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This specific latest installment of the The Weekday Brides series is absolutely fantastic! In typical Bybee style this story is heartwarming, humorous, and you also won't want to put it down. Karen and Michael have a happy marriage. Ask anyone in Hollywood!! Except for that little problem of Jordan being gay, life is good!! Then Karen meets her oh so sexy brother in law! When's that divorced scheduled?? You do not want to miss this one! Highly recommended!!, Wife by Wed (Weekday Brides book 1) was the first Bybee book I read and I was hooked! I actually have eagerly awaited each new release since then and I have to say I enjoy them more with each book; each one of these becomes a new favorite. Karen, Michael and Zach’s story was no exemption.

Karen and Michael received married in Fiancé by Friday and some of these back story is in that book, but if you haven’t read it you won’t be lost in this book (I do recommend you go as well as read it though because it’s a great book). Their marriage is a sham, nonetheless they have become best friends. Since they were never going to stay married Michael never introduced Karen to his family but his family had other plans and sent his brother Zach to investigate. The biochemistry between Karen and Zach is immediate and electric; the sparks together virtually leap off the webpage. When Karen decrees that they will go and visit Michael’s family he could be unsure, after all he’s hiding quite a few things from them, but with time he sees it was the right decision as relationships that were damaged by time and distance begin to heal. Karen and Zach fight their attraction but it commences to flare out of control, meanwhile Karen and Michael’s relationship is damaged by some of his actions. This book is a great love triangle that isn’t. You can find those who will object to just one relationship beginning before another has fully ended (and they have) and in real world I might even agree with them but in this book I actually think all the figures where as honest and honorable as they are often and, with the exception of an impetuous kiss, Karen was honest with Jordan before things became physical with Zach. There is also a side story of teenage love with some Romeo and Juliet overtones which was both center wrenching and wonderful, but that description could apply to much of this book. I can’t wait for the next book in this series and hopefully a chance to revisit some of the new figures I came to love in this book. This book had everything I have come to expect from one of Catherine’s stories and I can see myself re-reading it in the future., Catherine Bybee is one of my personal favorite romance writers. I have particularly loved her Weekday Brides series and how the characters that she has created are incredibly memorable and easy to connect with. While I’m unsure I’ll ever love another book couple in any series as much as I love Carter and Eliza, Karen and Zach in Single by Weekend did not disappoint me whatsoever.

I have discovered to love Karen ever before since she was introduced in the first book in the series. She has been looking for a marriage of convenience in order for her to fulfill her dream of starting a home for children in trouble. In the prior books she had fulfilled her perfect diamond necklace in Jordan, a very closeted Showmanship leading man. In the match they found their best friend and have been happily living their “on paper only” marriage for the past 12 months.

Zach is Michael’s more mature brother, that has already been sent by the family to do reconnaissance on the wife they never met. They all were suspecting either the lady or the marriage was made as some Hollywood stunt, so he was surprised to find out that not only was she real, but she was a good person and not a gold digger. And neither of these expected the instant chemistry they'd together.

Karen’s loyalty to Michael will not allow her to reveal his secret, however the attraction between Zach and Karen are unable to be denied. Can Karen pursue Zach after her scheduled end with her marriage to Michael, knowing it will hurt him? Can Zach possibly sit by and pine for his brother’s wife, even when he can tell there is something off of the relationship?

What I loved most about Single by Weekend was how well the conflict worked. There was no contrived situation or misunderstanding that occurs to keep the lovers separate. Both of them struggle, for slightly different reasons, to try and stay away from the person that could be their true love. Bybee does a wonderful job of crafting the storyplot so that none of the characters are the bad guy, which makes it easy to be sympathetic system members of the love triangle.

I hope that we eventually find out about what happens with Michael. As a result of nature of the genre, I realize he more than likely be able to have his own standalone book, but a peak into his HEA would be nice before the series wraps upward., If you have already been reading the series you know where this book is headed. If you haven't, go read the rest then read this.
This book includes love, laughs, loyal friends and a plot that was superb.
Karen Jones and Michael (Wolfe) Gardner have been wedded for a year. Their particular contract is up and it's time for the planned divorce. The issue is his big brother Zach comes up to find out why the family hasn't met the Mrs.. It ought to be so simple as to just say it didn't work and it's over but nothing is so simple in a Catherine Bybee book. Karen and Zach fall in love. Any further details would give a lot away.
The pressure in the suspense is just tight enough for me to read the story in one sitting. I am admirer. You don't have to read the textbooks to be able but the movement is better than way.

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