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I will be a self confessed healthnut and enjoy reading new ideas, thoughts and tested recipes that follow a natural / raw / plant dependent diet so it is always nice to see these ebooks available for free with the Kindle.

With regard to a free book it was nice, well crafted and professionally illustrated. The format translates well to the Kindle. It starts with a background of the retreat which though do at times seem to be like somewhat of a message, seemed to be somewhat necessary to explain how these tested recipes came about; and exactly what they can do for people.

There was clearly also a very useful guide at the beginning referring to tips of establishing receives for quantity, and working with fresh produce - testing, ripening (and how this translates to digestion), working with aromatics - this was a little different from what I have seen in similar books and worth knowing.

On the somewhat negative side there have been not many recipes (but hey, being realistic, this is free, and a small guide which is often read in less than 30 minutes so it's probably proportionate); but as others have mentioned, there exists a rather strange obsession with mangos!

Now don't get me wrong, I somewhat like mango's... but that does not mean I actually want them in every recipe - for example "Tomango" soup. I consider myself to have a fairly adventurous pallet but not sure I want mangos with my tomato soup!! Though I do not make this so maybe it's great! However it got to the point where almost every menu called for mangos - the dips, the soups, the drink, the slaw. So folks if you do not like manga -this one is not for you!

The ending had some useful additional resources, when this lured your taste buds, you could find the associated blog, books, camp.

For free it was fine and well crafted, just would have liked more variety in the ingredients! Mango fans... this is YOUR book!, I loved the tested recipes because they give me personally delete word meals. I do wish there have been more tested recipes. I would forked out to get more recipes. I actually have tried some and so far they have been scrumptious. Please write a book with more main food ideas if you are fishing to find out if this kind of book would sell i then say " Hell Yes! " Please make a book with lots of recipes as I seem to be to tumble short in imagination and usually ending up eating the same thing over and over. I would like to see more savory dressings as well as main meal ideas. Good start...... I really hope you continue with an entire menu book. Desserts are easy but main meals seem to be to trip me up.
I want to thank giving us this starter book., This year, I have been wanting to prepare much healthier food for my family, but my husband and children have refused to use any recipes out of the many raw food (un)cookbooks that I have brought home, as these are usually too far out there of the comfort zone. But when I asked my hubby to read this " 80/10/10 Fall Retreat Food selection, " he found several recipes which he said he would like to try, including Figgy Pudding, Apple company Pie, Hearty Tomato Soups, Israeli Salad and Marinara Zucchini Noodles. I've recently been searching for family-friendly 80/10/10 recipes for at the very least per year. So far, this book holds the most promise. I haven't yet had time to try the recipes, but the dishes look tasty and easy (compared to most raw food recipes). When I eat raw, I favor to eat the 80/10/10 means for ease of digestion, high energy (no caffeinated drinks cravings! ), and ideal nutrition. If you are looking for 80/10/10, high-carb, low-fat, raw vegan tested recipes that are most similar to the familiar foods you have been used to eating on a standard American diet, I actually recommend this book. I'm looking towards the cookbooks for winter, spring, and summer time!, Yummy and easy to prepare raw food tested recipes. Alicia is a great chef! Thanks for discussing your menu and great ideas for so what can get ready at home on the 80/10/10 program., I've been subsequent Dr. Doug Graham and his crew for a while, and went to a few of his retreats where I fulfilled chef Alicia and sous chef Katy and it's a pleasure to have a short, to-the-point menu book with clear instructions and nice pictures for quick, easy and delightful recipes that I can use to vary the design and taste of the raw food dishes within my own diet.
short and sweet, functional and delightful: -)
looking forward to more!!, Well, this is more than a diet... it's a lifestyle! Following reading the book and doing further research on many topics within the book, it is also a life saver! Facebook has many channels of devoted 80-10-'ers. Some are strict adherents of the diet, other follow with a slightly different version of raw. In either case, the before/after stories/pics are extremely inspiring and the High Carb-Low Fat-Raw-Vegan community is completely supportive! When you've been yo-yo-ing on weight, unhealthy, unfit and feel like you have long-term fatigue... read this book, consider transitioning to this lifestyle for a healthier/happier future! Good luck on your journey... I'm starting mine!, I guess the student was ready because the teacher appeared. 80/10/10 has helped me when nothing else did. I've been trying to eat right and be healthier for years. Now I am influenced. Raw makes sense. Uncooked is exciting. Now I actually understand how to make money. Thank you.
MItch Desser, Los Angeles., Easy to prep and so healhy!

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