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The particular novel opens with the discovery of a body in a white plastic-type bag in Red Square. The tale then switches to Masha Karavay the heroine. She lives with her mother and stepfather. The girl father was murdered years before. The girl with a college student at the law institution at Moscow State and it is up for her internship. Although it is not for grade she has been writing a thesis on serial killers ruled as accidents. Through her dead father’s near friend, a local prosecutor, she has an internship from your Police station ideally regular with her interests. She is assigned to Captain Andrey Yakovlev, a top detective. He, of course , wants nothing to do ready especially after obtaining who arranged for her internship. Yakovlev gives her a desk, tells her that this is how she is to work, suggesting basically was the previous thing he expected her to do. When Karavay asks for an assignment, Yakovlev tells her to accumulate information on all the homicides passed off as accidents over the past two years. So she starts researching and starts to uncover something more sinister. Now, she needs to convince not only the skeptical Captain Yakovlev but his Colonel that there is a serial killer active and in charge of recent seemingly unrelated killers. The only connection is that every murder has a number associated with it. She enlists the help of her friend since childhood, Innokenty Arzhenikov, an antiques dealer. Much proof collection is required to convince the police that she is on the right track. As you go along, the investigation becomes very personal and very deadly.

The key storyline captured my imagination early on. The B-storyline was abundant with much background about Masha Karavay, her mommy, her father, her stepfather, and friends and about Andrey Yakovlev whose life outside the police job is very limited. These story lines flow so well in and out of the primary storyline and adds much richness to the read. Then, the primary storyline adjustments to many interviews of previous victims’ friends and families. For this part of the novel, the flow slowed down for me became it was more difficult to see how each murder match the overall pattern. The particular emerging underlying theory was adequately explained, but trying to fit all of these pieces into it was difficult within my mind’s eye. The reading had not been that enjoyable during this section. Luckily, when the murders became personal, my imagination was recaptured and the reading became more enjoyable.

There is certainly some sex but not precise. There are a few f-bombs and other less vulgar language. You can find grisly deaths, nonetheless they are explained in the past tense which does not take the time me as much as describing it as it happens. Until you have zero tolerance for one or more of these aspects, looking over this novel should not be a problem.

This novel was written in Russian and is a translation. This translation was quite good. I did not notice anything awkward in the text that would indicate it was translated novel.

Total, the problem of not keeping my imagination captive all through the entire novel, I could not give this novel the highest rating that for most other aspects the novel deserved. I give this novel, four stars. Once you get by the dry spell, I believe you will discover this novel an enjoyable read.

I have received a free advanced reading duplicate (ARC) of the novel through NetGalley from Amazon Bridging with a request for an honest, unbiased review. I wish to thank Amazon Crossing for the chance to read this novel early on., 3 stars

Captain Andrey Yakolev is a detective with the Central Directorate. Maria “Masha” Karavay is a brilliant law college student who lands an internship and is “partnered” with the stand-offish Andrey. Andrey gives her some hectic work compiling statistics and sets off to research his own cases.

Whenever Masha discovers an unusual pattern in some killings, she asks her old good friend Innokenty for help. Right after consulting with a former professor of Kenty’s, Masha decides to present her conclusions to the police higher episodes. But she does so without discussing it with Captain Kenty first.

Masha describes her “maniacal missionary” serial killer theory to Kenty. The maniacal missionary is also referred to as a enthusiast of sins. Their monster is very smart and seems to recognize how authorities investigations work. He or she is very cruel and driven by his affinity for medieval torture and murders.

Andrey becomes drawn to Masha. Her theories begin to make sense to your pet and he starts to take a closer take a look at everything. When people connected to Masha start getting killed, Andrey and Masha improve their investigation. It all all fits in place for the two investigators and they are on a chase to capture the killer.

The killer came as a surprise to me.

This book is pretty well written and the plotting is good. I am just not sure about this book. I liked it and I didn’t. That starts out slowly and doesn’t really pick up until the book is almost ended. I didn’t treatment much for the character types, they seemed flat and worn out. Really dont believe I’ll be waiting with bated breath for the next novel of Daria Desombre’s to come out.

I want to thank NetGalley and AmazonCrossing for forwarding to me a copy of this book to read., Dear Ms Desombre:

Make sure you consider utilizing a different translator for your next guide.

I enjoyed the history in " The Bad thing Collector", but Ms Fairweather-Vega's translation has stripped all the Russianness out of it. Most of the patronymics have been removed, so it jars when one pops up. Blini at breakfast are now just pancakes, and beautiful Russian onion domes have become cupolas, which architecturally they are not. Maria Fyodorovna Karavaya becomes plain Masha Karavay. Bizarrely, Investigator Captain Andrey Yakolov has a " crocodile" grin, even though " krokodile" is a horrible horrible Russian drug.

Part of the reason for reading international fiction is to get an awareness of00 a place and a culture. The particular Moscow presented here could be anywhere and Masha Karavay could be any law student.

I received a review copy of " The Sin Collector: Masha Karavai [sic] Detective Series" by Daria Desombre, translated by Shelley Fairweather-Vega (AmazonCrossing) through NetGalley. com. There has been some mistake made in the title on Amazon with the " Karavay" in the textual content becoming and " Karavai" on the internet title.

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