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Mister. Crabtree gives you actionable advice. Get this publication, Financial Intelligence for Internet marketers, and Cash Flow for Dummies and you're on your way to knowing enough to be dangerous. One thing is the fact I've noticed he is about profit margin. People like James Altucher and Dan Kennedy reference sales development > profit margin. We think that both camps are right depending on your exit strategy and scalability. I think if you can scale and have obtained go for sales > profit margin. If your business is less " viral" profit margin > sales., What I value is seeing actionable patterns in the numbers and simplicity. Greg's book and methods reveal how to do it, how to interpret it and how to leverage it. We have recommended it to every business owner I know., Bought is book anticipating far more detail regarding financial records models and strategies for turn-arounds. While the publication provides some information on both topics, the degree of depth didn't be sufficient.

Hoping to find the book in the topic that will most likely cost the same or less then this one., I've recently been a business manager or operator for forty years or more, and typical sales procedures (P&L, "balance sheet", etc) give a plethora of in depth information, which is a valuable thing for some purposes. However , those processes are designed primarily to please the IRS (thus the detailed minutiae) rather than the manager who needs succinct, directed information to make business judgements in a hurried, critical situation. Within this book, the writers have suggested a " short form" info method almost identical to one I had my own, personal sales department develop for my use that highlights the main areas of continual attention. Their " short form" and mine focuses on the " Salary Cap" aspects of successful profitability, in that the payroll-related costs are typically the most influential on profit or loss.

Other than the " Salary Cap" ideas, the rest of the book is fairly simple accounting processes, but introduced in language that even a disinterested Engineer or Salesman can appreciate, when critiques are performed., There's a lot to like about the distilled and immediate advice for the small business owner but We felt the book lacked enough actionable steps to make it a " great" read. It almost seems the author works for the IRS in some sections but I do learn how taxes (lack of being willing to pay) can really submarine a business. That will was my biggest drinks delivery. I enjoyed the great reviews/summaries at the finish of the chapters and if I were to read this book again, and I doubt that, We would simply read the summarized key concepts at the finish of each chapter., I was unable to write a review in kindle (just mark stars), so I logged in to amazon to publish it. We never write a review so that's about how exactly much this book impacted me. We recommend it to just about anyone into business. Plus suffering for some of the issues he explained here and what he proposes is a totally fair, and non-complicated solutions. Also, We do not do business in USA. You can take this principles and put in practice everywhere. At the end, it's just simple numbers. I will give it to my accountant. Thanks!, First and foremost you must have some basic understand showing how accounting works and what balance bedding, income statement and cash flow statements are and how they interconnect. If you don't then some of this (especially chapters 9 and 10) may check out your head. There's tools in the website to help but the advice is helpful especially considering labor efficient percentages (LER's) as a key metric to check out regularly., This book looks like economic accounting book, but it has reinvigorated everyone's thinking at our parent company from the design group to functions management. Chapter one is a slap of reality, chapter 10 is a piece of art, and nearly all of the rest is support for the argument that business can be more profitable and much more interesting if we approach the numbers with a bigger objective in mind.

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