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The background: I already know quite a little about over-the-air TV, I have explored it pretty extensively, and currently use OTA (over the air) in my home, along with House windows Media Center. But, I had been curious if I could learn anything from this book, as well as for the low price, figured We would give it a look.
And... its a good book! ESPECIALLY helpful if you stay in a metropolitan area where there are lots of tv producers within 30 or 45 miles, but also great for those of us who live more " out in the sticks".
Based on my already substantial experience, do I learn a whole lot? Number. Did I learn enough to justify the expense of the book? Yes! Hazel has obviously done her research. As of May possibly 2014, this guide is very much up-to-date, and will be extremely helpful to someone contemplating dumping cable/dish network (especially if you stay in or near a city with TV channels... and most any city over 75, 000 generally qualifies). It is written simply, doesn't assume much knowledge on the part of the reader (this is good), and covers the stated subject well., I had to laugh when I started reading about the young trendy hipsters " trimming the cord. " That was the first (and will probably be the ONLY) time when I was on the cutting advantage of anything. You see, I never had cable TV. And, no, I'm not Amish. I just choose to read.

I cherished this very useful little book and it raises my hope for the human competition that at least some intelligent, thoughtful people are paying attention to it. I am SO tired of being attentive to people complain about their cable bills as if it's as necessary as air or water. Indeed, some individuals consider it more necessary than water and will ALWAYS pay their cable bill first and then (if they have got enough money left over) will pay their utility bill.

When analog signals changed to digital, I purchased a little (2'x2') antenna and put it under the gable on my house and leaped cable to the TV SET sets. I had developed already purchased two small HDTV's because they hold on the wall. Even though mine is not an " omnidirectional antenna" (and I can see this would be an improvement) I possess no trouble getting the 10-12 free channels available in my medium-size town. I paid less than 0 for the antenna and have had no problems with it for five years. I get wireless service through AT&T and (while I hate them) it's better than dealing
with any cable company. UPDATE: I now have a cord and I enjoy it. My local cable company (the one with two " c" s in its name) started offering internet-only service at a great price. We was able to get away from AT&T and (after a lot of hearing horror stories about cable companies) have got Only good activities with mine. So I can get my Kindle textbooks (and other internet perks) but I still may pay a penny for tv set and never will!

The sole thing I know about media streaming services is that all of my savvy friends and relatives are using them now instead of cable TV and are happy with the service AND the savings. As this author factors out, this area is transforming constantly, but one thing is certain - cable bills go UP, not down. If you are willing to a new few new tricks and (possibly) make a few small sacrifices, you can save a ton of money.

This book is well written and the writer has a real talent for putting technical information into simple, non-threatening language. If I can understand it, You may! In addition to she's funny! Everyone over a certain age will remember being the heavy kid who got trapped holding onto the bunny ears to improve wedding reception. She failed to mention the time-honored practice of adhering a potato onto the conclusion of the antenna. Or was that just my family?

Take charge of your life. Do what YOU want to do, not what everyone else does. Likely to save money and feel very pleased of yourself., I believe this book would be useful for anyone considering " cutting the cord" with satellite tv. The section on deciding your pros and cons before leaving cable was very informative. Typically the following section on determining which shows your family watches on cable would be particularly important for making sure your whole family is on board with the choice. The sections on necessary TV and antenna types were informative and easy to know. I personally found the section explaining add-on equipment such as Roku and Vudu useful.

I'd recommend this guide to anyone considering " trimming the cord. ", In case you are not familiar with online streaming this is a great book. I felt like We was leaving under a rock until I read this book. Thank you Andrea for this very simple and yet informative guide. Honestly it really helped me.. Recommend if you absolutely do not know about online streaming and free TV. The thing to keep in brain wth FreeTV is you get what you may pay for. SO you do not have high expectations when you buy an antenna you wont get TV stations that are on high demand. You can get everywhere from 0 -177chanels it all depend on you PLACE, I'm a senior and totally non-technical and, after reading this guide We installed antennas on all 3 of my TVs. The 3 TVs are all different brands and I had to call each one of the manufacturers for assistance with checking the channels and covering the ones I failed to want. I thought that was will be a pain with a lot of time on hold but it was actually quick and easy with all of the manufacturers. Information was worth every dime!, When you switch off the cable box and start looking at antennas for HDTV reception it might be very daunting. This book assists you to through the learning contour. According to where you are located, and the local markets, you can get a lot of tv set and if you use the inside antennas, it's very easy to do. The whole process requires a lot of patience and trial and problem, so it helps if you read slightly about it before investing time. Do it right and you will never regret leaving your cable package and those big bills behind. Need no Web at all for HDTV. If you want to stream TV channels or cable, you will need great Wi fi and see another book on Sling TV by the same author., With regard to someone who knew hardly any about cutting the wire, this has been a useful introduction. I understand what equipment to use and what services are available. I've already ordered a Mohu antenna which will have a trial run next week in my boy's apartment.

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