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There was much about this publication which i liked. Shane Thomas evidently did his research, and the result is an entertaining remember the exciting 2014 PGA Tour golf season.

There were some things that rubbed myself the wrong way. Bubba Watson is a controversial figure on the Tour, seemingly loved just as much as he's hated. Thomas writes about having bad interactions with Watson, but took criticism to an unfair level. Don't get me wrong - I actually love a good Bubba-bashing session as much as anybody, but it felt like Ryan was trying too hard to fit in with the, " cool kids" with his almost personal bashing of Watson.

The other thing was the Victor Dubuisson chapter. Dubuisson had a good year, but he is not as big of a star that called for the amount of tattoo he received in this book. I didn't understand why Ryan felt the requirement to go as far as he did in tearing down Dubuisson's back story. It wasn't that important, in my opinion.

Overall, a fun look back again at the last golfing season, and a good look ahead to the future., For me, Golf is about the Sunday nap. Spinning program so well is that, I like to put on golf and take a nap, waking up just in time to catch the last few holes. I've never paid much attention to it.

Shane Ryan has altered my thoughts about that. Just before, I did not see all the story lines. I actually didn't know the people playing on my TELEVISION. Now I do and they may fascinating. Ryan really catches what makes all these benefits tick. His writing is effortless and unencumbered. I balked at the length at first, but the pages take flight by.

While I think you have to have some appreciation of the sport to savor the publication, you don't have to be an expert or somebody who spends tons of money on their own clubs (I don't have any). Ryan will help guide you there. He doesn't write for the experts. He writes for regular folks and has a talent for showing the uneducated how beautiful and nuanced a activity and athletes can be (This was also true of his writing on the art of harrassing in baseball for Grantland).

Highly recommended., This guide isn't very just good sportswriting, is actually just good writing. I actually took the bait with the author's op. impotence. in the NYT: " How I Learned to Hate Golf" and it referenced this guide, of which I had never noticed. This article coincided with the paperback release so for I could take a chance. I was not disappointed as the writing exhibited in the NYT article held up through the book and made for an enjoyable, if formulaic, read.

Mr. Ryan's comments on the state and structure of the sport were candid and in my view spot on. His / her undertake the four premier, Augusta National, the Ryder Cup, Tiger Woods, Mary Watson, et. al. were acerbic and hilarious. Parsing the components of competitors and the personality distortions required to compete at the highest level were revealing when contrasted with the required pablum of the PGA Tour. His unrelenting attempts to break into the insulated world of professional golf to provide history is a story itself.

And his thesis, that Woods is history and the young guns are here and the game has moved on, has been validated by the events of 2014 and subsequent seasons. The reason the book doesn't feel out dated is the fact that almost all of players this individual discusses are now in the thick of competitors week after week. Gambling set the standard so high that this generation's arriving of age would certainly overwhelm him. This publication is a very worthwhile account of that assumption., Interesting insights by one writer into some of golfs better known brands. Have mostly enjoyed the read. The books some weakness is that it is centered around one yr -2014- of PGA competitions. Will not hold much interest for readers after, say, 2015. His disdain for Augusta National did not impress me much either. His set of Augusta's regulations for what you can and cannot do there during The Masters week looked adolescent at best. Plus he seems to have a common disdain for the 'rich and powerful. ' Still, I appreciated his forthrightness in writing his honest impressions of what this individual experienced over a yr of following the trip.

I might add, he is a pretty good writer to boot.: -), This specific is a fantastic publication detailing the " young guns" on the PGA during the 2014-2015 season. This book details many of the young stars like Patrick Reed and Jordan Spieth, along with many of the experienced (Bubba Watson) or international stars. The book follows the PGA season in chronological order and offers interesting profiles of many PGA players along the way. By far, the best chapter was on the Master's and Shane Ryan (great follow on Twitter, by the way) informs you how the press covers the Masters (the stories are usually glowing) and some of the darker, unreported history behind Augusta National., Very readable family portrait of the upcoming school in the PGA. Thomas has the ability to paint marvelous pictures with his words, evoking both laughs as well as empathy for the amazingly hard path to success in pro golf. He could be neither a fan young man nor a cynical critic, but an excellent journalist expertly telling his story. His / her descriptions of in game action are precise and gripping. Must read for all fans of the game.

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