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Nora is a writer of erotica who engages a new editor for her latest book. Zach went from a failing marriage London to take an interim job in Brand new York before taking the chief editor position for the same publisher in L. A. His job is to help Nora rewrite her book to make it more acceptable to the publisher.
Nora lives with a young man, Wesley, who is her supposed assistant, but is absolutely I actually move with Nora, despite their age difference.
Nora is complex. In age 16 she dropped in love with the new charismatic priest of her church. At era 21 they become enthusiasts but he is a sadist in addition to being a Dom. She loves the submission but the pain not really, so earlier to the opening of this story, she experienced left her priest, Soren, and became a Dominatrix to support herself while attempting to make her way as a writer.
Nothing is simple in this book. Nora still loves Soren and he or she her, however she eliminates contact as she anxiously attempts to secure a contract with the author for which Zach works. In the excerpts from her book cited in this book, the reader discovers about Nora's past and how she views her life.
Somehow this erotic book offers with sex in almost every way but never has an entire sex picture. Nora
juggles her relationships with both Zach and Wesley knowing both are at best momentary distractions from her real love. This is an intense, erotic, well written story with complex, interesting characters who are so human in their imperfections., I finished this book yesterday. I dreamt about it, I use thought about nothing else but this book since I started reading it and now that I am done, it is still all I think about. I actually have been trying to put into to words my feelings about this publication. I don't know if my words can do this book justice. This specific book was amazing. Thus descriptive and deep. I actually have never read a book that described the character types in such deep fine detail. That i knew of these characters. I actually felt for them, I actually cried to them, I jeered with them. I wish to know more about them. This specific book does have sex and does describe the BDSM life style, but which is not what this book is. This guide is an amazing story of affection, life and loss and everything in between. It was coronary heart wrenching. Parts made my soul ache. I have to admit I cried reading the last part of the book. I actually cried for multiple reasons, the book was ending (thank you Tiffany for continuing this saga cannot wait to see the other books in this series), I cried for what the characters that i have raised to know and love were going thru. I actually cried because even though I do not live that life style, I really could still relate to the loss of love the character types were going thru. I actually cried because I have felt that kind of love that is all encompassing and addictive, but really not healthy however you just can't let it go. I have read a saying that is going swimming the internet that states "That moment when you finish a publication, look around, and realize that every one is just carrying on with their lives as though you didn't just experience psychological trauma at the hands of a paperback. " Thats how I experienced when I was done with this book. It was just an amazing read!! It was a good emotional ride. Loved every word in this publication! And would highly recommend this book. Bravo Jewelry Reisz!, This book was not the things i expected at all. It is NOT by any means a lite funny erotic story. It IS a dark emotional vacation I didn't know I actually wanted to take. Right now there is some very dark issue matter, it is actually not for the closed minded unadventurous reader. The suite leads you to think this is a retelling of My Fair Lady, as well as in a little way, it is. But I may feel as if Nora was Eliza anymore than I feel Zach was your professor. Inside many ways Eliza was your professor, teaching Zach more and more about himself than he or she ever realized. Nora's world is dark, but the lady surrounds herself with things she wishes for. The light in Wesley, and the gray in Zach. Which way will she go? The girl left her dark lord years ago, for reasons only she can understand, regardless of what you read. The girl connection to Soren is complicated and eternal. But when she leaves him, the lady finds herself in the postion to consider control when she never had any previously. And he or she becomes the true Queen of darkness. And she shows Zach a glimpse into her kingdom. It's darker than I had ever thought. The book Nora is writing is always the question in the back of your mind. Can it be about her and Soren? Or her and Wesley? This journey brought out there some feelings I may generally get when reading, but nevertheless, I enjoyed the journey all the same. If you are buying a standard HEA, look in other places, this will not be the HEA you are expecting. But that does not mean it isn't a HEA afterall......, When Zach Easton is hired to edit erotic author Nora Sutherlins new book, his only focus was whether this author who writes BDSM, can withstand his critical eye for efficiency so he can show her how to cultivate the talent and skill to write something extraordinary. But to understand her words, Nora must soon show him her world has not all been born of fiction. Zach steps cautiously in to the life of a complex woman who surrounds herself with the chasteness of Wes, her roommate, a young college or university student who keeps her grounded in reality and Soren, a man who claims ownership of her body, sins, and her heart and soul. Some authors write their characters so they can be easily fallen in love with from the begining. I actually believe it was a clear intention by writer Tiffany Reisz to develop these flawed characters slowly so the reader has to look deeper to find their redeeming value, explore what defines love, control, personal pain and dares happened to flinch while you're at it. This specific well written story is more than a simple romance or pure erotica but an escape into an intensive emotional journey that will leave you seeking more. Suggest.

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