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Maureen Wright, Sleep, Big Carry, Sleep! (Two Lions, 2009)

Cute little tale about a slightly-hard-of-hearing bear who keeps misinterpreting old man wind's suggestion that he go hibernate for the winter, delivering him off on all sorts of amusing, and occasionally odd, adventures. (No one thought it odd that a bear decided to show up and brush your house? ) The illustrations are quite lovely (and, since i have picked this one up in e book form and we usually read it either on a 7” phone or 10” tablet screen, it can relevant) well-suited to electric delivery. I'm not sure whether that was a particular idea in the mind of illustrator Will Hillenbrand, but it's certainly appreciated in this camp. Our only real criticism is that the book takes a conceit maybe one step too far; the Bean (who's two as I write this) loses steam about four pages before Large Bear finally lies down for a nap. Yet that is definitely not going to stop me recommending this lovely little tale. *** ½, “But big keep didn’t hear very well; he couldn’t sleep in his den in the dell. He thought he heard as twilight fell-“drive a 4x4, big bear, drive a jeep”.

Big bear does not hear very well and time instead of going to sleep like he should have during winter time, he thinks he is being sent to another mission and to another objective each time, again and again…instead of making his very own judgment and stop to think what he should really do, or ask, he just follows the orders blindly. it is just after he exhaust himself so much, that he suddenly hear what he needs to have done long time ago-which will probably sleep.

We think this book is about not being afraid to question anything or everyone, even if it is “old man winter”! it is about trusting yourself and your own view, and I think kids could associate to it because they tend to question their parents all the time, like they should.

The reason I like the character of big bear so much, is the fact he is very human, he is adorable, funny, very trusting and total to his objective, he doesn’t quit although he is so tired…in fact, you can say he is stubborn…yes, just like us sometimes…
Big bear has a strong will, and I think that is why most children could identify with him and care about him. Eventually, we all want him to stop working so hard and go to winter sleep which was his true will from the beginning.

If you and your kid enjoy publications with humor, this is a perfect book for you.

This book will remind me of “Sneezy the Snowman”, another wonderful guide by Maureen Wright..
In the event you loved this book check out  B007756YHO “Sneeze, Big Carry Sneeze!   In addition to experience another big keep adventure. You might want to check out also  The Dinosaur Who else Wanted to Fly   as a tale of imagination and bravery for your kids
If you found this review helpful, let the other readers know by clicking " YES" on the HELPFUL VOTE., This sweet book teaches kids about bear hibernation with cute little "mistakes" that bear makes when he cannot hear what Old fart Winter season is telling him to sleep. The illustrations are beautiful too!, My six year old granddaughter got plenty of questions about this book, once you stop reading her tales she is asleep in record time so she was curious why the bear would go to sleep... great fun!, I'm not sure how I found this book but it has become one of our most frequently read bedtime stories. It was an unexpected hit in our home and I'm certain it will be in yours as well., This is my favorite guide to ready to my now three year old at bedtime! It is just a fun story to read (with the whispering Old Person Winter and the this kind of affection fumbling bear). It is likely to make my M sleepy. The words have a beautiful cadence when read and the drawings are captivating. We actually purchased it as a Kindle book, we now own it in hard back form, and have gifted it to two new babies in our family! Thank you for could be book!, This was a delightful read and enjoyed equally by both my two year old and five year old alike. The illustrations were stunning and the rhyming verses amusing and fun for kids., Probably my 4 yr old granddaughter's favorite book on my kindle. She practically has it memorized. I only get to see the components that she has neglected. The gentle rhythm of the rhyming story is very soothing when we read before bed. The artwork is done well and the detail is great. We have fun looking for his rabbit friend on each page.

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