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***6 Stars!!! ***

" You were born to stand by my side in Wonderland. Born to kill by my side. "



Plus hyping this book upwards in my head since the blurb was exposed, so I was worried it wouldn't live upwards to my expectations. WELL. IT EXCEEDED ANY PLUS EVERY EXPECTATION I MAY POSSIBLY HAVE.

This guide was right up my intersection. RIGHT. UP. MY STREET. The morbid little goth in me is vocal singing and giggling and frolicking with so much joy. Tillie Cole FREAKING NAILED IT!!! This book was utter perfection.

I cannot describe the amount of pure fun I had developed while reading this insanely all smudged novel. IT WAS SERIOUSLY SO MUCH FUN!!! This was the most fun I've had while reading a book in a long period. Exactly what does it say concerning me that I locate Rabbit and Dolly's eradicating spree an exhilarating joyride? I actually don't know. I may care. I am giddy and joyful.

" Preference me... make me completely yours. Own me. Your Dolly. Own your Junk. Rabbit and Dolly... permanently. "

I don't need to give anything apart with this novel. It can best to go within completely blind, other compared to reading the blurb. And the warning. Please, browse the warning. It's there for any reason. This book is usually DARK. Tillie Cole is not messing around. Dolly and Bunny are pure psychotic killers. And i also love them merely the way they are. I actually don't know how Tillie Cole came up along with the idea for this guide but I am so glad she did. The lady gets ALL THE POINTS for creativity. By the way- CHAPTER 12 HAS BEEN THE MOST AMAZING FACTOR I'VE EVER READ. I HAD FORMED AN ABSOLUTE BALL! Genuine insanity, pure fun, genuine EPIC AMAZINGNESS!

" View. Watch as I consume from you. While you break up apart from my feel, with your blood staining my mouth"

Tillie Cole helped me feel so numerous emotions in this book. I actually felt horrified and unwell while reading about the horrors of Rabbit and Dolly's pasts. I sensed excitement and utter euphoria while reading of their activities in Wonderland. I used to be down and dirty rooting for Rabbit and Dolly the whole period. Like, literally cheering and screaming in my brain. This book was truly a great adventure. I felt just like I had fallen correct down the rabbit opening with Rabbit and Junk and I never desired to leave.

" I actually observed the people watching the girl. Looking at her since if she was mad. She was, of training course. But so was I actually. It absolutely was what I cherished most tentang kami. "

Bunny and Dolly's relationship was like no other. We were holding both entirely devoted to be able to one another and would actually kill anyone who tried to hurt another. These people are the definition of Ride or Die. These people have become among the all time favorite lovers. Rabbit and Dolly only had eyes for every other. They literally do not value anyone more. They needed one another to be able to survive. Their love and obsession for each other was one of the favorite things about this specific novel. Rabbit and Junk are two cold-blooded killers who only soften for one another.

This novel was a magical exciting thrill trip. It will suck you in to the deepest depths of hell and it is just not let you go. Fall down the rabbit opening with Rabbit and Junk and enjoy all the wonderous adventures Wonderland has to offer!!


" I was never giving her back again. I was keeping the girl... forever. ", This may not be just about all what I expected it is MUCH BETTER! Tillie Cole you knocked it out there of the park daylights out of this hemisphere! I want more! I adore the psychotic Dolly and Rabbit! 50000000 stars! I actually cannot rave enough concerning this!

But warning before you decide to fall into the bunny hole be warned this specific is not for the weak hearted, dark dark designs lie in these pages! But if you adore dark reads and require a Alice in Wonderland Adventure you WILL NEVER FORGET! pick up this guide! Exactly where do I find my own, personal Rabbit?

Ooh and that will strip club scene....... HAWT!

his passion these two reveal is off the chart, move over Joker and Harley Dolly and Bunny will destroy you two along with smiles on their encounters and then throw you a xxxrated scene to be able to boot!

I need a Henry/Hyde book and Chapel story now ≤333, Ellis and Heathen aka Junk and Rabbit gave myself all sorts of Souls Unfractured vibes. Maddie and Flame were one of the most heart breaking couple in the Hades Hangmen Series, in my viewpoint, and i also feel like the Sick Fux gave them a run for their own money.

I honestly do not even know where to begin along with this review, so I am gonna just throw the brain up on the screen.

How sad. Just how seriously frickin sad could this story get? Presently there were times when I had to skip over merely how bad it received, because unfortunately I knew that which was about to occur. From previous Tillie Cole reading experiences I knew that this book would definitely rip me open, yet I don’t think I actually was prepared for how much.

The title Ill Fux was a bit ironic to me due to the fact I would have branded the ring leader and his disgusting puppeteers because the sickos, but they were much more. What those guys did to poor Ellis and Heathen was repulsive, and that’s not actually a strong enough phrase for the bastards. I needed to vomit the very first time Heathen walked in to that office, and the birthday scene almost do me in. How could he or she do this to them?! Exactly what a protector he flipped out to be.

Whenever Heathen grabbed that page opener I cheered aloud because that’s what he or she gets. I just wish he were strong adequate at the time to get them all. He fought extremely hard, but it wasn’t enough. I cried tough as hell when he or she realized the same point was happening to Ellis that has been happening to him. After which he was obtained away, never to be seen again.

Fast forward eleven years later, Ellis is a 21 year old shell in the bubbly kid she once was, and Heathen is usually a psychopath. While jailed, he learned a whole lot about himself. And he likewise learned the real definition behind the word vengeance. He has a plan to be able to take down the guys who made his and Ellis’ childhoods a living hell, but first he or she has to get his / her girl. He goes to be able to where it all began and being placed in the same old room he discovers Ellis, his best buddy. Once he gets the girl to appreciate who he is usually, she’s elated. Heathen emerged back for her just like he said he might. But there is simply no more Ellis. She died a long time ago when she shut out there her past, but Junk has a nice band to it. And what is a Dolly without the girl Rabbit? Heathen will never ever have to answer that will question since he’s never ever leaving her side.

Permit the games begin and the revenge start!

How dope was it to notice this story play out there? I mean, it could’ve just been a regular “gotta get them back” tale, but this one had a theme if you will. The characters who lived in and all smudged Dolly and Rabbit’s world paid the ultimate cost and were removed coming from Wonderland. Can’t say that will I’m the least bit sorry for them both. One by one before the last one were taken out of play, and the gore freak in me cherished minutely. But I'm sure I'm not the only one.

The love among Rabbit and Dolly was insanely intense. Even since kids we were holding obsessed along with each other, but once they were back together this only strengthened. I cherished their love! Because any time someone has your back again the way they had each other's backs, it's like nothing can cease you. Their love was brutal, heartbreaking, beautiful and glorious to learn.

Sick Fux will give you the chills, make your heart race and make you cry, nonetheless it will likewise make you love vengeance. That sounds crazy I think, but read it and tell me I'm incorrect. If you haven't gotten about to buying and reading this specific book, DO. IT. RIGHT NOW!!!

You won't be remorseful.... tick tock, tick tock.

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