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Within this book, I came to love the characters even more. I just loved them!

Crooked Kingdom starts off with a bang, just right out there. Typically the crew is in it from commence to finish. In the first book, Six of Crows I was a little bored in the beginning and then it became popular for me and I ended up adoring it. This one We loved from the first paragraph.

one Kaz
2 . not Matthias
3. Wylan
4. Jesper
5. Inej
6. Nina
7. Kuwei

and the others every now and then through-out the book are totally awesome!

One of the crew members is kidnapped by the evil, Van Eck, and they are trying to get them back. And of course, you know they do =)

At one point though, when they were talking about torturing said person, I cringed big time at what We thought they were getting ready to do, nevertheless they didn't do that particular thing. Leigh Bardugo positive did have me on the edge of my chair saying no, no, no, no!

I loved the little backstories about the group in this book. We all get to discover certain things about their home life, what they had. I cherished getting to know Jesper's father in the guide, he was a very nice old man that could be a tough cookie too. It even went into Jesper's life with his mom and what happened with her.

One of the saddest I read was of Wylan's life. I imply most of them had unhappy lives or something happen to them but just the things in Wylan's life was/is sad and just plain evil.

But this any bad to the bone group of folks which may have each each others back again through the whole tale. At least around they can. They are so excellent at what they do! The ordinary things and even the magical things some of them can do. AMAZEBALLS! Benefit cable part and the walking dead, those were cool parts. I mean the entire book is awesome, you just have to read it! Accept for one part but I digress!

This guide is bloody excellent. I know I say that a lot but there is nothing I like more than to manage to say that about a book I recently read! EVEN THOUGH LEIGH BARDUGO BROKE MY HEART JUST A LITTLE ♥

I would say more but We sort of got off track when I saw a spoiler on goodreads and I was bummed the rest of the guide. So my review sort of went downhill. But, no spoilers: -), 3 superstars

“Fear is a phoenix, az. You can watch it burn one thousand times and still it will go back. ”

Six of Crows was one of the most notable books of 2015 to me, it reinforced my love for Leigh Bardugo after the Grisha series. We fell in love with the characters and the options, and after the ending I had been dying for the next book.

It didn't live up to my expectations.

After finishing this book I thought on it a lot and I think what didn't work for me was the first book was heavily character driven, and had so so many feels that I got right up. With Twisted Kingdom I honestly didn't feel much for the characters. The plot was the key focus and it was like there was clearly so much crammed in that there was clearly no room for feels, only a few feels made the reduce.

“I would have come for you. And if I couldn't walk, I had created crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we'd battle our way out together-knives drawn, pistols blazing. Since that's what we do. We never stop battling. ”

Things I enjoyed:
-The development of Wylan and Jesper as characters. In the first book, while they were MC's, the other four caught my attention more often. That was incorrect here, I found myself wishing for the POV chapters of these two. We got much more background on Wylan great family, same with Jesper. It helped develop them immensely and connected myself with them as a readers.

-Bardugo's writing: her lyrical writing is what made this book a three rather than a two. I found myself lingering on some sentences and the energy behind the words. The images was stunning, world building two thumbs up. Bardugo has only improved her writing style eventually.

What didn't work for me:
-Kaz and Inej: after the build up for them as a few in the initial book We found this one deficient. I wasn't longing for their POVs because practically nothing was happening, they didn't go anywhere for myself.

-Nina and Matthias: Same thing with them, MASSIVE build up in guide 1, felt totally covered in this book. In addition to one huge spoilery thing happened......... I didn't feel a thing: /

Anyways, I think I was in the minority. Numerous other people loved this book, and you may too. Six of Crows is still without doubt one of my favorite EN ESTE MOMENTO novels ever, so don't let this review deter through reading that book.

“How many times have you told me you're a monster? So become a creature. Be the thing all of them fear when they close their eyes at evening. ”

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