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Whenever this book came away - I started to follow Cryer on Tweets. The book was getting rave reviews on Tweets. It took me at some point before I purchased it, but as he began to like some of my posts on Tweets, I decided We would purchase it. I purchased the DVD's with him reading it. I am glad I did it because it makes his story better. I am going to tell you that it was much more expensive than I actually realized it might be, but the book has brought a lot pleasure, it was really worthwhile. He really give you glimpses into his life, which is actually quite interesting. If you were a 2 1/2 Guys fan - he speaks quite a little about the show and what happened with Charlie Sheen. There are moments where I actually was laughing hysterically and a couple where it was actually quite sad. Extremely recommend this book - especially when you have followed his career from Pretty in Pink to Men., Amusing and poignant.

Fast spaced, it felt like you're sitting and chatting with Jon as he regaled you with stories of growing up in New York during the 1970's and 1980's. How he became the Duckman and eventually Alan Harper.

Before reading this I was a HUGE Duckie fan, and enjoyed watching Jon. Now I love the Duck (of course), but I've found out a new found respect of Jon and the way he took Charlie Sheen's obnoxious and atrocious behavior, in stride. He rose above and showed what a good heart he has., This book needed a good copy-editor! It should have started off with his major success in 2 ½ Men, and then explored what got him there. I'd say the audience he creates for is not his fans, but those of the acting brotherhood. My very own it for professional findings that are pure gold, or silver anyway. He's completely unafraid, and has already been there and done that for over thirty years.

Jon, whom I've met, is not an actor per se, but a re-actor. His notes on acting, his encounters at auditions, how to advertise themselves, how to behave at rehearsals, and the value of discipline are invaluable. Furthermore his honesty about his feelings regarding his family, relationships, sex, failure and self image. You could have done a lot less with his our childhood growing up, just not that interesting filler, and unhooks you coming first. Will he mean to educate us, or merely recount? Hard to say, but he revealed a great deal for me, and Now i'm an actor for 71 years now.

So, showbiz professionals, definitely buy it. You might be in it! Fans? Without context, maybe don't bother. Yet I give him a warm 4 stars, he's worthy. Just my thoughts and opinions, of course., We got to experience a " so that happened" second of our own when John Cryer live messaged us during our discussion of his book! To be able to see this fun interesting convo check out twitter #Sothathappened and look at the date July eleven, 3: 00 pm- 3: 45 EST.

I was adding in my woman Meri's review because well lets face it she is better with words than I am!: )

Jul 05, 2015Meri rated it 4 of 5 stars · review of another edition
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I first heard about this memoir from comic Jen Kirkman, who spoken about it on her podcast. Then Cryer himself was on The Nerdist podast, and that cemented the deal. Luckily, bringing it up at a book club meeting caused it to be another selection - HOORAY! I loved it. Jon's type of wit and storytelling ability is right up my alley. Every thing from the early times of his life and career, to the Steve Sheen meltdown is told wonderfully. I was engaged and laughed out loud throughout.

Coming from all of us at the FBI book club to Jon Cryer - Thank you for a fun entertaining book, and most of all for interacting with your fans!, I actually enjoyed this book. I actually was a large fan of " Two and a Half Men. " Cryer tells many fascinating behind the scenes stories. As a fan of Cryer, I enjoyed learning about his climb to success. It is extremely well written and goes by fast. I actually really enjoyed it much more than I thought!, Having watched 2 1/2 men since it started, We have been a fan of Jon. He's one of the funniest people We have seen on TV and also the movies and he's apparently the same way in his book. He creates just like you would imagine him to be in person. I experienced like he handled the problem with his co-star about as politically correctly as he possibly could. Every person in the cast was adversely affected, as well as the crew and staff. Jon \ an amazing life and he brings it to you in a simple and easy to read format. He previously me smiling through most of his book and having a laugh out loud at times as well. The book did not disappoint. I actually purchased it to read on a plane ride and finished it quickly. I was not disappointed. He is apparently the type of person he performs on TV. Funny and uniquely real., I love Jon Cryer and experienced fun reading his memoirs but I was are you wondering why he had absolutely nothing to share about Angus T. Jones, apart from a brief mention at the beginning of the two .5 Men part of the book. I was dissatisfied. He left out the presenter who played Judith, his first wife, and Kandi, his second wife in the show, also. I actually would have liked to have read more about Jon and fewer about Steve. More about his real life wife and kids. I understand he felt everyone wanted to hear his take on the Charlie situation but it was suppose to be Jon's biography. Now, Jon, write a second one and talk about yourself more... and Angus. Aside from a few gripes, his writing style was excellent and funny. (Wish there has been less need for the F-words, though) Total, an enjoyable and interesting read. Great pictures at the end. Love you, Jon., I enjoyed every sixty seconds of this book and literally could not put it down. Mr. Cryer is honest in a refreshingly candid way about his upbringing, career, relationships on and off stage as well as his years with Two and a Half Men. The laugh out loud moments were many and it was a thoroughly enjoyable and delightful experience to read this book. The Carole Channing funny will be worth it's weight in gold~but there are many such stories here. I would say to those people who are looking for the low upon the Steve Sheen exit from the series, that might be it ALL covered, it seems the last good quarter with this bio speaks to the series along with the trials and joys of it. Thank you Jon for all the years of tv humor you brought us, I look forward to enjoying your work in the years to come...

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