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Typically the Silk Road by Lieu noir Falconer

I have read a lot of his novels, all of which have placed my attention & the stories are the kind that you must keep on reading through the night time even when your sight are closing till you can't see any more of the pages you're engrossed in.

These are action filled, love sagas of people from across the planet, many from different parts of the worlds we all know. How he sets aside each story & character that you can't get enough of & then the story has a turn & turns you around until all comes together once again & you are left holding your breath until you can keep on with each character's life & what materializes in the plots this individual sets forth so that you can follow.

I recommend to anyone who likes history, dramas, love stories & action, should give any number of this author a read or two, because they will be hooked on his ever growing plots that pull you into see how he tangles & untangles each story.

Give thanks to you for the histories of many places & many different types of people in our world, we might not know of unless i was given to read of them & the knowledge they instill in us one & all., I always hesitate before reading a book because I get worried that the ending will be disappointing. This ending was not only discouraging but hideous with self applied of the pregnant woman and her full-term baby. Keep in mind that this is a work of fiction and the author chose every word. The ending had one shocking torture after another, each worse than the one before culminating with the gruesome loss of life of the innocent woman who had endured tortured her whole life. Before the ending chapters, this was just a Marco Polo travel bank account of hatred of Catholicism in the form of an evil priest. Carry out not read this book!!! If you're interested in the cotton road read historical balances as opposed to this tortured fictional., This can be the story of a man who became a knight Templar because of a wrong he had done, and a Dominican priest who was traveling on orders from the Pope to go to the Great Kahn and convert him to Christianity. The knight was given orders to go with and protect the clergyman, who was an ridiculous human being.
As you go along they meet Tatars, nomadic tribes who live across the Silk Road. A single of the tribes has a young woman, the daughter of a local Kahn, who outdoes her brothers in all activities. She's assigned to guide them towards their conference with the Great Kahn.
The book illustrates the great challenges travelers had in traveling in what is now probably Mongolia and China. This was interesting to myself in that respect.
Not being Catholic, nor from the Middle Ages, I found it very hard to learn how William, the Dominican, could actually think he could enter another culture and expect their king to suddenly convert to Christianity. His attitude, as well as the Knight Josseran, about their faith was probably typical of their time, and portrayed well, but left me cold.
There exists a side story of a developing romance between the knight and the princess who is their guide. Of course her dad doesn't want that to happen. It's all fairly terne., Once again, Colin has outdone himself! I am not sure how this individual does it, but shortly into the book, it feels as if you know the key characters along with your own sisters or brothers. Khutelun, the lovely, brave and high-spirited daughter of a local Tatar khan will capture your heart from the beginning. Now toss in a brave and good-to-the-heart Templar knight that is on a objective, combined with the incredible backdrop of the Silk Road Path, the setting of the autorité of the khans, the intricacies of different made use of & cultures, and you have a great book you can't put down. This specific book kept me engrossed on our 14 hours long flight at home after an incredible vacation. As I was not quite completed, I was tempted to ask the pilot to do a few circles yet! Every time I read another book by Lieu noir, I find myself surprised at the study and attention to detail that he puts into the background of his books. I learn an amazing amount of history, geography & culture from him., Josseran, a Knight Templar is designated to protect William of Augsburg, a pompous emissary from the Pope to the prince of the Tatars, the Great Khan.
Khutelun, child of the lesser khan, is assigned to escort Bill and Josseran on their journey from Acre to the Khan’s capital.
Khutelun and Josseran each believe their trip will finish in Persia, but it extends much farther than that. These people also fall in love. Both are strong-willed and highly skilled. Both are trapped in the role they have been assigned by way of a culture, but neither will bend to become just what others expect. Good story, complex and interesting characters, all set in the clash of cultures and politics in their time. And like all good historical fiction, totally believable. And the perfect ending for setting up a sequel! I'm ready for that if Mr. Falconer is!, I haven't read any other books by this author so I wasn't ready for all the characters and chapters (137. ) I almost stopped reading after 10 chapters or so (it took me a while to wade through characters and locations. ) I wanted to find yourself in the crux of the story and I'm glad I continued to read. Mr. Falconer must have spent many days/nights researching details of the Cotton Road. The book is a tale of faiths and the loss of faith; of along with damage of family. The characters are not always a great tend to be believable. After the trials the characters are subjected to on the Silk Road, the story comes to an end with both disappointment and inference of a happy ending. I look forwards to other books by this author.

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