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As a " successful middle-class" African-American woman I was truly stunned to recognize so many aspects of my own life in Ruth. I have read every Picoult book - some twice - but never have I had my own experience articulated so effectively by someone who isn't a person of color. I actually finished it yesterday early morning and was rattled all day long by the insights and depth of honesty exposed here. I still feel, but had to take a moment to publish almost everywhere and say THANK A PERSON!! Jodi, I read your acknowledgments of how you created this guide, and I actually wish I could meet you. I am impressed and may recommend this book to anyone I know: starting with my hubby. Blessings to you for your courage, research and determination to see past what you knew, what was comfortable - and take this risk., Grasping. Powerful. A story that needs to be informed. From two different perspectives. One that is almost unbearable to see. Actually, both are very challenging to read, but in various ways. One character's life makes you think not only of her perspective but forces you to truly take an introspective look. From another's viewpoint as well as the way you look at the world. While you are reading it, it is hard to imagine it turned out written by a white, female writer. Jodi Picoult’s SMALL EXCELLENT THINGS. This book is so riveting as it strikes a chord. Provided the state of contest relations inside our country, the story is all a lot more haunting. To say that the issue of racial inequality has actually taken a change for the worse, would be an understatement. Typically the disparity in everyday life. I found myself doubting things that I have said, whom I could have accidentally hurt or offended without malicious intent. Reading this book made me sick to my stomach. Yet, I read on. It is crucial. Picoult is trying to get a message across. Please don't misunderstand, I had been enthralled by the book. The story is excited, intense, and portrays a deep struggle, which you want to see.

I think about some people will be doubters. How could the writer possibly understand this situation, even if she is writing fiction. I have read interviews about the level of research that the lady put into this guide. She is not claiming to be an expert. She based it on a true story. The title comes from a line in a famous talk of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ’s: Basically cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way. ”

The tale is all about a nurse, no ordinary nurse, but one who is dedicated and well regarded, with a twenty-year career at a healthcare facility where ‘the incident’ occurs. A husband and better half have just had their first baby. Once the nurse comes into their room, to take over the shift of another labor and delivery nurse, after seeing her, the parents, who are white supremacists, see that she is dark and immediately request to see her supervisor, whom they tell, in no uncertain terms, that this woman is to not touch their baby. What unfolds next is a devastating. Both of their lives take a turn nor could have predicted. The tale is told from both sides. Heartbreak from the nurse’s and mistrust of everyone she encounters. She gets noticed this before to be more exact, has worked hard to rise above it, but now it is all surfacing and cannot be ignored. The extremely racist man is angered to the point of revenge wonderful wife is shattered and taken to bed and depression.

Some books make you think. Some textbooks turn you to a illusion world. Some books make you step outside yourself and think how others feel. SMALL GREAT POINTS makes you think, step outside of yourself, take another's perspective, and re-think your beliefs, and step outside of the fantasy world you have been living in, where all people are dealt with equally. It is both disturbing, heartbreaking and informative.

I commend Picoult for taking on the writing of a potentially debatable subject and for tackling it with a tale that has great level and feeling., Since I actually have read of those of Jodi Picoult's books, I actually knew that I had to read this one when it was up for review on the Vine program. Some would say that they find Picoult predictable especially after reading so many of her books. I have learned to stop second-guessing what Picoult is proceeding to put to paper because she will always surprise you. Was I actually surprised in this book? Not really, because I actually knew she would have a twist or three up her sleeves. It just wasn't surprising to me but it might be to other readers. (I read a lot and I actually read a wide variety of books, so it requires a lot to amaze me. )

This book is about Ruth, a widowed African-American nurse, who is also a individual mom. She loves her job as a labor-delivery nurse in a small medical center. She worked there for twenty years and never had a problem until one day, when someone requested that she doesn't care for their baby because of her race. This request eventually led to a series of events where Ruth finds herself asking the system she has lived in all of her life, worked in and everything she believed in.

Kennedy is Ruth's attorney, a public assistance attorney who took on the case, determined to succeed the case for Ruth. As the case winds on, Kennedy finds herself asking the status quo and realizes that not everything is as black and white as it may seem to be in the real world.

Turk, the white supremacist father, who was so aggrieved at the damage of his baby child needed a scapegoat for his rage and sadness. He chose to file against Ruth, whom he thought murdered his baby. He shares his backstory; elevated by a grandfather who was angry at the world; taught him self-defense. Turk then gets involved with different skinhead groups and met his wife at among those rallies.

This book is filled with backstories of each of the primary characters. Occasionally, some of the products being said is uncomfortable, but it is definitely thought-provoking. If there is a time to be speaking about race, now is the time to start. This book is a start for individuals who want to learn a little bit more about what it is like to both ends of the range. Most people would consider themselves to be in the middle, until something happens and they find themselves on opposite finishes of the matter. It is an eye-opener, even for the reader. Picoult weaves her way through this story delicately as well as making her points without beating someone on your head with the fact.

Out of most of her books, this one is a fantastic. There is no unlikable character in this book. Just unpleasant truths that reveal the decades-long apathy with history and with the truth of how things really are in this country. I hope this guide will start conversations among friends and in book clubs. It is definitely a thought-provoking book.

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