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I loved it as an adult and thus did the girls I gave it to read - well done! It addresses an essential and serious issue regarding trusting and meeting strangers, who you only "know" on the internet chat room. It brings focus on environmental matters, teaches about animals and being smart, and how important friendships are, as well as how a reduction of a beloved you can affect people - all without being boring, stereotyping, or raising the academic index finger too high. It addresses the fragile and painful encounter of being abducted and (maybe even) sexually assaulted without going into details and leaving a lot of it to the creativeness and discussion for the readers, parents, and educators. The girl is smart and strong willed, but young and unexperienced, like any young person. Her aunty, coming to her save with the hilarious "governor", is having his own issues and does not represent the typical male hero - he makes mistakes and has limitations, but his love and care for his cousin is strong enough to keep moving on. I will have more of the young viewer books of Carl Hiaasen, who's adult novels I love as well. "Sick Puppy" (still my favorite) was your very first book I came across and read back to back in English - so interesting, but with a serious information!, Good, but a change of pace for Hiaasen. You expect knife-edge satire and over-the-top humor out of this author, even in the novels he writes for the younger set. " Chomp", in the latter class, is still one of my favorite comic books. " Skink" runs more in the direction of action adventure story for pre-teens and above, with two fourteen-year olds as the protagonists, teamed with the classic Hiaasen character of Florida's former governor, Clinton Tyree, turned dodgy avenger of the state's abused landscape and wild critters. Even scrubbed of profanity and creative chaos, the storyplot is well advised and satisfying. It's just not the no-holds-barred, savagely funny stuff you get in the adult stage books--or even the sarcastic hilarity in some of the prior teen books., Carl Hiaasen did a good job of writing " Skink No Surrender". This individual was able to make the story believable and make the action interesting so i wanted to keep reading. Even though I had formed to read the publication for a class, I liked the book and believe that it was well worth reading.
The main character is Richard and he is 13 years old. Richard is the narrator of the storyplot and tells the story form his point of view. Hiaasen the actual story believable through this narration with his use of dialogue and the words that he uses.
The plot keeps the reader interested. Richard realizes that his aunty Malley is within trouble so he sets off to find her. He meets the governor of Florida on the beach and they also start talking. During the dialogue he explains that his cousin lied about heading to boarding school and he knows that she still left with someone she fulfilled on the internet.
I won't ruin the ending, but the governor helps Richard on his journey to find Malley. The trip leads them around Fl before they are able to find her.
Overall, I believe the author's message is apparent that it is important to never speak to people online that you do not know. It also points out that a young 13 year old can be brave and help others.
I recommend this publication to middle school students and to anyone who loves reading about this age group., I had been somewhat put off by hearing that this book was aimed at the “middle grades, ” but I purchased it anyway because it assured a chance to go adventuring with Skink again. Skink, as regular Hiaasen readers know, is Clinton Tyree, former governor of Fl, who (although Hiaasen does not say this explicitly) might as well function as the spirit of the state: big, shaggy, obsessively nature-loving, strangely appealing, and (it usually seems) completely almonds. Within a good way. Most of the time.

Skink’s task in this story is to help the young narrator and main character, Richard, rescue his cousin, Malley, from an older man she fulfilled online and has foolishly run off with; Richard concludes, appropriately though in the beginning not on much evidence, that the man is a dangerous predator and is keeping Malley with him by force. To dealing with the bad guy, we get to see Skink’s unique strategy to environmental protection, whether it be protecting turtle eggs or punishing litterbugs. Skink is offstage for long periods, however, so Richard and, later, Malley as well have a chance to show that they are quite resourceful on their own.

This particular is a middle-grades publication, so Hiaasen pulls his punches a fair amount: there’s no sex and very little onstage assault, and the gonzo, sometimes raunchy, goings-on i bear in mind thronging his adult books are absent. Nonetheless, the story is suspenseful, and Richard and Malley as well as Skink are really likeable. A bit hydrated down though it is, I would recommend this guide to Skink and Hiaasen fans both young and old., I have been a fan of Carl Hiaasen for many years... and continue to love and laugh my way through his books. I have known some of his characters in real life... under different titles and different skies. I think this is my second encounter with the indestructible Skink and we certainly need more of the dude. It took myself a little while to get distance and appreciate this publication. I'm not partial to kids books and am thought that's what it was. If you're avoiding it because you think that... don't. After i was fifty or so I finally realized that Huckleberry Finn was not a kids publication. Read it... savour it like a smoky bourbon even though it isn't the best book you'll actually read... that is a pretty good read.

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