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I want to start by saying I actually love Will Wight. He's been the best fantasy writer for the last several years and I'm firmly used all 3 of his major series thus much. That being said Will is generally the victim of his own success here and I write the review just for this book as it stacks up against his other work.

I feel like this is easily the worst of the Cradle series. The fictional equivalent of a filler episode of your selected show. That's not to state it was bad (remember Now i'm scrutinizing Will on a higher scale here as a result of quality of his writing), but it just didn't do much for me, specifically in phrases of advancing the storyplot, revealing much relevant new information, or personality growth. The pacing of the novel was also somewhat strange, we missed over the training and personal growth between in the end of Blackflame to bring you a few days in the life of our character types. It's possible there's more here than I realize as the story unfolds in his later works, so I'll move 'pacing' to the lower part of my critiques. The two more substantial issues I actually had with the publication is a lack of character growth and a lack of much improvement or relevant new information in the Cradle universe itself.

Perhaps with the short interval of time this book covers Will failed to seem like there was much room for character development. Yerin's breakthrough seemed almost an afterthought and relatively anti-climatic considering the attention paid to this particular item in the previous publications. In that case the book was merely a installation for the 'big reveal' at the end, which again, didn't seem all that big. Certainly it has an impact on the universe and provides the potential for many more books to come in this series or future series set in the same universe, still, I think most of the information given to us in this reveal was fairly evident stuff if you needed paid much awareness of the previous books. These publications are already pretty short as far as novels go, which is okay considering how fast and with the great quality that Will will be able to publish them with, I just seem like this book would've recently been better as an in-between major installment short history. All the relevant information probably could've been exceeded in 1/3 of the book length. In addition, it shows a pretty good leaving from previous installments where the major characters where capable to show growth and growth while staying true to their personalities.

I also don't think we needed more reminders which our main heroes, even Eithan, are insignificant specs right now in the Cradle universe. All of us get that they have to overcome impossible odds to reach an impossible level in an impossibly almost no time. At least upward until know they've still managed to find a way to contribute to their little part of reality. I feel like this book there wasn't much reason for them to be involved in activities at all other than to do something as POV witnesses about what took place. The most substantial service made by the key characters was Eithan being a messenger boy, which prevented the appearance of the elder Akura at the end from being a complete Deus Ex Machina resolution, which frankly is getting somewhat old as a plot device in Illusion series. Like Death Stars or Death Star-esque exoplanets showing up in Superstar Wars movies. Too add to this we learn that our heroes have even less time to carry out their impossible tasks than we previously thought, so it the actual strange pacing of this novel seem like even more of a waste.

I know it sounds as with all of that I failed to like the book and wouldn't recommend it, but as I said, Now i'm putting this one (perhaps unfairly) under a magnification device . due to quality of Will's previous works. It's still an interesting story that never at any point is boring. The characters are still great, the entire world building well done, and there are some revelations and new information given. Almost all in all I would recommend and i also still absolutely love this course and feel totally used it's character types., I was delighted to see this book come out a day before a flight across the country! It was the perfect reading material for a day of travel and good installment to this series that has easily become one of my favorites. The character development is good and the plot continues along in a satisfying way. There were several instances where I actually felt things progressed somewhat quickly but that could just be which i ended up reading it all in one day. Other visitors will need to let me know very well what they considered the pacing. Thank you WIll, I actually eagerly await the next Holder book., I love a series that builds the world around it with each new series without seeming rushed. A glimpse into the future difficulties without overdoing typical story and building plots. Overall, this was a great read and I actually will definitely pick up the next one. My only complaint is the normal one following all great publications - I want to browse the next one now!, This world the author has created is simply perfectly created and the system of skills so well thought out. Each of the characters have such great personality and it has been a joy watching them grow. I actually look forward to the next book as when each of the previous is posted to Amazon it really makes my day., We are usually critical about books, but this entire series has me surprised by how complex but steady everything is. Will pulled everything together completely. I don't think it could've been done much better. Although blackflame was by far the book in my opinion, skysworn goes into details that had recently been previously avoided. That was the most interesting part of the whole series (aside from the cool fighting scenes and whatnot), Discouraging. I enjoy the series. A great intriguing world with interesting characters. I have recently been eagerly awaiting this 4th book. But I found it disappointing as I felt the story really performed not progress much in this book. Its almost seemed as if the book was filler just to get to the next interesting part. It wasn't always a bad book. Simply not up to the standard of the previous three., I actually have so enjoyed this course. At first admittedly, it felt a little like the framework have been taken from a game or something, but as I actually got more with it I actually began to really benefit from the character development and plot flow. I love the depiction of the character types as they use their abilities as well. I actually like that it's physical not merely magical. Definitely not hard to get through and there are times when you really feel a little lost in the various layers of the hierarchy, but overall, I actually would really recommend it. It's humorous, fast paced, and endearing. Take a look., I actually wish I could give this more stars. This specific book series will undoubtedly be compared to the " Steering wheel of Time" series. I actually enjoyed WoT, but I actually like Cradle more. Study it!

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