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An extremely interesting book. First of all, mcdougal is not a nutcase. He won't have prophetic visions of doom or predictions in the zombie apocalypse to claim. He points out there are many different nearby or regional disasters that can and have disrupted the particular normal lifestyle for days and nights or weeks each time. Prepping puts you it is in place to survive these events.

Their style is very easy to follow. A conversational strengthen and illustrations from their own experience makes the particular author very human.

The particular book is a good beginning resource. It studies areas such as food, power, health care and defense. It presents numerous alternatives that are available plus discusses the strengths plus weaknesses of each. Often he intends to get started on the idea process and provides some other resources where you can pursue the ideas additional.

I enjoyed this guide extremely much., Bought this guide yesterday and finished this just a little bit back, It is very useful and helpful, It's filled with all sorts of tips, tricks and tactics regarding surviving a SHTF scenario. As expected a small amount of this book did not pertain to me since I am in a good urban area, But still useful information to learn irrespective.

Only reason for me knocking a star away from is because of the more as compared to several grammatical errors. We am never someone to be fussy but it have to the point where this started becoming noticeable. Nothing against the book but it must be described.

Over all great read plus I would surely advise it!, I am just starting up with the whole prepping process. I am so glad that I chose this specific as my first guide since the author writes authoritatively from his experience inside preparation repairs and maintanance in a new state of readiness. Through this perspective he goes by on invaluable tips/suggestions plus lists which although quite comprehensive (immediate vs extensive prepping for urban plus suburban dwellers) obviously are not able to cover the “how to” of everything. For this specific reason he suggests the particular reader to prepare themselves by buying physical books to fill the gap (such as how to can or dehydrate food) since well for survivor preparation arsenal. I suggest!, Really good compilation of recommendations, that will help a person and your family to feel secure t time of possible disasters. Inside this book you may find a lot of tips for different situations. They are very clear and it's easy to follow them. Also thanks a new lot for DIY portion., This book is one of the few textbooks that can truly educate you not just how to think but also to do something in very difficult plus for some impossible conditions. I advise to read this book., Wow... you can find just so many helpful, tips, tricks and diy projects, just like exactly what the title stated. Given that I stay in California, We figured it's a fight time to be sure that We am ready for any sort of disaster (earquake that is! ). My family plus I are actually lucky plus not have to withstand and go through a new bad earthquake to date, but you can never be certain that it will usually be that way. With the help of this guide, I hope to from least be able to get some type of preparation heading. I like the way the author appears really passionate inside writing this book., It can really more a guide of lists than anything else. " Here's my list, you'll have to Google how you can actually do the things on my list" would have already been a much better title. Not a new bad list simply not much information on the items on the list. A person can find most of this specific (not all) easily on most preparedness sites. But this was free so this had that going regarding it. The 5 superstar reviews I do not get., Can have more detail, but what was there had been inspiring.

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