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Inside "Sitting Ducks" Steve Anderson manages to set straight a fraction of WWII history and tell what sums to an exilerating potboiler concerning a cat-and-mouse game between German commandos and Us troops in the Ardennes during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944.

It's the story of Operation Griffin, a bold but unquestionably doomed mission by Hitler's High Control to send German soldiers impersonating American GIs right behind enemy lines to disrupt the Allied war machines with acts of sabotage and destruction.

Led with bluff and bravado by Waffen-SS commando Otto Skorzeny at the very top German unit called "Einheit Stielau" and made up of 150 English-speaking recruits and volunteers foolishly set out in Us Jeeps and other taken military vehicles during the opening salvo of the Ardennes Offensive on Dec. 16, 1994. [Copy edit to correct: 1944]

Popular lore has glorified the false banner functioning in fiction and movies. Anderson tells the story straight and would like to right the historical record by stripping away any myth or hype.

"Operation Griffin" was anything but a carefully planned mission carried out by a highly trained commando device. Instead, it was a last-ditch, ill-conceived frenetic strategy pulled off by ill-equipped volunteers that was darned from the start.

Besides correcting history Anderson shows a gripping story showing how it must have experienced as a German infiltrator where "one can only think about what it was like, moving among the enemy while disguised as one. inch

You obtain a sense of being pummeled by the winter weather, the sights and smells war, "from the black putrid smoke of exhaust and burning plastic to the sour gases of leaking gasoline. inch Added to that was the pungent stink of "charred and rotting flesh of men, civilians and cows in all their grotesque death poses. inch

Once they had crossed the enemy lines, the Germans had way to identify themselves to each other. They should wear pink or blue scarves, leave the second button on their American jackets unbuttoned or tap their helmet twice if stopped by way of a German born sentry.

If cornered or challenged by Allied causes the imposters were advised to improvise with Us slang such as "Go lay an egg" or "So's your old guy. inch If the situation was grim, the infiltrators were advised to pretend to possess diarrhea, drop their trousers and trot off to close by bushes.

Anderson shows a compelling tale. This individual corrects the historical record. What I appreciated most is the fact he does a thorough, well researched job of following a story through to an ill-fated conclusion that for many of the reluctant German soldiers meant execution by an Allied firing squad., A few months ago, I had the pleasure of reading Steve Anderson's marvelous novel "The Dropping Role, " a fictional narrative about the World War II Battle of the Bulge. The storyplot was told through the eyes of a German acting professional who was forced to participate in Operation Greif, a false flag functioning intended to sow misunderstandings and chaos behind the American lines.

"Sitting Ducks" relates the story of Operation Greif with a nonfiction approach. The writer noted that over time since the war, the German born plan to sabotage the American forces has become legendary, even though the functioning was largely a disappointment and had no real impact on the result of the battle.

Inside fact, the functioning was doomed to failure from the outset. The leader of the operation, SS Lt. Colonel Otto Skorzeny, although a hero to the German people also to Hitler himself, had never commanded a full-fledged overcome unit. Also, he was only given a few weeks to recruit English-speaking soldiers and train them enough that they could pass for American GIs, a almost impossible task. Skorzeny have been promised thousands of men, captured Sherman tanks, plus each of the military uniforms and hardware that GIs would be expected to have, but he only received a few hundred men, some jeeps, and a small amount of other equipment. Many of his men were soon killed or taken and shot as agents. Many of them could barely speak English - an evident giveaway - and others were betrayed by not having GI dog tags, not knowing the day's password, or their mannerisms.

The author's writing was very tight, without having wasted words. Their story of Operation Greif was more than merely a recitation of facts; he or she included names of genuine participants and recounted their experiences, noting, however, that many have been killed or shot as spies, and dead men told no tales.

It was evident that the author did intensive research, and he included a helpful bibliography of sources used.

"Sitting Ducks" was a fascinating tale about one of the most interesting footnotes of World War II. I actually recommend it to anyone who reads history, especially military history., This guide portrates the least stage of the Secend World Battle. The action takes place rougfly on German and Belgium border. Germen soldiers begin lead by their oficers, the action with no finally was with succes. Germens soldiers guide by the Austrian encolure. Otto Skorzenny decided to create a new SS special forces units. Skorzeny made himself a comando winner. He dressed his man im the american dress, tried to teach them English, find american Jeep from recent actions. Skorzeny was strongly devoted to Nazi; very near Hitler. Then he send his commandos to front. Numerous Germens soldiers lost his live despite this not reasonable action. Many Us too. The end
of the conflict was so close.

Regardless of all effords the action has not been succesful on German born side. The book is rather short, so everyone can read its finish. After II World Battle Skorzeny refuge to The country of spain; he cooperate with Franco. He died in 1975; and he had his furneral with honors.

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