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This book is fantastic! I feel just like a completely new person now that my 4 month old is sleeping through the night. It only took a few days to really see results. I actually went from co-sleeping with my daughter within our bed (which I never intending on doing! ) to having my daughter sleep in her crib alone by using the strategies in this guide. I read several books to help your baby sleep through the night and this one really resonated with me for a few different reasons. One, I may feel like I'm being cruel or abandoning my baby since I do check-ins and was able to quickly see that she was making improvement within just a couple days. Also, some other textbooks were quick to sleeping train in 6-8 several weeks which I felt was insanely early. The way the book is written was simple to understand and follow and they even tell you in the beginning what page to turn to if you would like to jump right in! It's been 6 days since we started and tonight my daughter went to sleep without crying at all. I've also noticed that she's happy and more alert now that she's getting a great sleeping every night (and so am I! ). We am exclusively breastfeeding and I tried evening weaning strategy they offer as well and slowly decreased the girl eating time by two minutes each night. Yesterday was the first night time she was supposed to be completely weaned and I was shocked once i woke up this early morning and saw that the girl slept the sunshine the night time and that I actually got a full nights sleep the first time in a few months. If you're at your busting point, I would need you to get this book. Yes, your baby will cry, but after a few days you will be able to provide them the wonderful gift of a good nights sleep and a well-rested parent. As a part note, I feel like everyone is entitled to their viewpoint of whether or not they will let their kid cry it away and I fully support every parent's decision to choose what works best for their family. But We will say that after looking at reviews for this book, I noticed that all of the negative reviews I found came from people who didn't even try the strategies in the publication, but just saw that it involved letting your child self-soothe and disagreed with this, so they really provided it 1 star. We definitely haven't read all the reviews, but We never found anyone who said they tried the sleeping strategies in the publication whilst still being has a screaming/crying kid after a week. So... FUNCTIONS!!! It might be a little hard to hear your child cry for a few nights, but I'm showing you that it can be worth it! And when I was hearing her cry, We would actually jump on Amazon and read some reviews from parents who had been successful using this book and it really helped. This is the first review on Amazon that I have ever written, (and I am a crazy Amazon shopper!! ) but I am so thrilled with the results that I couldn't NOT leave a review. Buy this on your own and every mom/dad friend you already know!, A little background: my first son was born to sleeping. With very little effort on my part, he or she was sleeping 7 pm hours - 7 am at 4 months old. Having been exclusively breastfed as well. He was just a great sleeper.
Our second son - not a great sleeper.: or I assumed number 2 would be easy but I quickly leaned We was out of my league trying to help him sleep, because We never had to troubleshoot baby sleep before.
A buddy recommended this book and we started out it the week my son turned 5 mo old. He was over 15lbs. At this point, he was still medical 2x at night. We started the method and I'll be honest, the first night was hard, but we were ready to stick to it.
After just a few nights (as the authors promise) we saw a vast development! I'm looking towards continuing to slowly cut back the night time feedings with the textbooks advice and finally acheive a good nights sleeping. If you possibly could commit to the program and deal with a little crying your child WILL learn to sleeping and get the relax she or he needs. The topping on the cake is that YOU will also rest well knowing they are getting the sleeping they need to develop and develop.
The week we started out the program actually got LESS crying through the night than the last month before we started it.
Another bonus: the book explains that day sleep might take lengthier to enhance, but I've already seen improvement there as well. Previously, my son is a chronic short excuser. 30, 40, or forty-five mins at best. Right after starting Sleep Easy, we have gotten 60, 75 and 90 min naps. We KNOW it's difficult to listen to your baby cry. Think me! But I actually think that the lasting benefits of good sleep for my son far outweigh the frustration he may feel for a few hard nights. Thankful for this book and I will recommend to lots of friends., Another success story for us!!! My second baby (5 months this week) is an incredibly intense crier. A happy baby generally but when he or she loses it he loses it loudly and things quickly escalates. Because of that, and his room being just next entrance to his toddler sister's I was way too quick to jump to his rescue at night and within months his sleeping got needier to an intolerable degree (waking 6-10 times per night, needing to nurse to get back to sleep, crying if I tried to exchange him to his bed) this book saved us all!!! Started on Friday for each the suggestion of other reviews and was afraid, literally worried he would choke or throw up even. It wasn't an easy night time but it wasn't as unmanageable as I dreaded. For people he cried the first 15 min after laying him down conscious for the first time in months, and he or she woke several more times crying/fussing. Our worst awaken up was his midnight one which was a steady hour of crying but we did our check ins and he or she did go down. We could really see him trying to work out how to get himself calm and comfortable, literally " learning" how to sleep. I write all of this because reading reviews really helped me cope with this. Fear not! This is more manageable than you may think once you wrap your head around the need of this process! Your child will wake upwards happy I promise! We just had night 3 last night and he or she awoke twice and cried cheaper than 5 minutes! You will get there, all of you, and it will absolutely be worthwhile!! Best of luck to you on this venture and trust me the sleep everyone becomes so justifies the means!, Unless the girl with cold or teething my 1 12 months old now sleeps through the night. Took 4 nights and maybe 2 set backs, but the girl did it! We now have not mastered napping because grandmother is not regular and just can't let the girl cry. But at night time the girl with perfect. Please know that you cannot skip the bedtime routine! That was important in getting her to sleep. Otherwise she started out hating her room. Today 30 minutes before sleeping all of us go in the girl room, no phones, no electronic toys, just us all, a. Title, a pair of books, a filled animal and her binkies. By the time we go to rocknher to sleep she doesn't even want to be connected the girl with throwing herself away of arms into your bed!!!

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