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WOW. MY. GOD!!! What a ride. This book is... I just... Oh my God!: ) I just completed Sire and I'm in shock and awe. Applause to Jex Lane for writing such an interesting, edge of your seat book. I thought the first book was great, but Sire totally exceeded my expectations.

You have no choice but to fall in love with Matthew. I wish I actually could just hold him and help take some of the burden off his shoulders. This man just can't catch a break. The book was fast paced and the characters well thought away. The action is non stop!

This book has all of my favorite elements rolled up into a neat little package. Vampires - CHECK!, action packed scenes - EXAMINE! sexy man love - CHECK!

This is a must read and not to be exceeded up. Can't wait for the 3 rd installment in this unique fable!!, This series is very original. Book 1 Wowed me, book #2 still held my interest & I will be moving forward in this course. I actually did love Captive more than Sire. However the author still found twist & managed to surprise me. Have loved viewing the development in figures. This book is still one of the most interesting books I've read. There were things I loved, things I actually didn't. But that happens with most books. Commence this series. You won't be disappointed., Matthew - Heartbroken, Betrayed, Alone, & On the Run. We pick upwards Matthew's Story a year after his escape from High Lord General Tarrick and find Matthew looking for his Sire wonderful birth parents. Why was he turned and why did his parents provide him up?

Once again I actually was completely taken in by Matthew's continuing fable. He is alone and HEARTBROKEN and has trouble trusting others after his experiences with High God General Tarrick and those under his command. Matt does not experience much personal growth in this book. But, what orphan who has lost loved ones, their mooring and reason to live, recovers completely in one year? Matthew locates himself trusting others slowly and gradually and building a new family for himself. This individual struggles with a sense of honor and devotion which seems to be missing from those that surround him. I found the figure development in this book to be very good and felt that the pace of the book lent itself to someone who has been hurt and is cautious of their choices. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sire and will impatiently wait for book 3 in the series.

And now I find myself asking, " Plus what now? "., Talk about serious book after effect. I could not stop reading this book. I actually thought book 1 was amazing but this series just keeps getting better. Matt is away from Tarrick and searching for his vampire sire. Wait right up until you find out who his maest? is and who his mom is. Now the question is, that is his biological father?? What's happening with Devak? What's going to happen to Matthew? Ugh.... so many questions.... I can't wait for book 3., I am very pleased that book three is out and I can once again join my infatuation with this story! This is wonderfully written and the character s are complex in a wonderful intoxicating way, that make it almost impossible to put the book down. I am eager to the authors publications coming as soon as possible! The books so far have been such a delightful roller coaster to ride while lost in the pages., Publication 2 IMO wasn't as good as book 1 ONLY because Tarrick wasn't around as much and I'll admit that Tarrick is my favorite.
After the ending of book 1 I actually couldn't wait to read book 2 but man this book had myself in tears towards the end. This was a great book with some great figures introduced but just have tissues ready for this one., I loved this book so much! I liked it better than the first one because their is no master/slave relationship or torture.
I love Devak and Samantha almost as much as I actually love Matthew, though Matthew’s overprotective behavior was frustrating in this book.
I liked viewing a little of the vampires world. Ascelina is wonderful, and am want more of her.
Matthew capturing Tarrick was interesting. I think Matt is way smarter then he gives himself credit for.
I send Matthew and Devak so much, but I can’t deny to myself that I actually like Matthew and Tarrick together more, even though I love/hate Tarrick (he was an ass in this book, too).
I loved the action scenes in this book, and the ending wiped out me., The very first book was such a wow for me and I was looking forward to this one. It is also very good. Maybe not as good as the first but nevertheless very good. I actually was left with some questions at the end that I hope are solved in the 3rd installment which I just purchased because of how much I liked the first two

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