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Something that will help our future is important read. I truly enjoyed this guide. It was recommended by a many other parent who has a 1-year-old. The sooner we read, comprehend, and put into action, the higher. This particular certainly helps our childrens' future. As a parent, wanting to give your child the tools they will need to be full-fuctioning adults... this book helps tremendously. Easily could recommend this (or version of it) to have an elementary school class (and re-visit in high school), I might. We all, as a society, would greatly benefit by all following these simple activities., Who doesn't love Sawzag Ramsey and his girl Rachel dishing out helpful information to encourage debt free living and saving for the future. They educate Christian/Biblical values of saving and giving which is so important to educate kids growing up in this culture of consumerism. A good read with helpful tips., So pleased I found this guide. Really helps you see that you can teach your young ones to respect money and how it's earned, teach them to be excited about generating and managing it, and help them understand how to live debt-free almost all their lives. Not only do I learn great methods for imparting this information to my children, We learned a lot that will assist ME live debt-free. Really bad more people in America don't teach their children these methods. Our country wouldn't be awash in unmanageable debt., For all those parents who hold to traditional family values when it comes to how they raise or plan to raise their children, this is a must-read. We wish I used to be taught these values and principles when I was younger, it would have made a huge difference in how I viewed money from an early age. Teaches children the alternative of the entitlement-mentality we see so prevalent these days (although it is still acceptable to bless your kids, not spoil them. ) Teaches children the value of hard work and generating their keep, also gives great ideas for saving for the near future and for college, as well as becoming a joyful provider. We will continue to read this book from time to time as our child grows, and plan to execute the ideas of the guide for our child when he gets older., Smart Funds Smart Kids is one book that every parent must read! I avoid care if your youngster isn't born yet or your kid is already out of the house. The principles that Dave and Rachel cover are a necessity to helping the kids win with money. The majority of the principles in the guide are not new. These people are similar to the content of economic Peace University and The Total Funds Makeover, however they are presented in an organized and engaging fashion that apply right to your children. Now to be honest, I use heard a lot of the stories available. This is probably because I have been through FPU twice, read The Total Funds Makeover, and listened to the Dave Ramsey Demonstrate. What brought these tales into a level that I could relate to was the perspective that Rachel brought. Although she is Dave Ramsey's daughter, the lady is proof that this stuff really works. Your children can win with money. But the reality is that more is captured than taught. You have to business lead by example. Dave and Rachel cover everything you need to know to be that leader including: teaching the kids to work, helping them save, showing them is actually ok to spend, the beauty of giving, proceeding to school debt free, getting yourself ready for their wedding, and most importantly leaving a legacy. After soaking in this book in merely a few days, I was wanting to leave a legacy to a four children. Thank you Dave and Rachel!, As the " Nerd" of both my family of origin and my marital life, I am no stranger to trying to do what it takes to control money well and move those principles along to a kids. I figured I might glean great information out of this book, but I got no clue just how much. I'm usually slow in digesting non-fiction books, but I enjoyed that one so much I didn't want to put it down. A part of it was the conversational style that alternates between Dave and Rachel, and one other part was that I was gaining so many tools We didn't realize I need as a parent, especially in looking ahead to the teenage and school years.

Whether you've recently been stellar at budgeting, remaining out of debt, planning for the future, etc. or whether you've made a complete disaster of your budget, this book will provide you with wish that your kids not necessarily doomed to make the same mistakes. You avoid have to be wealthy to help them succeed with money, just intentional and diligent, and Smart Money Intelligent Kids offers biblical, useful and motivating guidance to help you in that journey. I'm grateful that Dave and Rachel took the time to write this important book., I've been waiting for this book for a long time! After reading Dave Ramsey's " The Total Funds Makeover" almost 5 years ago, That i knew that we needed to find a way to show our children these principles. This book is brilliant, and has left me with a sense of peace and direction.

Since a mother of 4 children, ages 8 and younger, the thought of investing in cars, weddings, and school has been somewhat overwhelming. After getting through the first chapter We knew that we got found our way. This particular book will guide you on your journey to raise money smart kids, something that is regrettably lacking in our culture.

Dave Ramsey has transformed the lives of so many people by teaching his debt free principles. In this book you will learn through his girl Rachel Cruze, that he won't just talk the talk, but he has strolled the walk in elevating his own family. Smart Funds Smart Kids is such an inspiring read! It will eventually leave you in amazement, and fill you with determination to teach your children the way!, Purchased tis book for my teenaged (18)grand daughter. Mistake! I think it is made for parents to instruct their young children how to be smart with their money! it is made for younger kids!

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