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Outstanding book! Dan Blank really does an awesome job associated with simply and logically busting down the fundamental approach to a possession-based type of play. It's all fine to WANT to play this specific way... but how really does a coach and also a staff actually go about PERFORMING it? That's what this book is about. Dan information the philosophy of possession-based play and stresses the importance of coach communication to players with respect to that philosophy - getting the " buy in" and commitment from your players. In a logical sequence Dan breaks lower important principles like speed of play, support existence, passing angles, etc . in addition to details how they may be taught to your players. He stresses typically the little things that help to make a big difference: playing along with fewer touches, knowing " what's next", facing typically the right way after which enjoying the way you deal with, passing to the proper foot, obtaining across typically the standing leg, etc . Serta provides an outstanding selection of " core" training exercises that will expose players to technical and tactical repetition associated with possession principles. Not only does he provide great training workout routines but more importantly offers coaching point emphasis for every exercise. What does a coach expect to see in these exercises in addition to what are the coaching points to hone in on? I have coached a ownership style for a amount of years and We picked up many pearl jewelry from Dan's book, specially his usage of " simple" terminology to communicate ideas to players. For instance , We have always coached gamers to " know exactly what you want to do with the basketball before you receive it". That's a mouthful! Serta simplifies this by asking players the simple issue, " What's next? " Good stuff! I absolutely treasured this book as it has helped me consider more logically about how exactly to coach possession soccer in addition to it has helped myself communicate important points to my players more effectively., This is the 4th excellent title I highly advise by Dan Blank. (IQ volumes 1&2, and Shutout Pizza would be the others) When you are a coach or if you usually are getting this for a competent tween/teen soccer player, this book will really help them reach another level (or more than another level) of play. The exercises are well laid out there and explained and typically the reasoning for every activity tells you why this is exactly what you want to do. Numerous of the things he states in his books, I sort of realized, but his books not necessarily only explain it inside a way that every person can understand, they protect the finer points associated with what is needed too., Wow this book will be good.
I've been looking for techniques to take the dozens associated with possession-related " rules" in addition to compress them into simple, easy-to-teach methods which emphasize, as Blank puts it, function over form. Essential study if you are introducing the concept of possession soccer to your team, and We can see this operating well for age groups as early as U10 or U11., I've read 4 associated with Dan Blank's books, in addition to they're all very very good. The presentation is apparent, concise, interesting, and logical. Right now there are few " musts" in life, but We think these books usually are a must for football coaches., I'm a Serta Blank fan! I coach a girls senior high school football team and love exactly how these translate to my players! They really enjoy that these are composed about girls their age group playing their sport. Since a coach, I just like the readability of the guide and how it will go from small concepts as much as big-picture ideas. This guide, Soccer IQ 1 as well as 2, and Everything Your current Coach Never Told A person are required reading for my varsity players., His books are helping myself be the coach to girls rec team. This book is a small advanced for younger gamers, but it continues to be beneficial to be aware associated with what possession soccer will be all about. I'm using the knowledge I gained out of this book as a goal to direct my young team towards. I would recommend this book to coaches of any stage, particularly if he wants to continue coaching., Dan Blank has done it again. This is the 4th guide of his that I've read as well as I'm in no way disappointed. This is a must read for virtually any coach that believes in possession-style soccer. He has a good way of delivering key information in an easy to know and incredibly relatable fashion., Since with all of Dan Blanks other books, this a single does not disappoint. Very clear, concise, and wonderful word pictures truly help you to understand not simply typically the how's and importantly typically the WHY'S of possession football. Read all his books. Read them now.

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