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This is certainly supposed to be the preeminent book on Enron and it's excellent. It covers the greed, conflicting company policies, incredibly bad management, and willing lack of knowledge both of the primary executives and upper degree employees. It's no shock the company failed and took alot of blameless (and some not so innocent) employees down with it. What I wanted to read and didn't were lower level employee stories of their transition from satisfaction to discouragement and more about the widespread guarantee damage the organization caused. It can a good, well crafted, and informative read and if you are enthusiastic about Enron you will enjoy it, but it was rushed to print and needs a post collapse update by its authors., I acquired this book as a research in business and malfeasance, and I was surprised to find it to be, in reality, a psychology study.

The book chronicles, through the Enron debacle, an image of the modern world in microcosm, both in business and elsewhere. Selective perception, consensual reality, confirmation bias, status-driven egotism, a total disregard for actual reality in favor of wishful considering and the unreal -- these were the linchpins of Enron's illusion-driven attitude, shared by so many today, and I have read no better show off of it than this book.

Amongst the many lessons offered to all of us by the Enron people, the most important is that of illusions: perceptual illusions, corporate illusions, sociable illusions. The company didn't just present an illusion of its earnings and health, but illusions about its deepest nature, where make-believe appearances ruled all, even to the people perpetuating them. Even if fifty percent the quotes and company accounts in the book are untrue or out of context, the rest make it perfectly clear: Enron was out of touch actual reality, from the bottom to the top, combined with the rest of the illusion-factory which orbits Wall Street. When those indicted claimed "they didn't know, " I believe they were probably telling the truth, because they'd tricked themselves as much as the investment community. Such is the truth of compartmentalized thinking and seeing things as one wants to see them.

Enron's bottom line also provides an appropriate anecdote: that illusions, whether personal, corporate, national, or global, will always deliver to actual reality in time. Regardless of widespread the agreement, or how unanimous the praise, or how loud you shout, or how hard you switch the screws -- actual reality will always sparkle through, bringing with it the results of such a make-believe mentality.

In every, this book illuminates two of the fantastic problems currently clentching modern-day society. First, a general confusion of "right" and "wrong" for "legal" and "illegal, " respectively, so that the actual reality of a deed is not measured by its principles or outcomes, but by legality only. Second, the book shows the widespread acceptance of appearances and the mindful ignorance of actual actuality, where everything is taken at face value and books are judged wholly by way of a covers, so long as that judgment is agreed on by enough authority figures that its illusion remains intact. Enron is symptomatic of any modern society which believes its own press releases (releases which, perhaps, insist that we may believe our own press releases).

Really, the individuals at Enron provided a great service to the world, by depicting wishful thinking and its consequences in living phrases. We can all learn from their example, and this book is a thorough way to do so. Thank you, to both the Enron folks and the book's authors, for your collective lessons., When a true story holds you spell-bound over so many pages of intricate fine detail, you know you are into a great book. The criminal enterprise (Fastow being described as a "master criminal" was beautiful) that was Enron holds lessons for all of all of us. I would recommend this book to anyone enthusiastic about American business, corporate avarice, or the money intrigue of Wall Street., This is a real web page turner. It answers the question: Why do we enjoy so much stories about high flying business types who crash and burn up by their own hubris and greed? The ancient Greeks enjoyed plays about otherwise good men who are brought down by their own flaws. Perhaps this is a latter day Greek tragedy., I read both this book, as well as "Conspiracy of Fools". When i liked the latter book better, this one is also a very telling and entertaining look at the rise and fall of Enron. Starting with an summary of the players and the original pipeline company that later became Enron, the book takes you through the rise of 1 of the greatest house of cards in modern business history.

The company and a history are fairly well known, and the readers will find each book on the subject providing a rather unique view. This book is no execption. The lessons that it tends to bring to the fore are ones of transperancy, simplicity, oversight and common sense.

Noting that lots of of the issues around Enron's house of cards were in relatively plain sight to anyone looking for them, and the aspect of unrestrained avarice permeated the entire enterprise, the authors bring forth a storyline that could be amazing and incredible, had it not been true.

The reader will view the simplicity of structure, the need for honesty and clarity in disclosure, and the shoddy understanding of the economics (not the financial reporting) of the transaction is absolutely critical. A lesson applied out of Enron MUST be "don't let the data processing supersede the economics of a transaction", and "The stock price is a representation of a well run company over time. It is one form of reflective measurement, not a metric to be altered or explicitly managed". Adhere to solid, findamental business. Finally, the lesson of cop a plea and collaborate. In hindsight, Andy Fastow is fre, and Jeff Skilling has twenty years left in prison. 1 fought the law, the other collaborated. Look at the history and the outcomes. In case you screwed upward, admit it, take your punishment, and move on.

A good lesson, a good book and a great reminder a decade later, Very interesting read, specially if you're educated/experienced in company and investment finance and accounting.

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