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Such as its author, this book resists easy labels and classification. Combining elements of family memoir, political analysis, history, exegesis, cloak-and-dagger conferences, and gay hookups, " A Sinner in Mecca" exposes religious intolerance -- and its monetary and colonial underpinnings -- and celebrates the beauty of faith in its most intimate, personal form. A great antidote to 'soundbite journalism, ' this book should be read by anyone who wants to better understand the miraculous complexity of the world., Having not seen the film, rather than knowing much about mcdougal, other than what We googled, I expected a lot from this tale. Now i'm from an Asian background myself and associated with things LGBT, but, I had developed to take this with more than a pinch of salt.

Yes, I'm, from a distance, familiar with Hajj and Islam, having developed in a country with a sizable Muslim human population, and I'm also a little familiar with the Mutaween and Wahhabism, having had to research and fact-check for the author, so those aspects of the tale do appear pretty accurate. Nevertheless, I am not persuaded as to the author's claims/inferences about the wide variety of closeted gay men that he claims to have come upon. And, We couldn't quite believe in his supposed new-devotion to Islam, or in his supposed love for his husband, given that he was contemplating an face with a shopkeeper, during Hajj, and only the thought of being caught by the Mutaween prevented it., I was lucky to pre-order and get it a week ago. That reads like a thriller. We have been a lover of the author's film work and am expected the book would be like the film of the identical title. I was proven completely wrong. It's a very well-written memoir interwoven with current politics in the ALL OF US and in the Center East, Indian sub-continent and elsewhere in the Muslim world. He makes it clear that the so-called " war" between the West and Islam will not be over in this generation or the next. Most importantly and am have read many Islamic authors, he provides a gritty, from the ground viewpoint and many carefully investigated and planned solutions to the " issue with Islamic. " It's definitely a spiritual journey, it informs you how the dodgy Saudi monarchy, or the theocracy in Iran and even more critically ISIS work. I was surprised by what I learned through his insightful and experience based analysis. A must-read, I will be recommending it to all my buddies enthusiastic about what is actually taking place within Islamic and for that matter Trump's leaky White House., I had never noticed of this guy and chanced on the title because the Amazon algorithm 'recommended' it to me. I began reading and I could hardly stop. I am an Adjunct at UT Austin texas and am have used texts from big authors like Karen Armstrong and Steve Esposito for my middle-east and religious philosophy students. I am adding this new author as a must read for my students from now on. The reason why? Because I have never read such a hands-on, completely raw, and deeply felt and researched account of what Islam really is and what it means as a Muslim who understands he cannot say it is a religion of peace, because that is reductive. If you really want to understand why ISIS is doing what it is and where they learnt it from, read this! One fault--I wish he had given all of us a little more of his fascinating personal historical past. But hey, nothing is perfect. This though, comes in close proximity to it!, I had developed seen the writers films, A Jihad of Love and also a Sinner in Mecca, so I was eagerly awaiting this book. My mother was Muslim and married to a Jewish atheist! An improbable combination. In any circumstance all my life, We have known and lived Islam in some or other form. I am not gay. And in this book I am surprised that he won't that much target the gay Muslim issue like he did in the film work. Reading it, is like living through a very thrilling journey that has anecdotes and information you never expect at every corner. I do not know that you could buy coffee cups with Hizbullah or Nasrallah's face! I also do not understand the concept he or she lays out well. That is very important to pay attention to the Muslims of the Indian sub-continent. Which is biggest number of Muslims in the world and Of india in 30 years will be # 1 Muslim human population in the world but nonetheless a Hindu majority country! This is knowledge, research and importantly storytelling that grips you! My only peeve is that We wish he had voiced more about the gay and lesbian Muslims aspect. But after reading, I now understand what ISIS exactly is and why it exists. We now know why Trump was a natural followup to a black leader., Amazon quotes Publishers Regular as calling the book " fascinating. " Which it. Here's what PW actually said, " Ultimately, the work is interesting but flawed, with many of its important subject areas undertaken haphazardly; more reflective regarding Sharma’s own faith trip, for example, might have tied the narrative collectively more closely. ", Sharma's journeys, from the Of india of his childhood to modern Arab saudi, are at times hilarious, harrowing, and deeply moving. He brings the Hajj pilgrimage to life with a filmmaker's eye for color and detail. But this much more than simply a good story--it's a stand against lazy labels and easy options. Sharma doesn't shy away from the violence and bigotry of modern Islamic, and he provides a crucial knowledge of the historical past and psychology of ISIS (or as he appropriately refers to them, Daesh). He deftly explains how it got to be this way, and provides powerful insights that could guide to an improved world., Go through this book. Whether you agree with the author's views or not, the book compels you to be thoughtful, questioning and thorough in your reading. The book is a profoundly personal recounting of the author 's proposal with his faith, his sexuality, his identity and his politics and in this it is crucially contemporary. Through provoking and challenging his readers the author encourages them to debate, critique and discuss his book and in so doing, expands the discourse.

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