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I didn't have anyone inside my family that was young enough to appreciate this book, so I requested a neighbor to bring over her daughter. The lady was just beginning to learn her alphabet and could read simple words. I gave her my Kindle and asked her to give it a try. She ran although one word list quite quick, getting help on a few. The two phrase list slowed her down just a little but she did fine. After finishing, the lady wanted to do it again. This is great practicing children who are starting to read. I'm not an educator, but I can tell what works. My neighbor is heading to buy the book on her behalf ipad device so her daughter can go through them again., I had not heard of this Dolch system before but can see the viewpoint to it, especially with the two and three-word combos. From what I can see, the single words add a lot of new sight words for the young reader and the combinations are more on a conceptual basis. Both excellent methods to help young readers.

The cover is beautiful and the illustrations are very appealing. This book/flashcard system (and series) would be a great addition to any child's collection and aid them greatly in their reading enhancement efforts., Until I found this book I didn't know anything about the Dolch system. However , after reading through this book I quickly understood how this method can be a huge aid in teaching young readers a particular set of words - in this instance 220 words that are frequently used. The intro evidently tells readers about the device and the best way to work with your kid to learn the words.

What an outstanding tool to help learn words - wish I had had something like this when I was a new reader!, I use several of this authors books based on the Dolch Series of Words and they are an outstanding way to show young readers. Using large colorful flashcards, the writer introduces the reader to the most frequently used words and when your kid discovers these key words - watch their reading skills take off. Excellent tool for the patients parents to teach their children, but also perfect for kids to go back and review on their own through repetition. Suggest - a really effective learning tool., I had wondered how you would do "flashcards" on a Kindle, but the "author" has done a great job of replicating them.

The "book" begins with single words with a nice border. And then it turns to two and three word terms with corresponding images to make reading the terms fun and satisfying for the kids.

There's also a nice repetition of words which allows the kids to feel good about the truth that they're beginning to understand whole words., I acquired this book because my Grandson is 5 and has just started school. I want to be able to help him become more skillful with his words and an e book like this is terrific! I like the cute illustrations that go alongside many of the words - particularly the two and three word terms. I haven't gone through the book with Jack port yet, but I'm certain the illustrations may help your pet recognize the words - a fun learning tool!, This can be a delightful book - filled with color and fun for little ones. Now i'm very acquainted with the checklist as an educational therapist, but I've never seen the list
put together in such a fun way. When your little one gets to the 3 word combos, he or she is reading short sentences! Typically the pictures are entertaining to both young and old as well., This is a system that Now i'm not familiar with but I realize how it works. The sections of this book--single words, two words and three-word sentences or sentence segments--build because the book moves so your child can actually learn to read. Since i have assume that it's very important to read, I really like this book. That is a great way to get your child began!

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