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We are writing this review under your own accord on AMAZON. well where could one even commence to start out on this review a cravable, instiable, delightful tale that had myself wanting my own personal session of Slap and Swallow., Here’s my cut version of Slap and Swallow:

Selena just steered clear of an abusive relationship. The girl goes to a nude bar in a new town because, well, I actually guess a topless bar is better for a single woman than a regular bar? Selena satisfies Dick just instances after arriving and he offers her employment as his secretary. He’s quick to feel her up, proceeding as far as getting her boobs as he or she assists getting her intoxicated self to her hotel. Selena loves it because it makes her believe that she matters. Don’t you merely love getting groped by a complete stranger within twenty four hours of running away from your POS boyfriend of years? Oh how lucky luxury ?!?

The next afternoon, Dick and Victor show Selena an enthralling home video of them sleeping with a previous girlfriend/coworker. And it transforms her on a great deal that she sleeps with Dick and his business spouse minutes after signing the girl employee contract. Victor calls her b*&ch in the process, making Selena (remember, she’s became out of a seriously abusive/rapey relationship) feel giddy with importance. [The story is inconsistent with the schedule. She met them after lunch to sign the girl contract, sleeps with them, satisfies the whole company’s personnel, becomes a model turned marketing guru/fashion designer during a meeting, works some more, goes back to the hotel and works for a few hours before Dick texts that he’ll be picking her up at 6pm. She must work like the frickin’ Flash to get all that required for five several hours. ] Selena agrees to move in with Dick and Victor the same day. Selena becomes so good at her job despite her abundant not enough experience that she’s soon an executive of her very own department. Throw in a marriage proposal and few more raunchy sex moments and bada bing, there is your story.

I understand the author’s intention is to escape reality for a bit, but the story is borderline offensive. I’m intended to see Selena as a woman rising from the flames of any horrendous relationship, but instead she comes off as nymphomaniac with little regard for own well-being. She doesn’t like being beaten around by men? Well, she’s awfully fast to settle down with two complete strangers she knows nothing about beyond her lovemaking attraction to them and that they gave the girl a job. Too bad they couldn’t give the girl a brain as well.

I received an ARCH in exchange to have an honest review., I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
This is a great publication and will have you in need of some new panties. Selena has recently packed up what she could and left the girl old life behind, together with her abusive ex-boyfriend. The girl stops at a bar in the location she is planning on calling home from now on. Whilst in the bar she is approached by Richard and he tells the girl she can call your pet " Dick". She finds that amusing and they talk slightly and Dick ends up having to take her to her hotel room cause she drinks a little too much. He offers the girl a job and shows her to meet your pet at the donut shop down the street from her hotel the next day. When Selena awakens up the next day she aren't remember anything that happened the night before, but she gets a text from Dick reminding her to meet him at the donut shop. She eventually ends up going to the donut shop and finds out she gave Dick a lap dance and a hand job the evening before. She actually is a little embarrassed but before she can over think it Dick's business partner, Victor shows up. They are both very thinking about the girl becoming their personal associate and keep hinting at there being more to it than only a normal PA job. She makes a decision she is going to take them through to their offer so she indicators the employment contract. As soon as they get her to the office they all sit on the couch in front of the TV and the guys put in a movie called " Dancing with Two Daddies". As the movie takes on Selena realizes that it is Dick and Victor with a girl that appears similar to herself. It's a homemade porn movie and Selena gets really turned on and ends up having s*x with both of them. This guide has a great storyline and some panty drenching s*x scenes that will get you all hot and bothered. Definitely a must read., I under your own accord reviewed an arc of this book. This is the first book that I have read by Angela Blake. I had been not disappointed in this guide. It is a great publication. It is about Imperturbable, Richard aka Dick and Victor. Serena leaves the girl abusive boyfriend. She group up all her property and lives. She would go to The Midnight Rodeo bar that is next to the hotel that she is living now. The girl meets Richard at the bar. They start discussing and he offered the girl a job as a PA in his company. She is sure about taking this job because she has only been a model and she not sure she can handle this position. The girl ending up drinking to much and Dick requires her to her hotel room. She wakes up the next morning and does not remember anything from the night before. She gets a text message from Dick to reminding her to meet your pet and his business spouse Victor at the donut shop across the streets. She goes to meet the guys at the donut shop. She is there and talking with Dick as to what happened the evening before when Victor walks in with a employment contract. She is still not sure about the position but the guys are going talk her in to taking the position. The girl looks over the agreement and she signed it. They take her to the office after she signed the contract. The only thing is she doesn't know is that job involves more than she is expect. They take the girl to the very best floor of office. They put in a pornographic movie of the two of them called " Dancing with 2 Daddies". After they watch a little of film production company they ended bump having sex. They describe to the girl that attention of personal needed in the agreement. Will she be able to do this job. I can't wait to read more books by Blake. I will recommend this guide.

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