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A new missing groom, a distraught bride-not-to-be, mother-daughter conflict, a Dad trying to be a peacemaker, a lively and helpful grandmother, and friends seeking to help. This specific is a mystery but mostly a story of a young woman trying to heal from damage, heal relationships, and find out the meaning of faith in God. The only downside of the book--at times it seemed to be never ending. In the finish, it was a satisfying read. Highly recommend for young adult through older adult women., I failed to want to stop reading. I loved the story line, the twists, puzzle and the faith. Plus it leaves the viewer feeling refreshed and happy., I truly could not put this book down. Through the premise---a groom passes away in a one-car accident driving the opposite path of the church on his big day (with a baby present in the back seat)--to the beautiful story that unfolds as a woman comes to terms with a life the lady did not choose. We loved how Allen wove in the difficulty of mother/daughter relationships with the fabulous story line in connection with main character's Grandmother Ruthie. There is so much to love in this bittersweet tale. Do not miss the possibility to read it for yourself., A rip jerker supposedly... The future husband dying while the bride waited at the ceremony; secrets being released, but with no groom to answer all the questions. This is the type of story that I had created bet might have me engrossed, pouting and crying while my family looked on with amusement.

I used to be either too busy which i was reading on and off and wasn't really able to get into the story; or it just failed to pull me all the way. It still is not beckoning me to read it again. Hence, three stars to be fair., Very entertaining. Great, clean story line., We loved this book. Olivia manages to outlive so much heartache and turn out the winner. There is a little bit of self pity that gets resolved by making use of the girl Grandmother, Ruthie (I just loved her character). Olivia's mother was a so worried about keeping face with her church and friends that she arrived off as cold and uncaring. I wasn't really satisfied with how that conflict was resolved but overall I just adored this book., From your first line of this book I used to be mesmerized. The author captured me with puzzle, love and even anger but she also gave myself moments of spiritual introspection. This book encompassed everything anyone would want in a book. I am aware that I will be rereading it many times.... love this guide!!!, Enjoyed this book, the story was good but the story's focus was more on Olivia' s grieving process and events going on in her life than determining the whys of the girl fiance' s death and direction. I used to be expecting more of a mystery story- which this is not- but enjoyed the book anyway.

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