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I have loved every book of Kimberly Loth's that I've read, and SKYE is no exception. You just cannot make a mistake with this creator. I used to be given an ARC in return for an honest review, but I also purchased a book so that I would have an " official" duplicate.

The book starts with Skye discovering that she has turned into a black dragon and freaking out. Her problem? Simply dragon kings are black. Dragon kings start away as royal dragons that become king when the old king dies - she is sea dragon. Dragon kings are male - she is not. There is certainly usually only one dragon king at a time, and currently that is Sid, her previous boyfriend. She would know if or when Sid died, because of the loyalty close off she gave him to help secure his position as the new king. When Sid dies, she dies. No wonder she is freaking out.

Skye decides she needs to find Everett, the oldest living dragon who knows most everything about dragon history. Everett was the dragon that solved her first problem but at a cost. Skye had previously covered herself to Sid, that means she would love no person else for the relax of her life. Everett was able to eliminate the seal, but it remaining a huge hole in her heart which made her incapable of adoring anyone that way again.

Another worry was if the prophecy about the three dragon kings was coming true. If so, then a full level war was about to erupt between dragons, humans, and even among the various dragon races that could keep her occupied for years - or hundreds of years. Because she was flying towards Everett's, she realized this might be her only chance to say goodbye to Rowan. Rowan was the only the one which had been there to comfort her about the girl loss of Sid. The girl also knew Rowan was madly crazy about her and wouldn't want her to leave - but she owed him an description before she disappeared from his life.

You will need to read SKYE for the relax of the story. Lots of secrets, lots of action, lots of everything. Truly enjoyable!, Skye – Guide 4
Right after finishing book 3, I dove directly into this story. While the first 3 books in the series were sequential, this book actually covers time across more than one of the previous textbooks. Not only do we discover out why Skye and Rowan have been missing, but we learn the answers to a amount of “loose threads” that weren’t super apparent as concepts that hadn’t recently been fleshed out. Everything that seemed unimportant or simply periphery items are explained and the picture zooms away to reveal the entire deal (or pretty near it). The dragons are heading to war, and find out why and mostly who is on which sides. I zoomed through the story, not able to devour it fast enough. And then the story ended – and I wanted another payment **now**. ~lol~ I will be desperately looking forward to the 5th story in the series., Another great story in the Dragon Nobleman series. Skye will not disappoint. It take place essentially at the same time as the previous book, Valentine. Answers the highest question, " What happened to Rowan?! " The companionship continues to grow between Skye and Rowan, is actually so beautiful.

Of course another cliffhanger!

Wonderful read, Kimberly!, This book is also a home run for Kimberly Loth's Dragon King series. The twists in this book were totally unexpected, but additionally held my interest completely. I have read the other books in the series (Obsidian, Aspen, and Valentine), and was desperately waiting for another. Skye did not disappoint. If this sounds the first of Loth's books that you are reading, I can virtually guarantee that you will be coming back for further. I read The Thorn Chronicles first, which revealed me Loth's ability as an author. I highly suggest that anyone who reads this book also read the earlier books in the series in order to build continuity. Enjoy!, Engrossed through every part of the story. Disappointed however , and very sorry you stopped offering audible narration for textbooks 4 and 5., I so love this course. I started to read them recently and had to buy them all as they are incredibly captivating. I just love the paths that the story takes. That keeps me on the advantage of my seat until i have finished the book. I recommend this series to anyone who likes dragons, adventure, intrigue, and romance, just to name a few of the highlights., I do love that Rowan finally happens of his shell! Skye is the always perfect girl, but this book sheds some light on her past and the girl reasons for not pursuing the mate bond with Rowan. A good two POV book., Loved the book. Can't wait to see what happens next. I was shocked that sky got become one of the Kings from the prediction. Love Kimberly design of writing.

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