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This specific trilogy, 'The Sky Trilogy: Books 1-3', completely blew me away. Once We started reading, I experienced a hard time stopping. Each book became more intense, more creative and the further I delved in, so many secrets were approaching out. I had been thoroughly curious. The storyline for each book was well written and well thought out. Just what an unusual and yet amazing world to be a part of. Jenny Lynne did such a fantastic job at describing what was going on, the descriptive surroundings and the people came alive for me. The characters were an array of individuals with different feelings, thought process and the way they managed their life as it basically was not as it seemed. Seven and Six were amazing figures. I loved how they had complete trust with each other. Whilst they were twins, they were still programmed to think and act a certain way, yet they both were selfless and so compassionate. Ten was a genius. We loved his devotion to Seven and the shared love they shared. Nine and Six were quite the pair. They followed by the principles, for the most part, and became closer for this. I could go on and on about each character that truly moved me, but I really do believe I'll leave it in which. A must add to your tbr list. Highly recommended., We read A GREAT DEAL, and I have learned how to choose15463 books that I will almost certainly enjoy, but I was completely impressed by how much I loved this trilogy. Basically could recommend one trilogy to anyone, this would be it. This is now my all-time favorite trilogy. We read each of the first two books within 24 hours and then kept putting off reading the final book just because I didn't want the story to end. Its the kind of series where each time you finish a book you just want to grab the next one and join in. If you love YA Dystopian Romances then YOU WILL love this. I can't wait to see what she writes next!

I received an advance reader copy of each book within the trilogy that I have chosen to review., This. Is usually Top Notch!!! I never say must read, and I was Hooked in a Moment- Stayed until the End Wished it didn't stop, loved each part. Never saw certain things coming, loved the way in which she only gave circumstance to past things with little detail so to not bother the reader who has read the entire tale. Loved the ease between who was speaking, it was clean and clear and I wanted to skip ahead so many times just to stay with one of these, but didn't need to. Ryan was an awesome character, the females were each so strong, love how murphys twin changed with time and the way the mommy of the twins was once the two emerged of age., My review for the first book, Above the Sky:

Loved it!! I'm a massive fan of dystopian type stories, so that facet of this book was super great, and even though dystopian is a popular tale to write at this time, I still sensed that this book was unique enough that We didn't feel like We have read it before. Seven is our guide for the story, and the entire book is from her point of view, she's just turning 18, and it's moment for the woman to be assigned a job and a lover, well as long as she's not chosen to be a warrior. The particular warriors are sent to the top where there is a war that is suppose to be heading on; all the residents of Seven's home are rather kept in the dark about anything that is very going on, and the residents don't question anything. The place 7 is from is sheltered, and the rules are strict; people aren't even allowed to touch until they are mated and only in private. I cherished that there are programs around town, and We love that the storyline sensed futuristic, but still honest. Seven has a close friendship with a buddy from her childhood, his name is Ten, and I absolutely loved their relationship, its strong plus they both really get the other person. I couldn't put the book down! I just wanted to read on until I finished it, and I lost out on plenty of sleep for that reason book, but it was surely worth it. We loved the education scenes, and all the scenes between Ten and Seven. I'm not super in love with what happens towards the finish, and I'm not excited which i have to wait to discover what are the results until the next book, but We highly recommend this book. Truly excellent read!!

My review for the second book: Return to the Sky:

Return to the Sky is the sequel for Above the Sky, and I loved both books! This guide picks right up where the first book ended, so I definitely recommend reading the first book before this one. *There will be spoilers for the very first book in this review*

In the first book, Seven took Six's place as a warrior, so Seven had to leave home and fight to protect her home community and Six stayed at home and was assigned a mate, and since they are twins, they assumed each other's details without most people knowing the difference. Therefore , 7 returns to her home place, where it is safe, but there are extremely stringent rules and the residents are na├»ve to a lot of precisely what is actually happening in the world. Seven needs to swap places because she is pregnant with Ten's baby, and that is against the rules as a warrior, and it also is dangerous, so Seven is heading to be there for 9 months, and then ditch her baby with the woman sister, and return to Ten and the warrior lifestyle. In this book, we get 3 POV's, Seven, Six, and 10. I liked that we get all the POV's, since all the figures have their own story lines going on. Seven is dealing with being expecting, catching up with what her sister, Six, experienced going on, and he or she also has an assigned lover she needs to package with. I felt really harmful to Nine, her assigned mate, and I desire Thirteen is necessary more. Half a dozen hasn't been trained as a warrior, so the lady has to find the woman strength, and when things don't go as prepared, she needs to find a way to survive. Ryan was along for Six's storyline, and We wasn't happy about what happened to Ryan, and how blasé everyone feels about mating. Ten is trying to find a way to help Half a dozen, and he also is worried for Seven and their baby. I was wishing that our main figures would question the federal government more, and that would start becoming a storyline, but none of the really happened, so I'm wishing Jenny Lynne goes more into that in future books. I would like the figures to get some jizz! They grew up in a way that was very sheltered and it may seem like it is almost wrong for them to show much emotion, so I understand that they aren't programmed to question things, but We would think there would be someone who does. We don't like the whole federal government choosing mates for those and assigning people to departments without taking into concern the people's desires, and I wanted for the characters to rebel; each of them just seem to be to take too much, too easily, but I still really love the characters, and there's a lot of growth for the figures to still go through, so I am definitely looking forward to see where Jenny Lynne chooses to visit in this series. I love the sci-fi aspect, and I like the suspense and action scenes. The romance between Seven and Ten is very sweet, and I definitely want more of them together! I'm hoping in the next book, the characters commence to question the governments actions more, pleasure for the side figures, and more of Ten and Seven together! There needs to be an VIOLENT UPRISING!, Wow! This course is a must read! It kept me on the advantage of my seat and I didn't want to put it down!! These kinds of books completely sucked myself in. The characters were so well written, We felt like I was part of the book. I was on a roller-coaster of thoughts with this and I cherished every minute of it! This is unquestionably a must read series!!, This course is an amzing read. We reviewed each book seperatly if you want my opinion perbook but overall it's a great read and worth looking into. Each book has its craziness that just keeps you wanting more and ends right where you want to carry on. The best thing about getting this set is you can keep reading straight through and lose sleep over it. I would think picking up the boxset is better than each book at a time because you will want to read on. These characters are worth getting to know and lead us from one adventure to the next., I loved this book. I'd like to see a sequel to this trilogy to see how these people deals with the other warrior compounds with the other people of the world.... maybe even from the potential of the programs who are proved to be able to think beyond their programs., Loved It! Totally different eotwawki book. Nice!

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