machine. I felt like that passage was well done, and I wish other book was in a similar style., It is precisely what it claims it is: a quick, hands-on introduction to HTML5 and jQuery. Gets you up and running without all the usual useless chapters at the start telling you about a brief history of the internet and how to program variable assignments, blah, blah, blah., I am a classic coder with root base in Java and Python and was looking to get to the heart of Javascript as quickly as possible. I had developed read through a few other beginner books on javascript and felt that I was getting a comprehension of it but i was absent the deeper more foundational take on how a developer should be thinking when coding with Javascript. I found that level of understanding with this book. Dane unlocked a subject that was mysterious to me before reading his book. Personally i think much more comfortable now moving forward with Javascript., The book is exactly as described. I was wishing for more detail but that is my fault as it is not the book's purpose. For those who have a good amount of knowledge this is great for you, if you are looking for ideas, reference, or a jump start on web programing, not so much., seems pretty good if you have at least a basic code background in a standard language like Java, C C++ and so forth but definitely kinda hard for a beginner to follow. There are several points the writer brings out in both Javascript and HTML5 that I experienced not seen before even tho I possess studied several books on both languages before. I would recommend it for someone past the beginner stages as prdetty good it will all be applied in any of the languages the book covers.

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