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We almost didn't buy this guide because the title makes it sound as if it will be just another silly, vacuous diet tome. The things i found on receiving it was a book filled with amazingly valuable observations regarding skin image and dysfunctional relationships with food, as well as effortless to follow advice about how to make peace with your system and with food itself. I strongly recommend this book and plan to buy several more duplicates for my female members of the family who still struggle with skin image issues. Don't let the ridiculous title fool you: this guide is really worth every penny plus more. When you are struggling with food issues, it may help you more than any other book away there. Be sure you read the introduction and author's notes first, as they are as important as the information in your body of the book itself. Kudos to Ms. Blackwell for writing this., Exactly what do you get when you cross self help and the whole self esteem industry with French Ladies Don't Get Fat? Nicely this book for one.

This is a cheerful upbeat take on the entire French Paradox (why do they seem to be to eat such nice harmful food, and remain so slim? ). The author, like many American women writing in the Francophile genre of diet and style advice, went to Portugal, had an epiphany, and came home puzzling out the variations between France and America and just how those variations affect what individuals weigh.

The girl looks at French ways of growing up, pondering and cultural attitudes towards food, body image, fitness, dieting etc and contrasts them with American attitudes. In addition she gives her personal journey from her teens where she developed an eating problem, with her French epiphany in 2006 through which she gained a healthy (and very French) attitude towards food. This led to the girl training as a Individual Trainer and Lifetyle Fitness Coach and then to her sharing her insights with clients, then ultimately writing this guide.

She discussions about the quest for excellence (and how destructive that is) versus the quest for happiness-- at whatever size you happen to be at the moment. Typically the family table and it's ability to heal and teach those around the desk about love, food, & life. Self confidence, the advantages of sleep, slowing down the pace when it's getting too frenetic. Healthy food versus fast food. Why change takes time if it's going to last. Living life as a gift, not as a to-do list. Developing all├ęgresse de vivre.

It is not about conforming to American OR French values of beauty, it's about finding your own beauty, and becoming confident in that. Focusing on what you do right, your talents, your joys rather than imperfections. Acknowledging the weaknesses you have, then moving on to care for yourself so that your weaknesses don't trip you up.

She does get into eating disorders as she herself suffered from one, and he or she treats clients who struggle. If you need more of a full on cognitive behavioural look at eating issues, read Karen Koenig's books  The Rules of "Normal" Eating: A Commonsense Approach for Dieters, Overeaters, Undereaters, Emotional Eaters, and Everyone in Between , Nice Girls End Fat: Put Yourself First and Change Your Ingesting Forever , Typically the Food and Feelings Workbook: A Full Course Dinner on Emotional Health   Karen's books would be quite a good complement to this author. This book by Trish is a start. It gets you thinking. Karen's textbooks are where you might want to go after this guide particularly if you see yourself in certain of the disordered eating behaviours Trish describes.

For sheer joyous encouragement you can't go incorrect with this book. I had created call it a quick head shake and a refocus using French common sense and a loaded dose of American style kindness.

Good book. Advised for anyone wanting to read more in the Francophile or the France dietary paradox type of book., This was an informative book about body issues and how to deal with them, but it was actually just the author's story with useful tips. If you are looking for starters of the ubiquitous books on the French diet, you can disappointed, as I was. Didn't even finish it. If you're looking for what the title indicates, look in other places., This book has completely changed my outlook on life, food, and exercise. I never thought I could do what I needed to do to get healthy again, but with this guide that's what I have been doing. Not only has this book helped me to see myself in a new light, but it offers also helped me personally strive to be a healthy woman. I highly recommend this book, it's well written and may very well change your life like it offers mine., I'm 20% through this book and right i find it very very hard to read on on. The author went again and again about how exactly Americans in general either cared too little about their bodies or are too crazy about working out/dieting. She said this again and again in the prologue, chapter 1, chapter second ... while I didn't find much about how the French lifestyle inspired her rather than hearing the empty words of her raving the French way while despising her old American way. I got bored. I would change my mind if I ever decide to keep reading but to date I don't like it., I came across Trish Blackwell's podcast a couple of months back and have continued to develop and learn with her via the girl facebook, twitter, podcasts and website. She speaks for you in all her platforms as a loving and caring friend that desires to help you develop and better yourself in so many ways. I have found her textbooks! I think my favorite part about Trish and the girl writing is that she never speaks " over" you in a manner that makes you feel unintelligent, she guides and helps you find you (with the occasional shove if you need it). When you are looking to find confidence in yourself regarding how you connect to food and skin image this is the guide for you! If you want to find confidence in a other venue of life... she's worth a read or listen!, We found Trish when We downloaded her half convention app, and I've implemented her on FB and Twitter ever since. Then when I saw she got a book coming away, I downloaded this soon as I could. And she did not disappoint!! We lived in Europe for being unfaithful years, and Europeans have this amazing outlook on life that we need to learn. Trish brings that to our lives, to the typical Us. Thanks, Trish, for all you do and possess done!!, Often we are struck with reminders daily about losing weight and constantly contrasting yourself to others. This particular was a good tip that I need to remain aware and ensure I'm kind to me personally. I was expecting the guide to be more about what to eat, what exercise, etc but it really wasn't about that. She gives a few tips but the majority of it is about being kind to yourself and accepting and embracing what you have been given.

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