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I'm certainly not sorry I actually read the book - is actually interesting, fast-paced, and entertaining. I enjoy crime drama and this definitely read like an episode of csi or law & order. I also appreciated that the author manages to portray the heinous offense without having to be unreasonably graphic or vulgar. My biggest problem with the storyline is merely how unbelievable it is. I actually realize Tracy's point is to uncover the fancy mishandling of the circumstance, but it really forces the level of possibility. The closing is also pretty far-fetched, but I understand is actually fiction. My problem with the ending is how fast and explosive it is compared to the overall pacing of the book.
Likewise, mcdougal needs to work on names and identifying conventions. There are so many minor characters and when they all have names like Finlay, Finn, and Kins, it's harder to tell them aside. Also, mcdougal flips back and forth between contacting a character by their first name and previous name with no apparent pattern or reasoning. It makes it particularly difficult every time a character is named something like " Kelly Rosa", she pops up in about 3 scenes, and half the time she's called Kelly and half the time Rosa. I thought they were two different people.

As I said, I'm not sorry I read the book and would recommend it to someone who was looking for a easy offense read. I'd also consider another book by this author, but accept other reviewers that he has to consider a different manager., This can be the second of Robert Dugoni's book's that I've read from the Tracy Crosswhite series (I read the 3rd book first, don't ask me why! ). I had been really considering reading this one, because I knew it would complete some things for me that I did not have when I read the 3rd one. Getting said that, the textbooks do stand on their own all right.

In The Sister's Grave, police investigator Tracy feels that the man convicted of murdering her sister was mistakenly convicted, the result of a conspiracy of law enforcement and others, including her father, who wanted someone to pay for the crime. Tracy's investigation, and the defense provided by Dan, an old friend and hopefully something more, exposes the conspiracy theory and more. Tracy is both right in what she suspects, and very, very wrong.

Dugoni really does a wonderful job building his characters. The book is thoughtfully and well written, and as the facts are laid away for the reader, you are brought along with the characters in their quest to get proper rights, both for the wrongfully convicted, and for Tracy's sister. I loved this book, and may no uncertainty read the 2nd in the series soon!, I actually held off on reading this article book for a few weeks after purchasing it knowing We would want a good chunk of time to enjoy it. Boy, am I glad I did. A strong, logical and sparse police procedural at first, then interspersed with earlier events, then tough, knife-edge sharp courtroom drama, then a conspiracy hinted at with completely unexpected information. This gripped me all night. Not one minute of skimming or boredom from me. Robert Dugoni made these characters into people I knew (and some I actually never want to know). Tightly woven, thoroughly suspenseful and exceedingly entertaining. I actually am running out of adjectives. Study this. Devour this., This is a great offense drama/thriller. It kept myself on the edge of my chair throughout the book. I rank Robert Dugoni's use Patterson, Grisham, and Thor. I read a couple of other reviews. One said it seemed an impossible situation, but I didn't think so. It was quite fast-paced, going back and forth with time, and changing from one person's point of view to another, but it wasn't hard to keep up with these things. I have already purchased the other book and can't wait to read what Tracy Crosswhite's hottest adventures are., I just read My Sister's Grave and could not put it down! The characters were so real and likeable... well I liked almost all of them! Robert's Writing clear and vivid. I could feel the cold of the snow storm and the warmth of the characters. Am anxious to see the next adventure. I actually know I will not be disappointed. J. Strong,, This was a sick and turned psychological Thriller. I absolutely adored it. Worth way more than five stars. If you like these varieties of books you'll love this., I loved every minute I was reading this article book. I actually enjoyed it so much I went out and purchased the next two books therefore i could read them. I acquired so lost in Tracy. I truly felt for her. How she can not, after all these years seem to get over the loss of life over her sister. I actually felt like she was my own sister including times I just wanted to smack her. woaw. And then times I actually just wanted to charge on with her., Any time Tracy's sister went lacking and presumed dead the girl wanted justice but not simply any justice - true justice. The arrest and conviction of any man did not bring satisfaction, when she suspected he was not her sister's killer. 20 or so years later the breakthrough of her sister's body awoke those doubts and place police detective Tracy on the trail of the facts. You will not think "who done it. inches

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