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For many years women have been advised to be more assured and lean in. That hasn't worked out too well. Bonnie and Jessica identify the elephant in the room which is the fact that men need to support the growth of women and recognise the powerful leadership we demonstrate. The stories are relevant and highlight the pervasive conscious and unconscious bias that women face in the world. I don't know if they coined it or not but 'well-intentioned man' is a brilliant, kind way of identifying the men who don't really know what they don't know., Loved the book. It had some great ideas for enhancing management and widening viewpoints. At times I experienced like the author's thoughts were presented as facts, but their points were solid. I will recommend it to others., This particular book evidently illustrates the unseen obstacles women face in a workplace designed for men. It is a simple read filled with humor, real life examples, and actionable tips that we can all use to create gender inclusion. Thank you for writing a book that benefits both men and women on this trip!, As defined by the book’s authors, the action-word “unskirt” means “to participate, to dive into, to seek understanding. ” And this is indeed what senior-level business executives Bonnie Fetch and Jessica Poliner do, in spades, with humor, passion, and beauty, in this useful, engaging, and insightful guide this is a call to action – real action : to make the place of work more equitable, gender-inclusive, and productive.

Read this guide if you’re a “Well-Intentioned Man” (WIM) who’s ready to dare greatly, step into the arena, and champion a more equitable and truly inclusive work environment, not just for your women colleagues, but also for yourself. The creators will arm you with practical tools for positive change, actionable and positive advice, and greater awareness of the unconscious biases and male-oriented dialogue and conduct which hinder the development of a more successful workplace.

Read this book if you’re a woman : in the business world or not - who wants to experience the best of what it’s like to be mentored or coached by two very talented, articulate, and dedicated professional women with an amazing wealth of personal examples and experiences to share.

This book shines. Its authors dive whole-heartedly into their topic without trying to fix women or bash men, and they engage readers of both genders with their good will, wisdom, and great ideas for modifying understanding into effective and inspired action., One of the many accomplishments of this book is that it dispels the subconsciously accepted myths that flatly place the onus of preempting or resolving any confusion or difficulty related to their presence on those women who choose to enter the workplace. Typically the waters may be inherently muddied by the complexities of a heterogeneous place of work, nonetheless they are navigable by all who choose to join a modern workforce. Actually despite all mythology which would indicate otherwise, we are all equally yolked with the cartography of this shared territory. No one, regardless of gender, has the enviable, medieval luxury of languishing, " here be dragons, " opting out of the professional journey for fear of laboring onward with their colleagues. This particular book reminds us that choosing not to explore territory, even if it is unchartered or daunting, is no longer an option. One hundred % participation is required... now, off to daycare! RIGHT NOW THERE be dragons!, After working in the organization world for +30 years, so much of what Bonnie and Jessica shared in this book resonated like it happened yesterday. The most distinctive element of this guide is the insightful ideas Bonnie and Jessica provided to "well intentioned men". This is what has been lacking in all the other efforts currently. We ALL know there are behaviors and circumstances in the organization world, and elsewhere, which make it so much harder for equally competent women to have the same opportunities as men. The problem for decades has been how to tackle it... commence to shift the paradigm. THIS GUIDE provides tips for WIM and everything others to reflect on trying to implement to commence the shift. Even as a women leader, I will reflect on these ideas, both in professional configurations and in personal ones to continue the momentum Bonnie and Jessica have started. Thank you both!, A beautifully written book that repositions the debate on equality in the place of work. The authors, two high-level professional women share their experiences, provide tools for every person to work better together, and remind us that, equality is all about inclusion. A must read to enrich the debate and improve men and women understand one another better., Thank you Bonnie and Jessica for providing many of us, women and well intentioned males (WIMs), a clear guide to creating a workplace that nurtures success. As an HR professional I want all my fellow workers to have this guide - it's a great coaching resource. As a business professional, I look forwards to giving copies to leaders who I'm assured will use these stories to create a new, more inclusive business culture.

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