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This book turned out to offer much greater rewards than I had anticipated. I had thought it was mainly a dual biography of Justices O'Connor and Ginsburg. And to be certain, there is a good reliable quantity of biographical analysis present here. But there is so much more as well. Primarily, the book is also a comprehensive history of the legal fights to achieve ladies equality. The author, a law school grad with a Ph. D. as well, is quite well versed in this substance. So be advised to expect a good deal of detailed legal research that goes along with the biographical material.

Much of the early percentage of this nearly 400 webpage book is devoted to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her pioneering and lonesome fight to attack legal discrimination against women start around 1970. Ginsburg, who directed the ACLU's Women's Rights Project (initially while teaching at Rutgers Regulation School; later a Columbia) chose to follow a " careful incremental strategy. " Cases were carefully selected in order to produce a doctrinal bridge to the final goal. This is definitely one of the ways in which Ginsburg resembled Thurgood Marshall's strategy in the civil rights situations. Her ultimate goal was going to get the Supreme The courtroom to equate sex elegance with race discrimination and apply the corresponding rigid legal tests when evaluating claims of sexual elegance. The author discusses the early major cases, including Reed v. Reed, Frontiero v. Richardson, and Kahn v. Shevlin. Interestingly enough, Ginsburg was not happy with the Roe versus. Wade decision's reasoning, since she much preferred that it be based on a strict equality argument rather than the new right to privacy.

While perhaps an overstatement, to me Ginsburg seems to be the heroine of the book while O'Connor stands somewhat in her shadow. Her history is carefully developed and it contrasts mightily with this of Ginsburg: conservative in upbringing and orientation, thrilled to spend much time in cooking and supporting the woman husband's career, her key experience being in the Arizona legislature, and not a militant supporter of women's equality to the extent of Ginsburg, The author does a fine job in recounting how she became the first woman on the Best Court because of Ronald Reagan. While O'Connor rises to the Supremes, Ginsburg eventually in 1980 is called to the D. Chemical. Circuit, after many exertions by her famous tax lawyer husband, Martin Ginsburg.

O'Connor's early years since the first and only female on the Court are well recounted. She maneuvers around Burger, Blackmun and Rehnquist, and developed the woman technique of limiting major holdings to the precise facts of the cases, often imposing unclear standards such as " exceedingly powerful justification" on confused lower court judges. Caution and compromise were her hallmarks. Meanwhile, Ginsburg continues fighting the battle for ladies equality from the D. C. Circuit. Eventually, because of to departures, O'Connor becomes the critical fifth political election and exploits her digital control in many situations. When Bill Clinton places Ginsburg on the The courtroom in 1996, the story becomes especially interesting as the author traces the two female justices' early interactions, respective ways to situations, agreements and disagreements. The discussions of the abortion cases during this period, and the VMI case, are particularly informative. When O'Connor leaves the Court in 2006--the situation clarified by the author--Ginsburg continues on alone until the arrival of Justices Sotomayor and Kagan, with a more conservative court due to substitution of Justice Alito for O'Connor.

There are numerous strong points supporting the author's analysis. Her research is thorough, including interviews and communication, speeches and other posted sources. She has made good use of Justice's papers, particularly Blackmun and Powell, to get an insider view of activities. For the reason that connection, she highlights the important role of women law clerks in persuading more conservative judges to adopt some of Ginsburg and O'Connor's arguments. This book represents part of the recent trend to focus attention on the life, work and contributions of Rights Ginsburg. See, e. h., Scott Dodson (ed. ), " The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. " At 82, we don't know how long this amazing career will continue because the Justice has rejected calls that she step down so a younger liberal judge can replace her. When I have seen her at the The courtroom, she seemed quite frail--I guess I'm not the first to underestimate the drive and raw intellectual power she brings to bear. More books on her are coming and we can learn even read more about this amazing lawyer and judge. This particular fine book will be a helpful introduction to both Justices who were so influential and groundbreaking., Nice start but after a bit became droning and repetitive. Yes, this is important but could become a slog.
I listened to this while driving across country. Yet, for what ever reason I do not know, my wife and I decided independently and then with each other to alter to a different Audible selection. The book needn't have been this long and tedious., I reside in Phoenix, ARIZONA, just received my Kindle fire edition of this epic publication - AND, listened to the Nina Totenberg interview with Linda Hirshman on NPR this morning! I had chills and tears in my eyes concurrently... and I'm not one to emerge easily... and, did I mention I are now living in Phoenix!? This is a monumental historical piece. One mandatory read for each and every home in America!!, Extremely interesting read. A lot of overlap with the " Notorious RBG" book, but what's different is the coverage of SDO's career and contrasting it with RBG and their different political beliefs, but even with those differences how they influenced meaning of key civil rights issues by being on the court at the same time. For the lay person, this is also provides great information into the horse trading that goes on to get to majority thoughts, as well since the future influence of well crafted group opinions., Insightful overview of the two first women on the US Supreme The courtroom. Their personal lives were discussed as well as their Rulings and their relationships and strategies on the Court. The in depth discussion of cases is interesting to those interested in study regarding Law., I did not like this book. If you are an lawyer you might want it. I did not need to know in minute detail how each decision came about. It became boring thus i located I desired to skip parts but finally finished this I always try to end any book I choose to read., The title is a neat play on words to describe the situation. These types of 2 Supreme Court members were indeed sisters in the law at the maximum level., I am a huge fan of both these girls, but I found the author's story lines were disjointed and difficult to follow. We would be reading along about one of them, and suddenly realize she had switched to another one. This made reading the book difficult for me.

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