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"Small Sacrifices" was written over twenty years ago and it remains one of the greatest true offense stories of all time. Ann Rule is a first class writer. The girl is so well known for her true crime textbooks that it's easy to forget that her writing- her writing style- is very fine indeed, full of elegant descriptions of the Pacific northwest that the girl knows so well, amazing insights of the players on her stage and heavily flavored with almost unbearable suspense. The research needed to pen "Small Surrender, " which took 3 years to create, was shocking. The book is just as topical today as it was when it was written, and the tragic saga of one woman's unspeakable crime will eternally tear at the reader's heartstrings.

Diane Downs chance all three of the woman children in the car and then dawdled along on the way to a healthcare facility, giving the children time to die. The girl little girl Cheryl passed away at almost once, "death so close behind the woman it could whisper in her ear" while Christie and Danny were heroically saved by the medical personnel at the clinic emergency ward, but both children were severely disabled. Christie was so traumatized she sustained a cerebrovascular accident even though she was only 8 years old. She hovered "as tentatively as a butterfly's wings" at death's door before the team of anxiously working doctors brought the woman back from the abyss. Little Danny at only 3 years old was shot in the spine and will be paralyzed forever from the waist down, but the heroic efforts of the doctors saved his life.

Diane concocted a story of a bushy haired man who suddenly appeared in the street ahead of the woman car and demanded the car, then shot all three children, a adventure that did not convince the police assigned to her case. Diane chance herself in the provide after shooting Cheryl, more effective, Christie, eight, and Danny, three, at point blank range. Of course the invented story made no sense at all. Why would a gunman capture three young children and not kill Diane who could identify him?

Diane needed to get rid of the children because her married boyfriend Lew didn't want kids. The children, of course, are the "small sacrifices". A yr after the shooting Diane was finally indicted and brought to trial. Because always, Rule is a hands-on writer and the girl sat perhaps two feet from Diane during much of the trial. The girl can describe how Diane at one point along with the people in the courtroom was listening to "Hungry Like a Wolf" the song that had been playing in her car when Diane shot her children. Diane sat there beside the woman lawyer, merrily snapping the woman fingers and juggling the woman leg in time to the music, apparently oblivious she was on trial for murder.

While the woman little girl, Christie, who scarcely survived being shot in the chest twice, was on the witness remain the courtroom was eerily silent, hushed, almost freezing with horror. The little girl had one paralyzed arm and her conversation was halting but the girl named her own mother as the shooter and the killer of her little sister. Up there on the witness stand the girl struggled with her emotions and practically everyone in the courtroom except Diane was in tears. Guideline described Diane's strange yellow or green eyes and her inappropriate laughter. Presently there is something extremely discordant about Diane Downs.

Guideline delves deeply to the psyche of Diane Downs. Diane had lamented over the woman unhappy childhood and mistreatment by her father. Nevertheless most children who are abused do not become killers. Diane is thought to have three serious personality disorders: narcissism, histrionic disorder and she's a sociopath. Like her soul mate Ted Bundy, the girl is always on period and the center of that stage. She loves you absolutely nothing about anybody, and her obsession with Lew, the married man she shot her children for, is just that: an obsession. Diane believes that folks exist to serve the woman without her giving anything in return. She is and was an vacant shell devoid of sympathy, empathy and love. The only real love she is able of is for herself and she has no mind. Like all sociopaths, she's an accomplished liar. A good empty shell.

Ann Guideline keeps you reading the woman page -turner, gasping at the horror and you may even shed a tear or two over those children, wounded so long ago by their own mother. The evil in Diane is well-balanced by the good of people involved in the circumstance: the doctors who struggled to save the childrens' lives, the detectives who labored on the situation, the Slaven family who cared for the children during the trial, and especially the prosecuting attorney, Wendy Hugi, who adopted Christie and Danny after Diane was convicted and delivered to jail, brought them up with love and sent them to university. (Christie is now married and has a baby child of her own. Danny, although in a wheelchair, is a cheerful, successful computer whiz).

Diane, Guideline emphasizes, is not crazy as a psychosis (insanity) can be treated by remedy and medication and can be reversed. There is hope for an crazy person, but the sociopath will not change. He bears the mark of Cain that will brand him for life. You can almost say that the tattoo of a rose Diane has on her shoulder is the mark of Cain., This is the first Ann Rule book I've read and it was excellent! I read it in a day and a half. The girl writing is simple to read (with the exception of the repeated use of the word " fecund" which I had to look up - just say fertile! ). The girl is very clear and thorough and you definitely feel like you are there. Diane Downs is a mentally ill, narcissist who is exactly where she is supposed to be. We would absolutely recommend this to anyone who loves true crime., I remember reading about and next this case when it is at the news. From the time I had teenage children and I actually remember the anger I actually felt that a mother could do such an absolutely despicable thing. This guide is a true tribute to individuals that worked so hard for the children's justice., A very good book overall but parts of the story at times became tedious.. it actually made me realize how difficult it must be to create true crime reports and hold a reader's interest through out the entire sequence of events... other than the actual offense (which no one witnessed) there is no shoot outs.. no high speed car chases... no solving the crime in two days and nights. Instead it involves a lengthy slow tedious investigation which is difficult to make exciting. Anne Rule was a master of true crime writing..., If your into true crime then this is a book to learn. Ann Rule is a great author and really knows the way to get the storyplot line across. Matter of fact all her textbooks are a great read. I remember when this did happen here in Oregon state. I noticed a lot about this on the news. Then noticed the movie. The book seems to provide light far more of the actual history than the movie did. I actually would recommend the read., I have not read anything by Ann Guideline before. I expected a simple narrative gleened from journalistic sources, a few facts and a number of quotes from court records.
I actually looked at the reviews before purchase and noticed that a number of readers had declared that they were not able to put down the book.
I used to be quite astounded by the book. I actually felt that I have got to know everyone associated with the case. At times I had to help remind myself that this was not a novel, but ait was obviously a book by someone who is at the Court Room and who interviewed those involved. Ann Rule has then crafted her notes into a narrative that discusses the motivations of each person and put's there varying perspectives. I to found it difficult to put down the book and a number of times suffered at work the next day as I actually read late into the night.
I actually really enjoyed this guide. Properly done Ann Rule., Ann Rule's writing is exceptional, holding the reader captive as she unrolls the complex stories and personalities of this crime. This kept me engaged through multiple delays when i sat in an airport. I actually highly recommend this book as well as others I have read by Rule., I had in the past a mother like Diane Downs. She captures how it feels to be around the "crazy! " Individuals types of mothers may care that they hurt their own children. I actually admire Christie. I wish I had the strength to speak out. I performed tell my friend in high school but the girl didn't believe me and I was terrified! This particular story could've been revealed my siblings and myself with names and locations changed to protect our identities. So accurate it offered me goosebumps!

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