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Even though this book was written 12 years ago, it was still informative. It was hoping that this edition had been updated with some of the latest data and statistics, but.... He talked about a circumstance where we stayed below 400 ppm CO2 levels, but we crossed that threshold in 2013 or 2014. On the positive part we have seen substantial increases in wind and solar power generation and even bigger declines in coal., This book has some obsolete points. With regard to example, hydrogen fuel tissue have lost their raison d'etre because battery power vehicles now have ranges comparable to a fuel cell car of similar size. But it continues to be worth reading., If you want to be familiar with effects of what lies forward for our immediate future, this book will instruct you.
It is an alarming introduction to what lies in store for us collectively as we continue to live unsustainable lifestyles.
We felt like a patient who was simply given a malignancy diagnosis if I do not change my lifestyle.
Buy it for your friends or anyone you care about.
A very powerful and awakening read!!

I also recommend the DVD National geographic made to accompany this publication. Same title.
A visual masterpiece that really shows the collaborative initiatives of Nasa, NOAA, and scientists round the world seeking to address this problem of climate change.
Between the book and the DVD, you come to realize the difficulties ahead; adding to your awareness and understanding of this global game corriger., Mark Lynas' "Six Degrees" is the best publication I've read that provides sense, meaning to all the climate change figures we hear thrown around in the news. That is a scientific detective story, depending on serious research (complete references at the end) that looks back deep in time, deep in geologic historical past, revealing what our earth really was like when it was warmer by 1°C or 2°C or 3°C, all the way back to times when it was 6°C warmer, 55 , 000, 000 years back. Each of the primary 6 chapters looks at Earth's history degree by degree and fleshes out there what the Earth was like when the average global temperature was that much higher than it is currently. "Six Degrees" puts the cost of science on full display. It uses science to reveal hidden mysteries of the past through clever careful research in many different disciplines.

It is affordable to be concerned that if we change our planet's temperature it will respond very much like it did in the past. "Six Degrees" will make you understand why only degree or two difference in average global temperature is an extremely big problem, for all of us, for every living thing., We've progressed beyond the argument of whether around the world is real. It's time to argument what's going to happen because of global warming. This book represents one version of possible outcomes. I hope he's wrong. If he's not, billions of men and women will die. There is way we are proceeding to cut emissions enough to stop this train wreck. All we can perform now is prepare our children and grandchildren to survive in the world they may inherit. Hopefully, they won't hate us for it., I really liked the clarity of the organization I found in this book. It describes the changes that will happen on the globe (to the best of our knowledge) with each level that the climate boosts. This scheme helps the reader understand the impact of global warming successfully. The style that is coated would be clear and terrifying if it weren't for the fact that we can still do something to avoid these predictions. I so appreciate that this message will be disseminated., A thorough overview of research about the outcomes of rising average temperature ranges in the world. It felt a bit like reading a lot of short-stories about apocalyptic events, which quickly became tiresome. Greatest chapters are the last three, that give a geological history lesson, and discuss future possibilities for us. The age of the book made the last part not as interesting as it may be., Book arrived promptly and was as good or better condition than listed. Book Review: A good excellent overview of what each of first six levels of around the world might suggest based on the body of science. Excellent destination to start if you are just beginning to take the issue seriously. Sciencewriting at its best. Very readable.

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